Dr. Sarah Hallberg on cholesterol levels and statin dosages on a ketogenic diet

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– All right, what happens
to cholesterol levels on a ketogenic diet, and
generally do Statin dosages typically change when
in nutritional ketosis? And this is perfect as well because our own Dr. Hallberg here
is a certified lipidologist. – Yes, and so cholesterol
levels for most people improve. I’m gonna go back and sort
of repeat of the things that I said with the
LDL-P question previously, and that is again, for almost everyone triglycerides dramatically decrease. HDL, or the good cholesterol,
goes up significantly. And most people have either
no change in their LDL levels, or they even go down. That being said, I’ll
just say it one more time, there can be a temporary
rise in LDL-P or LDL-C if you are losing a
significant amount of weight, but that is a temporary rise. In those people, again,
it’s not as common, who do have a significant
rise in the LDL-P level. It’s something that you wanna
talk to your physician about. Most people who begin a ketogenic diet on a Statin medication
won’t need to increase their Statin medication at
all for a ketogenic diet. It will continue to keep your
cholesterol in a good place as it had been doing. There are actually a
couple of nice studies done on a ketogenic diet in patients
who are Statin treated. And what they find is that
they don’t have any disruptions in their cholesterol other
than significant improvements in their triglycerides and HDL, which many studies that
triglyceride HDL ratio actually has been shown to be. the best cardiovascular risk predictor. So, again, on statins no change in LDLs, but a significant improvement in another cardiocascular risk markers,
which is that triglyceride-HDL ratio.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Sarah Hallberg on cholesterol levels and statin dosages on a ketogenic diet

  1. You are saying that cholesterol levels will not be affected by a keto diet while on a statin or may improve. There should be a part 11 to this question. What is the effect of eating more animal fats than before Keto diet?

  2. Please tell me whether you would recommend going off Statins (I've had 2 TIAs) to do the Keto diet or continue on them for 6 weeks before having blood tests done?

  3. Every lean, fit person I know who goes keto sees a huge jump in their LDL and it's permanent. It doesn't slide back down. Many times it just keeps getting higher. However the HDL goes way up and TG drop.

  4. How do you determine triglyceride ratio? My total cholesterol was 220, triglyceride was 117, HDL was 48, LDL was 149. 10 weeks on keto.

  5. My LDL-C increased from 2.0 to 7.2 on a keto diet while taking statins. HDL increased from 1.4 to 1.8 and triglycerides is constant at 0.7. I suspect is due to me being underweight. 42 y/o male, 1.66m, 44kg currently. I requested to stop my statins and review again after 3 months (Sept 2019). Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you!

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