Dr. Sarah Hallberg on triglycerides, LDL and HDL cholesterol on a ketogenic diet

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– How do triglycerides, LDL
and HDL typically change when on a ketogenic diet? – So I’ll just review this quickly, since we’ve answered
this quite a bit before, but triglycerides generally
drop dramatically. HDL, or good cholesterol,
goes up significantly. And those two things lead
to an improved triglyceride HDL ratio, which has been
shown in many studies to be the most important
cardiac risk factor. And again, those are the common
changes we see with that, and again, triglycerides HDL together are actually called
atherogenic dyslipidemia. So if they’re off,
atherogenic dyslipidemia, which means atherosclerosis
causing lipids. Triglycerides and HDL can
improve significantly. LDL cholesterol, again, for most people it doesn’t change or decreases. There can be a temporary
rise in some people with significant weight
loss that then goes back to normal when the weight loss plateaus. But in the few people
that have an elevated LDL cholesterol after their
weight has plateaued, see your physician. – And a two to one ratio
of triglycerides to HDL is pretty much considered
a lower risk, right? And it’s not uncommon
to see HDL being higher than triglycerides.
– I know, there’s nothing greater than
sitting down with a patient and saying, you know what,
your triglyceride HDL ratio is less than one. Because believe it or
not, we see people coming into the clinic all the time
with triglyceride HDL ratios of 30, even 40. I mean, you wouldn’t even believe, that can have just this
unbelievably dramatic change when starting a ketogenic diet.

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  1. If you are able to strictly control blood sugars all the time then cholesterol doesn't become an issue. But in any case my last Trigs were 31 my HDL 77

  2. I’m one of those few people with continually rising LDL on Keto. It’s now up to 388 and total cholesterol 499. I’ve resisted my PCPs request to go on a statin, but now I have a cardiologist telling me he thinks it’s genetic and is pushing for a statin. I’ve stopped Keto to increase fiber with healthy carbs, and have repeat labs this week. So much conflicting information makes it very distressing. 🙁

  3. Okay so why would triglycerides rise to 206 and my total cholesterol to 288 on a keto diet, because that is what happened and I’m very scared, I’m 20.

  4. I am diabetic.on intermittent fasting, play tennis 4 hours a week, walk one hour every day, not taking any meds for diabetes as I am maintaining A1_C 6 by diet. My triglycerides have risen 200 points in the past 3 months 299-507. Taking 4000 units omega's COQ10 200 mg/day

  5. Ive been on keto for 6 months eating mainly grass fed meats and fish and just got blood results back. Im also pretty active and weightlift as well. I was fit before keto and didnt lose weight. My total cholesterol is 227, ldl is 190, hdl is 25 and trigs are 61. My HDL trig ratio is 2.44 which i think is pretty bad. What could I be doing wrong and how should i improve this?

  6. I just got my 1 year Keto Lipid Panel. I am a little freaked out. Total Cholesterol 244 HDL 71 Triglycerides 54 and LDL 158 CHOL/HDLC ratio 3.4 is this bad?
    Before Keto my total was 190's-200's

  7. SADLY what I've SEEN by reading a lot of comments about KETO is that MOST people who said KETO did not work for them is that they were NOT doing 'KETO" they were doing THEIR WAY of keto.

  8. I did keto for 6 weeks focusing on healthy fats (nuts, avocados, salmon, nut/olive oils, etc) and at the end got my blood work done. Not only is my total cholesterol extremely high now (275), but it's also very high LDL (223) very low HDL (31), and on top of that, my triglyceride levels are also high, 105. Why is this happening? If keto is supposed to lower triglycerides and increase HDL, why has the opposite happened to me (plus a huge increase in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol)? Bloodwork from a while prior to keto my total cholesterol was literally in the lower 100s.

  9. What do you mean by healthy carbs, and what do you regard as keto. I'm asking because many of the popular keto diets are not at all ketogenic due to way too much recommended plant food. True ketosis is attained via meat and water; it's really quite simple and you won't have any ill effects. Read Kevin Stock's take on blood labs, and watch Dr. Nadir Ali (cardialogist; he covers all you are concerned about).

  10. I began eating a HFLC ketogenic diet on August 23rd 2018 where my total cholesterol was 156 months earlier. The reason for going on keto was not so much to lose weight but inflammation where I've had a history of diabetes with a kidney/pancreas transplant x 2. A few months after going strict "ketovore", eating 50-70% of my TDEE ub fat I had another lipid test on December 13th revealing a total of 770 where LDL was 658!

    I'm 52 years old and in pretty good shape with a BMI of 23. I work out with resistance training 5-6 days per week. I've not heard anyone yet who has had their numbers go this high after going on a HFLC diet?

  11. I started Keto at 45yrs old I'm now 47 been a diabetic for 20yrs. I can
    tell you for years i had extremely high Cholesterol and Triglycerides.
    My total Cholesterol avg 320 and Triglycerides avg 600-800 3 times a
    year being tested, I had many medications and diet plans but nothing
    worked. keto 6 months later my Cholesterol dropped to 124 and
    Triglycerides to 115. HDL and LDL are all now A+. I went from
    150units of insulin a day to around 40. I have maintained these numbers
    in my blood tests every 4-6 months. I can actually workout and feel
    good, no more meds or pain pills, all of my inflammation is 98%
    eliminated. BP is normal stopped all my BP meds 1 year ago still doing
    great. My doctor asked me what i did, I said Doc. remember the diabetic
    diets you had me go on and the training for those well i stopped that
    and went on Keto. He looked at me in a daze he said i never recommended
    it because its bad for you, i said show me where its bad on all of my
    tests. He said I can't and I have to study this diet more, I said i
    told you I was getting off the poisons your trying to push to treat the
    symptoms not the problem, he shook my hand and said awesome job.

  12. I got my blood work back after 1 year on keto/IF. It was all within normal limits except iron, which is an eternal struggle. My tri/HDL=0.7 and remnant cholesterol was 13. Triglycerides went way down from 1 year ago and my HDL went from below normal to normal range.

  13. Going to a doctor is kind of like taking your car to an unknown auto shop and saying "Can you find anything wrong". Today's medical system is so full of chit that I think in 50 years MDs will look back at this time as the "Dark Ages"…My triglycerides are just under 2000 and I am 62, had a full cardiac angiogram and its clean as a whistle. My Cholesterol are 300 plus, and neither has anything to do with cardiac issues.

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  16. my cholesterol total went up from 208 to 253 and I have been on keto diet for most of the year. My doctor said to lower my fat intake… well, I can't justify doing that. I consume healthy saturated fats, avoid dairy mostly except grass-fed butter with my coffee.

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