Dr Sebi Reveals Herbs For Mucus Removal

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So at the Usha research first we
wanted to know what was disease, what is disease because it seemed to be
misinterpreted. Everyone is talking about departmentalizing or individualizing
disease. When you have diabetes is different from having leukemia. When you
have sickle cell anemia most certainly is not like leukemia, they are different. When
they are not, they never been different. They’re coming from the same source, the
mucous membrane of our biological structure has been compromised meaning
that the mucous membrane has been broken and wherever that broke has taken place,
that break has taken place. We determine the disease that you would manifest, like
for instance like a we always say if the mucous membrane has been compromised in
the nasal passage it is what sinusitis, in the bronchial tubes bronchitis, on the lungs
pneumonia, in the pancreas diabetes, on the brain schizophrenia, paranoia or
Parkinson disease, insomnia. Depending where the mucus is located. So we took
the position and we maintained that position that there is only one disease
manifesting in a thousand different ways the compromising of the mucous membrane.
So that led Maa and I to think about not only addressing to one part of the
body but to address the total body. Because the body is all interconnected
and interrelated we can’t treat one side without the other, so we say just go for
it. An intra cellular cleansing self-explanatory, cleaning every cell
that makes up every organ and system that totals the biological you. Meaning
cleaning all of you, not only your colon like many have decided to do. To
concentrate on the colon, no we concentrate on the whole human body. Cleansing the human body is only about
one part of the whole journey, the other is bringing back the energy that was
lost by the presence of disease. That energy is supported by minerals, live
minerals: phosphate of iron, phosphate of calcium and phosphate of everything that
we’re going to use will have to be phosphate, why? Because they and they
alone are electrical. So as we recommend the intra cellular
cleansing we know that the person in question patient or client has suffered
the loss of energy by the presence of such disease. So, a part from part one
which is the cleansing, now we have to revitalize the system because it has
been weakened. We can’t select Comfrey and Goldenseal,
Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Echinacea. No we have to go to Kalawalla, we have to go to Contribo, we have to go to Cordoncillo Negro and we have to go to the one that I
favor most of all the Pavana, now we are talking about electric herbs for an
electric body. After we selected these plants, these electrical plants, we made
these compounds. In administering these plants, these compounds we see that
immediately in less than 24 hours our patient is saying, I am already feeling
the effect of these medicines, or this food. Why? Because they are
electrical. So there is an intra cellular cleansing and the revitalizing of the

100 thoughts on “Dr Sebi Reveals Herbs For Mucus Removal

  1. When I learned, as a kid, that dogs get healing from grass, I wondered waaaaaay back then if man could find benefit in God given, free, earth grown herbs as well.

  2. When u speak n say the truth a cold wicked manipulative world like ours u become a target cps of money and power n control

  3. I found dr sebi about 7 years ago looking for natural remedies. What a truely amazing man. What a sad loss to humanity that he has passed.

  4. This how people learn of dr sebi.

    2 generations ago : Micheal Jackson

    1 generation ago : Lisa (left eye) Lopez

    This generation : Nipsey Hustle

    People looking for better health & cures for "incurable" dis-ease since 1991 : Internet

  5. Dr. Sebi is known or should be known to all blacks. All white people know about him and that's why Dr. Sebi is no longer breathing. He would have broke all pharmaceutical companies, point blank.

  6. Thank God for putting this man in our lives, in today’s world. RIH Doc. Thank you Nispy for bringing his videos to the light! Rest easy brother❤️🙏🏾

  7. there's a cure for all disease is because of the government the pharmaceutical company doctors want to make money so don't want to cured nothing they want us to die

  8. The killed him however his spirit is still alive and will always be alive and people from all walks of life will always seek him and learn from him

  9. FYI
    Inflammation causes disease
    Inflammation comes from sugar, salt, acid, processed food (fast food) & toxic medication.
    Acid causes Cancer
    Salt ruins arteries
    Sugar damages the brain
    Simply the lack of all this plus exercise, added vitamins, supplements & minerals & healthy organic foods the body will heal itself to its natural state. Unfortunately no one has this knowledge but now you do pass it on. To be healed you need the discipline to follow through.

  10. Left Eye introduced me to Dr. Sebi Nipsey made me investigate him and now I’m on my journey to healing myself!!! You can kill a mans body but his ideas live forever and give birth to many more!!!

  11. I don’t understand so Are we supposed to only eat plants I’m not worried about any kind of health problems really but I want to know how I could maybe expand my life expectancy who doesn’t want to live longer. But I’m never the guy to want to be body weight measure. I been there. I gotta have a lil weight on me for strength

  12. He once said the food we eat is actually drugs. Which explains why it's hard to leave this diet, It is very painful to die slowly.

  13. Did he say the contribo herb? I didn't see that one in the description and making sure i heard him correct.

  14. I have a question about croton tiglium, the presentation on Amazon are pills with sucrolose and I can eat sugar, there any other presentation like a herb firm that I can use

  15. I have a question about croton tiglium, the presentation on Amazon are pills with sucrolose and I can eat sugar, there any other presentation like a herb firm that I can use

  16. Dr Sabe is very wise he reminds me of one my uncle he is very funny too I love ❤️him I am learning a lot about eating right I wish that I had this knowledge about our diet from grade school. I think it would have made big a difference in our life’s today, but it’s never too late to start. Thanks Doc

  17. I found Dr. Sebi after researching how to become vegan, Im so happy I did. I feel beyond healthy now well at least a million times more than I ever been. This guy is awesome! All thanks to him


  19. my question is that why was he too selfish to teach any one on how to make those drugs before his death…

  20. Please can someone tell me … I
    didn't real understand… did he say that Aloe Vera, peprment are not good for us??

  21. They should make you absolutely famous we need inspiration like you in the world out with the Sickness in with the beauty

  22. An intracellular cleaning system solution. Concentrate on the entire body and bringing back the energy the body lost energy due disease. Select and supply electrical herbs.

  23. So is it true that the police killed this man? They're retarded enough to kill Jesus so I believe it's def possible… This world is full of liars and fuckwits… This gut speaks a good story and word has it many have been cured by his teachings… 👍 Hat off to this beautiful soul in heaven with Jesus 💖 I hope all these cures get found out and shared around for our sake. Love and hope, peace and unity.

  24. There’s an awakening taken place, and I’m glad to see it! I don’t know much about Nipsey. But, I’m glad, that he led people to Dr.Sebi! Left eye helped me, with learning about him years ago. And I’m grateful. It don’t matter how people discover the knowledge. Just as long as they’re discovering it. Hotep everyone! Keep rising!!

  25. For some people who question whether or not there is a cure for every disease. Just look at what we believe as true. For every cause, there is an effect. For every problem, there is a solution. These are things that we have all accepted universally. So also for every disease, there is a cure, because that follows the same dynamic. The problem is the disease, the cure/treatment is the solution. A problem isn’t always solved overnight, neither is a disease. Keep learning how to keep your body in total health 🙂

  26. Did anyone write down the names of the herbs he names? I didn’t get the last one, the one he said was his favorite.

  27. Intracellular cleansing is the same as lymphatic cleansing, aka the cellular sewage. Kidney filtration is the key to eliminating these cellular waste.

  28. I have been fighting Sinusitis & Bronchitis for 3 Years now non-stop and still haven't have relief plus I have Lupus, Arthritis & Akalasha. I need ALOT OF HELP! The Mucus is overwhelming

  29. Ive been on a no meat lifestyle for 3 years and I enjoy it.. I'm interested in being more healthy. I included fasting in my daily routine and boy oh boy I'm experiencing a serious cleansing 😂😂😂


  31. So tell me how i could have prevented my son being born with neuroblastoma and i had no choice but to trust the doctors and allow them to flood my infant sons body with the chemicals that are "chemotherapy " and as much as i didnt like it, my son is healthy and happy now at 16 years old.

  32. So he said in less than 24 hours you’ll see a difference so is that just those 4 herbs he said ? Some people are saying sea moss too ? Which things should I buy and where ?

  33. I knew about Dr.Sebi 10yrs ago
    It's a shame that 2 Men had to die for his Works to be visualize …. Nipsey was just opening the eyes of the youth of this Generation…. But the works of Dr.Sebi has been known for many years ….. Now that we are being awoken we MUST BY ALL MEANS STAY WOKE AN PASS THIS ON TO THE MASSES …. BLESSINGS

  34. The all mighty didn't create kings and queens Dr.Sebi reminded us as reincarnated god's and goddess created of this world that any of our weaknesses can be cured not treated with those same eliminates. Properly fueled we can be immortal hint mortal and immortal. Y'all keep believing your human and forget about being.

  35. If you came here because of Nipsey…then you have been focusing on the wrong shit for years. If you get your information from a rapper then your priorities are all fucked up. R.I.P. to Nipsey tho.

  36. Why Americans are too much dependent on allopathic doctors? They don't get a headache pill without the dictation of a doctor… Allopathic medicines are nothing more than waste of money, time and life… Homeopathy is better than it and herbs are 💯 better than this allopathic shit

  37. I have a theory that when you eat meat aggressiveness becomes more likely to be expressed openly. So maybe we do that to expel the energy we’ve received from it. Okay let me paraphrase this.

    The energy gained from meat might cause aggressive/agitated behaviour due to the large energy intake so though the “Biproduct theory” the biproduct of the meat (which still does contain energy due to the long digestion time) inherit these “stimulants”

    For example during the Viking days, Scandinavian people were known for their brutal and gruesome behaviour.
    They strives for war and wished to die on the battlefield and so it’s no coincidence that their diets consisted of starches (mainly potatoes) and a whole lotta different meats and as time progressed nothing has changed! Everyone us meat eaters know we got those random moments you’re just angry/amped/agitated for no apparent reason is to why? Take this knowledge for account.

  38. People must know that all these diseases are cause by people as well and that's because all they made are not natural, Finally all of these sickness can only be cured by nature. Going back to the nature.

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