Dr. Taylor Hill | Medication Therapy Management

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My name is Taylor Hill I’m a medication
therapy management pharmacist at North Memorial Health. A patient who visits
with us should expect that we’re going to go through all of their medications
pretty much one by one and make sure that there is a reason
that they’re on them, that they’re safe, that they’re working for them, that
they’re also convenient for their lifestyle. So a lot of what it is is
personalized medicine and there’s a lot of different options that people have
with the medications that they take and we just try to bridge the knowledge gap
that there is there. Some people will come in and they have four medications
and we’ll find four problems and sometimes people come in with 40
medications and they all make a lot of sense and we’ll still find maybe four
problems so even people who are on six meds sometimes there are things that we
can improve about all six of the medications that they’re on. So the
relief that people have after you’re done speaking with them and they say
it’s just feels good that I know that everything has been looked at makes me
feel better because I know those medications are going to help them live
healthier and we’re gonna see things through for them and be right there with
them the whole way through.

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