Dr. Trong Le — Nemours Allergy and Immunologist, Delaware

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I chose pediatric because
during my missionary experience, I worked with a lot of
children, and somehow, I feel connected with them. I feel a lot of joy
being around them. Based on that, they
give me a purpose. My primary interest
is food allergy. It’s really stemmed
from my interaction with children with really severe
food allergies, multiple food allergies. Eczema and food
allergy are probably the major two allergic diseases
that you will hear about besides hay fever or
allergic rhinitis and asthma. I like to put my
effort and emphasis in taking care of
children with food allergy and implement new
guidelines that actually lead to significant reductions
in the [INAUDIBLE] food allergy in children to
be to develop tools, to be able to have
maybe a better way of doing clinical research. Because with the new guidelines
in early peanut introduction in children, [INAUDIBLE]
a six-month-old, it would change the landscape
of peanut allergy in the next maybe five to 10 years. The point of caring
for children and family is to be able to
communicate with them and let them know that
we care and educate them to the best of our
ability so that they can understand and
use that knowledge to take care of themselves. And when they need help, they
can always reach out to us. And so we try to send
that message to our team and also to the families
that we’re here to help. The family and the patients,
they’re very appreciative. So as a team, we’re
here for them.

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