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dairy is the most unnatural foods that human beings consume because dairy milk is meant to be consumed by baby mammals and nowhere and in any form or fashion the nature ever intend that one species should be consuming the milk or memory secretions of another species and again dairy foods have been shown to increase risk for breast cancer and also prostate cancer and as an african-american male that’s something that I am extremely concerned about because prostate cancer is much higher in a much more prevalent in african-americans than it is Caucasian Americans and once an african-american male develops prostate cancer he’s more than twice as likely to die from it relative to his white counterparts it’s a much more deadly disease in us and dairy foods are a primary risk factor for the development of prostate cancer so they should absolutely be avoided but it’s also important for women to avoid dairy foods because milk is derived from pregnant cows which means that these cows systems and their milk are full of estrogens and other hormones that when women ingest them increase their risk for hormone related cancers as well so why does the US government recommend dairy then it’s all marketing they recommend dairy because the dairy Lobby lobbies them to encourage it but there is literally no physiologic reason there’s no scientific reason because all of this the research and that has been done on looking at the so-called benefits of consuming dairy have shown that dairy does not dairy foods do not build stronger bones in the Harvard Nurses Health Study the women who ate the most dairy foods had the highest risk or the women who drank the most milk I had the highest risk of hip fracture if you look worldwide those nations that consume the most dairy foods also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis so dairy foods have never been shown to TEKT one against a purse anyone against osteoporosis they’ve never been shown to help build stronger bones so the idea that dairy foods the idea that dairy foods are a good way to get your calcium is completely wrong it is marketing it’s not science and I’ve heard people say well you know milk has phosphorus and magnesium and other nutrients in it and I tell them drinking milk for the nutrients is like inhaling cigarette smoke for the oxygen it’s not a good idea [Music]

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