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Haha! [Mary chuckling] Thank you! Drive-through neb station. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Let’s wait for Peter. Do you wanna come start the vlog? [both] Good morning! And welcome to another week… [both] with the Frey Life. We are actually packing up because we are heading out of town. Yeah, we’re going on a trip, and we’re gonna bring you guys along and it’s gonna be fun. You ready to go in the car? Going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship. Are you so excited? You ready to go on a trip? Cars all packed. Let’s go! [Mary] And we are going to drop off a ton of orders. Thank you guys so much for your orders. We love filling the orders and getting to know you guys just a smidge through what you order. Something I’m really looking forward to is sitting in the car for eight hours with my heated seat on because my back… It is so bad today. Like, this morning I was standing up like getting ready for the day and I obviously started coughing and it’s that position that makes it really bad, so once I get like seated or I’m in a position that doesn’t hurt it’s totally fine, but it was funny, like I was changing my Dexcom this morning and I dropped a piece, like the trash, and I like almost started crying cuz I like couldn’t bend down to get it. It’s really ridiculous, but anyway. I’m really looking forward to eight hours of a heating pack on my back. Well, the heated seat, which counts as a heating pack. So alright, you ready? I think I’m ready! Just set the thermostat and let’s hit the road jack. I was just making a call to the headache clinic that I was referred to. Um, my CF team wants me to see a headache clinic or headache specialist to try to see if there’s anything else we can do about my headaches. So I’ve been trying since the day, like literally the day I was discharged, I called to try to get an appointment and they needed certain paperwork and all of that, so I’ve been calling them for the last two weeks and my doctors faxed in the paperwork, and it didn’t get there. They faxed it again, it got there, so anyway. I just called this morning to see if they got the paperwork. And they got the paperwork so that’s good and then they were like well, you’re already scheduled and I was like, oh. Okay well, that’s good. But like, were you gonna tell me that? But anyway. I updated my phone number, so hopefully I’ll get calls from now on, but this was the, this was the piece that took the cake. They said you’re scheduled with such-and-such a doctor on July, in July, and I was like oh, okay, and is that doctor familiar with Cystic Fibrosis patients? First, I think we had a really bad connection because she asked me to repeat it like six times, which is totally fine. So finally she was like oh, Cystic Fibrosis. Okay. And I was like is there like a nurse that I could ask just to make sure that I’m scheduled with like the right physician, because I know that physicians often specialize in certain things. I didn’t say all this to her. I was just, I’m just thinking out loud now. And so I was like is there a nurse that I could ask just to make sure that I’m you know scheduled with the right physician and she was like, we don’t have a nurse, but I will go find out, which I was like… What is she gonna do? Okay. So anyway, then she gets back on the phone and she said, so we, our doctors, we don’t have a Cystic Fibrosis doctor because that’s a neurological symptom. But we do we are a headache clinic, and I was like… So it literally took me about 40 seconds to figure out how to respond, but I was like… yeah, so I just need to make sure that I am scheduled with a physician who understands Cystic Fibrosis patients, and then I literally… couldn’t figure out how to… articulate, like how to communicate any differently, so I just said okay, so my appointment’s on July whatever? And so I think what we’ll do is we’ll just go, meet the physician. I’m sure that…I’m guessing that all the physicians there… probably, I don’t know. We’ll find out, but maybe he’ll be like oh, my colleague knows CF, like, he works with CF patients, maybe. I don’t know. We’ll see, but it was just like I’ve never like… one, Cystic Fibrosis is not a neurological symptom. So I’m not sure if… if our connection was…I don’t even know. I took the appointment and said thank you very much and… Whew! Ay yay yay. I don’t even know. You just have to laugh or else you’ll cry. That’s true. That is true. I’m gonna run in and get a prescription filled before we get on the road, and then we’re gonna get some lunch. [Peter] Yep. And then we’ll get on the road. [Mary] Road trip! Actually, before we get on the road, maybe we’ll do the live stream. This is why I do not wear my earrings very often. My mask is literally stuck in my cartilage earring. I don’t know where the opening is. Glamorous. [coughing] It’s kind of pulling. It’s not cutting! [coughing and laughing] Ow! It’s like still stuck. This is why we can’t have nice things. Ta da! This is why we can’t have nice things. [Mary] Peter’s gonna go grab us some lunch. [Mary] That was so fast! [Mary] What’s their saying? Free smells? Oh… Freaky fresh? No. [Mary] Freaks fast. Oh yeah, freaky fast, freaky good. They’re so nice in there. [Mary] Aww! They’re like, cuz Mary and I like to get a turkey sub and I get hot peppers on half of it. And they’re like oh yeah, no problem. Sometimes they’re like, only half of it? Like…[chuckles] And so they’re like, do you want us to cut it in half for you? [Mary] Aww! And then they’re like, do you want us to wrap them separate? I was like, no, that’s okay. [Mary] That is so sweet. Okay. We’re at a red light. Oh, man. I’ll do the quick road trip food haul. Mango. Pretzels. Popcorn. Oreos. Meringue. Bananas. Could I have a banana? Let me know if you know what that’s from. And these addictive dark chocolate almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar. Trader Joe’s. Some apple juice and some coffee. So there’s your road trip food haul from the Freys. And he’s like, could I have my mango back? I just have to pause our conversation for one second because I need to record this. Peter is telling me about the life-changing burger that he had as a child. It was this place in my grandparents’ home town where we would go there like… I don’t know, like in the summer like I have memories of eating a hamburger from this place. I think we’d get it to go and… So you said the burger was almost like a circle? Almost round, like it was, it was a thick burger because we were We were just…road trips we get into- Peter! I know. Okay. Road trips we get into like spiraling conversations where it started with Mary was watching a video, somebody was grilling burgers, then we were talking about grilling burgers at home. And how we’d rather have a McDonald’s hamburger than grilling a burger at home. Anyway, so then Mary goes, I don’t like thick burgers and… Right. And that’s when you took off with it. And I…I was going to generally agree with her, but then I remember these almost… [both laughing] In my mind it was like a circle of meat, but it was a big burger, but it was so juicy. And so…I think partially the bun was like glossy and seared on the inside… and it was just a really good burger. Also, just to add. We just did the math and that burger that he’s remembering was probably over 20 years ago. Yeah. We’re older than we look. Okay, guys we had a little debate on the livestream earlier about whether… Somebody asked on Twitter when you’re on a road trip who goes to the bathroom more? Peter or Mary? And… we were both convinced that the other person goes more. Well, let it be told, Mary needed to stop first. And…so, she had to go pee and we came to a sonic, but it’s good timing because she needs to do her second dose of Cayston. Hopefully like one of the like pull- in bays at, here at Sonic, has a electric plug so we can plug in her Cayston nebulizer. Anyways. Don’t tell her I told you that she pees more than me. What!? [Peter] Let’s see…is it an electric plug? [Mary] Perfect! [Peter] Drive… drive-in… Oh! They actually wear, I feel like the roller skate thing is a dying breed and that person is actually on roller skates. [Mary] Really? Oh, look that pretzel. Is it happy hour? You want a pretzel? [Mary] I’ll take a pretzel! Okay. My Cayston neb is actually, can be battery-operated, but it blows through batteries like crazy, so I just plug it in. Um, during college I used to have a battery recharger, like AA charger whatever, and now I’m just like, I don’t got time for that! [music starts blasting] I just prefer to plug it in. Plus, it’s so rare that I’m like out doing exciting things. So I’m almost always home so I can always plug it in. First things first, here’s this. [Mary] Thank you. Here’s this. [Mary] Thank you. And this. [Mary] Thank you. Let’s be sure we can remember to unplug it before we drive a away. Haha! [Mary chuckling] [Mary] Thank you. [Peter] This is awesome. Do you want me to go to the bathroom? What!? Also, can we talk about how perfect the timing is? My Cayston timer is about to go off. We did not even plan that. Just so perfect. Okay, so. I need to Instagram story this. Okay. Instagram story. If you guys don’t follow Mary on Instagram her name is @freyliving. It’s not working! Really? Aww… Okay, okay. Yep! [Peter] I had to reset the socket. Oh! Perfect! Drive thru neb station. [Peter] Hi, can I get a small blue coconut slush and a small watermelon slush? Wait, no, grape! [Peter] Oh, I’m sorry. Not watermelon, grape. Sorry about that. [Peter] Can I get the pretzel twist? [Mary talking as Ollie] Hi everybody. [Peter] That’ll be all. We don’t wanna forget this. Okay, actually that’s a question, a road trip question for you guys. Have you ever driven away from the gas pump with the gas thing still in your car? That’s what I want to know. I’m not sure if this thing is making me nauseous or what but I’m gonna give you a… [chuckling] What a wonderful way to start this…this little segment. I’m actually coming on here to recommend if you are on a budget and you want to have a date with your husband or whoever you want to go out and hang out with… Um, if you go during happy hour from 2:00 to 5:00… to Sonic you can get a small slushy for 60 cents. Six zero cents. Sixty cents and that’s a pretty…that’s a pretty affordable date. We used to do that a lot in our first year of marriage. That is true. We are currently eating pretzels. Cheers. Sitting in traffic and driving through Nyack, New York, and I said, did you know I wanted to go to college in Nyack? I considered, I had the thought of going to a college in Nyack. Nyack, New York And so I thought of something I’ve never asked him. Do you know what I wanted to study? What I originally thought I wanted to study? Like, occupational therapy or something? Yeah, so you did know. Yeah. [both laughing] Whomp whomp. [Mary] There’s no way the camera is picking this up. [Mary] This is incredible. We’ve been looking at gray skies all day, and we just came over this hill and [Mary] gorgeous bright sunset. [Mary] Oh my goodness! [Peter] Did you catch it? [Mary] I don’t know! [Peter] Oh man! That is an orange sunset right there. [Mary] Beautiful! Ah! It’s so crazy! [Mary gasps] [Peter] That’s breathtaking. [Mary] That is breathtaking, or breath giving. [both laughing] [Mary] We were listening to a song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, [Mary] which is an old movie I used to watch and I still watch it. I cannot wipe the smile off my face. Alright, we are here. We’re in Maryland visiting our families for the week, and Mary is doing her third Cayston of the day. Ain’t no road trip gonna stop me. Yeah, another day in the books. Mm-hmm. So thanks for coming on the road trip with us today. We hope you had a good time and… [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ And one little guy has been a trooper all day. Say good night to the people. [Peter talking as Ollie] Good night guys. We’ll see you tomorrow. ♬♬

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  1. That was quite a road trip! What would it be like to be trapped in the car with The Frey Life for 10 hours? Come find out 🙂 and let me know… what flavor slushee should we order for you???

  2. Can I have a banANa! 😆 I haven’t followed you since the beginning, but once I found you I binge-watched all your vlogs, Scotland included:)

  3. I’ve never driven off with the gas pump still in the car, however I did work at a store with gas pumps & saw it happened. It ripped the hose off, & he kept going. Police were called & found him. He claimed he didn’t realize it, but he got charged for not stopping.

  4. The Jimmy Johns part made me realize that Peter would have been good at playing a high schooler if he had been an actor.

  5. What camera do you guys use and what editing software do you use? I want to start my own channel, but need some advice.

  6. Mary they have a device that you can use in the cigarette outlet in the car that will allow you to plug in devices with wall plug ins. I have one I keep in my car for when I travel it's been a life saver.

  7. I challenge you to get a REAL purple streak in your hair! I loved the purple hair video for some reason YT randomly fed it to me 💜

  8. The sunset came out amazing on the camera. When I think of doing a road trip I think of taking my time and stopping in little towns and not taking like one nine hour drive somewhere. Do you guys ever take road trips where you stop along the way and take your time that's a question..

  9. You should have your team check with the clinic to find out if they are appropriate for you. Don't assume anything. It will never cease to amaze you how many times people don't mind wasting your time.

  10. Speaking of cheap dates and the Sonic; me and hubs like to go to the Sonic in our small town just before sunset. It sits on top of a hill and you can park facing west. Have fun with your families!

  11. I suggest that you get one of these to leave in the glove box of your car so you never have to worry about finding an outlet.

  12. Omg. Occupational Therapy was,my first choice too!! No program at time so,I went into social work. I LOVE seven brides movie. 😊

  13. Love the drive thru neb station. I’ve got a portable one that has a charger for the car and a battery love that I can still try to keep up with life. Love watching your videos.

  14. If they don't know about it, you are probably going to wast your time going to that Doctor's office Knowing more about your illness them the Doctor's drives me crazy.I have had 4 Doctor's who had to look it up on their cell phones Only to say I never heard of that before.

  15. My mom asks me everyday how Mary is doing. I love you guys and your videos. Keep up the great work.👍🏻

  16. "This is why we can't have nice things" is one of Taylor Swift's best songs on her album reputation. Mary, did you say that to be funny or did you quote that song on purpose?

  17. Mary, are your headaches migraines? Another CF YouTuber uses a device called Cefaly for migraines. Have you heard of Cefaly? Love to you always.

  18. Great memories of the area you're in. I had friends in Downsville a long time ago and the guy that owns Crystal Grottos invited me to go digging in the caverns but I'm a bit claustrophobic. My goodness, this was so long ago. Those were the days though. Hiking the trail, junkin in the small out of the way shops. sigh Enjoy your visit with family.

  19. Do long car rides wear Ollie out? My lab is just over a year old now and, even though he loves going places, he gets stressed in the back seat. I'm training him for mobility btw. Any tips are helpful!💜

  20. No I've never driven away from the pump still attached. Tank door open, cap on but not attached to the pump. Enjoy your families ❤

  21. Hi Mary i was wondering have you considered getting one of those fancy allergy facemasks instead they are a lot more comfortable than the "one use" masks and you can actualy breath in them even after a cough attacks, unfortunately, i do not know where you can get em in the states but another youtuber i follow "Chronically Jaquie" has a couple and that's how i found out they existed and you don't have to get one in pink that would realy have ruent what dignity i had left hehe

  22. Peter should not be allowed to tell stories while driving! He’s far too physically emotive😜🤣😁

  23. This dude doesn't care about his wife or his dog in the backseat. My wife would be livid if she were in the car with me driving, and not having at least a single hand on a steering wheel while the car's in motion. Place your hands on the wheel bro!!!! All it takes is a split second to lose control of a vehicle. Grow up dude! Not smart, nor is it safe.

  24. Just watched your year 1 montage & it made me cry happy tears. Thanks for taking all of us on your journey & letting us share ours as well. I hope you have an incredible time with your family. All of our love and blessings- Stacey & Aaron

  25. That was a cute video but when you were showing your phone I noticed on your screen a picture of Oliver and it was so cute!! I instantly went on Instagram to look for it in your photos but couldn't find it. I would love to see it again if you could post it on Instagram. Love you all! Janet from NH

  26. It's 5:30 in the morning on a Wednesday. There is nothing that makes me more happy then that first cup of coffee, and to be notified Peter and Mary have posted their video! Coffee, sitting outside hearing the morning birds and watching the vid'… Perfect way to wake up! Enjoy your little get away with family..Love ya all xo
    P.S. To be trapped in a car with you all for 10 hours… note, have plenty of tissue for the laughter's tears, and most importantly..Who could ask for more, two of the kindest, selfless, most caring and of course funniest two people ever. It would be a blast, and I would feel right at home!

  27. know that feeling marry tried to explain headache clinic over the phone about if the doctor i was going to see knew about emphysema patients and man that lady didn't get what I was trying to saying she also thought emphysema was a neuro symptom all you can do is laugh about it instead of getting annoyed

  28. I`ve literally had a nurse google, in front of me, what scoliosis is. ya just gotta laugh at people sometimes to keep your sanity. ha ha.

  29. Mary, when my husband heard about your struggle with the headache clinic he got upset. His first question was "Who's being mean to Mary" When I explained the situation, he said "she shouldn't go to that clinic"! We are wondering what sort of clinic "doesn't have" nurses.
    Rob said to tell you to come to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. LOL! I'm sure there are headache doctors out there in clinics that do have nurses, as well as clerical staff that have a little more knowledge and insight into working with (ANY!) medical patients. We want you to be seen by a good headache Doctor, and not waste time where it sounds so unprofessional. (I can't help but wondering, if they already had you scheduled for an appointment in July, when did they plan to tell you? Who schedules a patient for a doctor appointment without consulting with the patient?).
    I guess we just want you to know we care about you, and want the best for you.

  30. FYI Sonic has a vanilla waffle cone. I thought of them when ya'll where on your ice cream in a waffle cone hunt.

  31. No I haven't driven away with the nozzle in the gas tank but I have driven away and forgot to put the gas cap back on though! LOL

  32. Hi! I’m new to your channel so I’m not sure what type of headaches you suffer from but I get chronic migraines and have since I was a little girl. I’ve had so many tests done and never got any answers as to what is causing my headaches but when I got pregnant I was having 6 headache days a week 😱 it was horrible! My doctor decided to try me on amitriptyline and started me out on a super low dose and we slowly upped it but each week that passed I had less headaches! Now I get about 4 migraines a month and it’s so nice! Not sure what meds you are on obviously but I thought maybe it was something you could ask about! ☺️

  33. getting your first chiropractic adjustment can make your back more sore before it makes it better, kind of like your first PT appt. Hooray for Happy hour at Sonic!

  34. Dear friends and brothers and sisters in Christ I come to you to ask you guys to please be praying for me I haven’t gone through a lot of stress lately and today I’m hurting really bad and my shoulders neck spine and pretty much all my joints it’s comparable sometimes I’m sure that Mary understands that crap less you guys have a blessed day.

  35. My doctors told me that you can do Cayston twice a day instead of three times. They said it doesn't really matter if you do two viles in the morning and one at night or vise versa. They just said it's more important that you do it. I personally haven't noticed a difference since I switched to twice a day.

  36. I witnessed someone drive off with the gas pump still in. The guy broke it. I don’t know why it was so funny: I can’t imagine being him having to go in and tell a worker. 😂

  37. Oh Mary, I am so sorry. I have spinal issues and headaches and I literally had tears in my eyes listening to you describe the frustration(s) and pain. I said an extra prayer that you will find relief soon.

    Funny side note: A few days after I placed my first order, I saw a batch going out and received my shipping notification around the same time (respectively) – how funny would it be if I watched my order ship? Can’t wait! My hubby was laughing at my excitement over my PopSocket.

  38. I totally have done the gas thing….lol It was at 5am in the morning on my way to nanny. I went in side to get the manager because the hose had detached from the pump. I was in such a hurry, and didn't want to pay for any damages, so I acted like I knew how to fix it. I told him all you have to do is plug it back in where the emergency release is. I proceeded to tell him I would have already done it myself, but I was too short to reach the connecting part. He helped me out, and I gave him my number in case I did have to pay for damages. Later that day, he called me and said he was so thankful I knew how to fix the hose and that it was just fine. Did I mention I pretended to know what to do…..

  39. The lack of knowledge in the medical field can really be frustrating and funny, I had tried to get a refill of my diabetic medication Metformin, that is such a 101 diabetes med and the girl said oh ok is Metformin your last name! 😂 just can’t

  40. You really need to have Oliver in a seat belt. The seat belt attachment doesn't cost much most pet shops sell them. God forbid you are involved in an accident, Oliver will be like a cannonball. Have him hit you in the back of the head will kill you and him. You wear your seat belt so why not him. You need to look at your insurance an unrestrained animal can in an accident make your insurance invalid. You love Oliver keep him safe in the car as you do yourself. Taking your hands off the wheel and eyes off the road not a good idea .

  41. My nebulizer can also run off my cigarette lighter. That way I don’t have to worry about finding electricity.

  42. Are you going to MHNI or The Mayo Clinic? I'm sure there's more but those are the ones I'm familiar with. I have chronic daily migraines and I went to MHNI.

  43. Hey Mary & Peter! If you ever want to pick my brain about headache/migraine specialists ect, you know where to find me. Not all migraine specialists are created equal even with what they know about migraine and headache disorders much less CF. I’ve been to 4 Neurologists for my migraines including 3 Headache/Migraine specialists (and then several rounded when hospitalized at a Chicago headache clinic in a Migraine inpatient unit.) I tell everyone not to pick a headache clinic but pick a doctor. You might look up what docs are there at that headache clinic and look at reviews of those docs. Most headache clinics don’t let you switch docs once you’ve been established with one.

    Random unsolicited suggestions: I’d bring some info on CF and what you think a headache doc might want to know about CF if they only know the basics – such as do many CF patients get headache. Do most CF patients find their sinus issues cause headaches or not. Sinus symptoms including sinus infections can be a symptom of migraine so you’ll want to make sure they understand what is CF-related. Also, you might think about when your headache happens. Certain time of day. Foods/meds ect that you might’ve eaten/taken before you get the headache. I’ve noticed you’ve said it happens after clinic a lot. Is there something at clinic that might be triggering you (fluorescent lights/ noise/doing PFTs, scents, stress, weather (barometric pressure change/fronts) car ride ect ) I’m so happy to hear you’re seeing a specialist! My heart went out to you for that last migraine you shared. Also, I’ve seen a physiatrist for my back – he sent me to PT & I had superficial injections of steroid and nothing helped but the epidural was my savior. Last resort but it was really bad. I hope your back improves. Have a wonderful time with your fam. I know this was a lot of unsolicited info, but if it helps, I’m glad. Best wishes for better management of your headaches & Migraine & back. 💜

  44. The best burger I ever had was a lamb patti with bacon and brie cheese. The deliciousness was real.

  45. "Could I have a banana?" I know! that's from Scotland, there was this weird guy who approached you and you had just bought bananas in a shop and you gave him one! <3 much love, hope your day is going fabulously. 🙂

  46. No, but drove away with the gas door open and cap off. Cop turns on his lights soon after, and I'm freaking wondering what I did wrong. Cop gets out of his car, walks up to mine, screws on the cap, closes the door, rips his hat, and walks back to his patrol car. Face palm moment 😶😒

  47. I’ve never did a neb in the drive thru but I’ve charged my oxygen machine tho. #chronicillnesslife

  48. Luckily I've never driven away from a gas pump with the hose still in my tank, BUT I did pull into a gas station when I noticed a hose and nozzle laying in their driveway as I was driving by.
    I went in to let the guy know, and I remember being surprised that he didn't seem surprised. I guess it happens often enough that the shock factor has worn off for them. LOL

  49. You two are so sweet and watching your videos make me smile! I don't know much about CF, but I have learned a lot from your videos and am trying to learn more. I am a nurse so learning about different disease processes is very interesting!

  50. You to are fantastic. Thank you so much for proving you can have a fun and normal life no matter what.

  51. Oh goodness, I've had those crazy experiences trying to explain to office staff my condition and whether or not the physician is familiar. It's interesting what people say sometimes! I agree with Peter, if you don't laugh at situations like that – you'll cry! 🙂

  52. Hi, Just wanted to say that the chiropractor is really good but you need to go every 2 to 3 days till its worked out then they extend to 1 week and assess from there. Just going one time though and not going again will not really help 🙂

  53. Pretty new here but I started chronic migraines w/ uncontrollable throwing up at age 7. Finally tried botox injections every 3 months when I had insurance and it dropped them for the first 2 months after to only 2 days a week verses 15-20 days a month. Like I said new here so sorry if I'm repeating other comments.

  54. That moment when Mary casually just reaches into the storage box and comes out with a MASSIVE pair of scissors 😂✂️

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