#DrMuthuIntegrative – Best medication for lungs, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, obesity

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hello this is dr. Muthu Krishnan and you
were wondering what you’re looking at CUMIN=comino CORIANDER=Cilantro . FENNEL=aneis to restore the enzyme rich gut health we
need lots of enzymes which are lacking in our food and incidentally well maybe
not incidentally but the Indians and many other cultures even Italian Italian
seasoning actually has a lot of similar things so I would make this tea and
start you know looking into your own body and see how your body is actually
trying to restore the gut health including the lungs I’m a lung doctor
and a lot of allergies asthma inflammation actually arise from
the poor health of the colon leading to intolerance of certain forms cumin coriander fennel tea or it’s also
called the prime T or you can just look it up and and please try it out for
yourself read read read knowledge is power
thank you

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