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Hello and welcome to another edition of Medicare Minute. I’m Dr. Stacey Brennan, medical director at CGS Administrators, the Jurisdiction B DME MAC. Today I’m going to talk about another helpful tool available on the CGS website. I know there are folks who are “mathematically
challenged” when it comes to calculating nebulizer drug units of service. Converting milligrams and other measures to
units of service can be frustrating and is one source of claims errors that we see at
CGS in the Nebulizer policy. The good news is that CGS takes the worry
out of doing these routine calculations with the Nebulizer Drugs suite of calculators. We have provided you with online tools which
are available under the MEDICAL REVIEW section of CGS Medicare DOT com. Simply enter the strength of the drug ordered
and the number of times per day the drug is taken and the calculator shows you the maximum
number of units of service allowed per a 30 day and 90 day period. There’s even a helpful milliliter to milligram
converter. These helpful tools are available for all
of the nebulizer drugs in the Nebulizers Local Coverage Determination and again, can be found
on the CGS web site under Medical Review. That does it for this edition of Medicare
Minute. As with all of CGS’ educational offerings,
this is only a summary of certain policy requirements. I encourage you to read the applicable LCD
and related Policy Article for a complete description of the
coverage, coding and documentation requirements. Thank you for watching..

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