100 thoughts on “Duke Dumont, Ebenezer – Inhale (Official Video)

  1. The title of the song and the video indicates that we need to inhale and exhale during stressful days at work, and take a hit to relax… maybe meaning …smoking ☘☘

  2. The video is portraying the horror of those so desperate to leave and go home that they lose focus in the frenzy. Meanwhile, the sloth casually avoids the chaos and is the first to leave, to the bewilderment of his battered co-workers.
    I find it amusing.

  3. was about to watch the video since i heard this song in a Bershka store but after seeing them comments i guess i’m not anymore. . .

  4. Watching this video was a mistake. I going to remove it from my mind and continue listening to the song with a fantasy video in my mind!

  5. Lol dind't see the video before and im a bit confused but idc because the sloth is so cute at the and in the elevator and tbh this sloth in combinatio with the music is so god damn chillled, that it might could be get my first and only sleeping titel. Perfect to keep calm and feel the vibes.

  6. Jan 2019 heard this on the radio. Immediately after getting to work, I played it over n over. Had me ready to dance every time I hear it. And I am back to hear it again. Don't care if its Calvin Harris, Norbert Majors…….. luv the music, wanna dance like crazy. I commend the artist on a job well done. Remember whats important doesn't matter who it sounds like, who influence the artist musical sound, you thinking the video makes no sense, the real question is …….. do you like what you hear, does it move you to wanna dance or fulfill the pursuit of a innocent crush on that girl or guy. In your car are you moving/bouncing because it makes you feel good. Just a thought

  7. i think its saying if ya punch on with co workers at knock off on a friday the sloth will slide right by and grab the elevator and take the fucker first and sloths now pumping the pubs with same kit on cos it didnt get involved in the scuffles, and the other dicks are neding to go home and have a hit while there there to change and finally exhaling that last tension breath and partying

  8. omg this is the best mix of oldschool instruments and sounds with modern pop/rap vocals!! i love it 😍

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