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Being in line for one hour for Halilintar One hour. Shock! Hello! Dear! Back with us again, with Surya and Jet on the show Suka – Suka Suka Makan, Suka Jalan Where are we today? in Dufan Dufan! Yeay! what rides will we play today? There are many. And we will try one by one and give video to all of you Come follow us! The price is 325 thousand rupiah weekend is open at 10 am and closes at 8 pm after we buy the annual pass ticket, we go in then we have to make member card Making the annual pass to the left Well after going to the left This is now queuing for the annual pass ticket quite crowded piling up here turns out You may make it now or later during the same day Now take a ticket We fill in the data ourselves first Everything is filling up The annual pass process, take fingerprints Photos, then it’s done Immediately printed, instantly Information board there is a list of rides Now there is a map here What do you want to try first? Can you ride a horse? Just ride the horse Let’s ride Carousel there! Now this is a roller coaster for kids This is bumper carl or Ubanga-Banga Bumper cars Now we see what it looks like it’s like bumper car so it’s more exciting to play a hit-collision yes, like that Now we go to Niagara-gara for young children there is a minimum height of 125cm Ready! Now Jet is riding on Rajawali rides what kind of movement do you want to see? For a moment … Jet record first The movement is like this Go around Play continuously until high age it’s not a lie Ouch, circling like this just becomes nauseous Use medicated oil first I’m not afraid, just nausea So dear, if you are not young again, you better bring the medicated oil so if you are feel not good, you can immediately breathe this So fresh! or bring mint candies nausea can be resilient See you Huh? why is it stop? this is our model Now there are bumper car for children, the name is Baku Toki Especially for children. A maximum of 125cm, a minimum of 100cm Now Kora-Kora minimum 125cm height While waiting for Kora-Kora Pretty crowded too Hopefully we can get the most rear Get ready to ride Kora-Kora I want to go home Mama, I wanna go home this is a victim today fatigue Help me! Click the next video for the second part


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