Dünyanın Ən Təhlükəli və Qorxulu Yerləri (Adrenalin Sevərlər Üçün Maraqlı Məlumat)

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Around the world, a lot of exciting places where tourists flock to the dangerous destiny. In this video, sometimes in the mountains, sometimes in the city under water sometimes the most exciting and dangerous places in the world offer. If you like the video to video channel subscription to approve and do not forget to support us. Caminito DEL REY Course was built in 1901 and is known as the most dangerous road in the world …. In 2000, according to the death of 5 people baglansada, re-opened in 2015. Located at a height of 92 meters in Malaga Spain it wants to have the courage to walk on the narrow road. The Grand Canyon Skywalk America was built on the edge of the cliff in the Grand Canyon of the U-shaped glass porch is really the one who would have the courage to get out of the building. 1200 meters above the floor under your feet have become a canyon of glass and you can watch the scene. SKYDECK In another space, bringing the excitement like this in America Cikaqoda SKYDECKdir. This place was built entirely of glass in Willis goydələnində. Height of 442 meters, more than 1 million people visit the place every year. sardine migration Everyone can not be a witness in a case of this nature. The migration of millions of sardines that occur each year in South Africa, the fish tend to move together in order to move to the Indian Okeyanından Atlantic Okeyanına. These dishes do not want to lose sight of the open mouth of a shark and dolphins are simply tons of fish they eat sardines. The spectacular view from one side of 4 divers from around the world to South Africa to watch the returns. LAKE bubbly Usually, this type of gas bubbles in the water at the lakes yaransada this lake is really boiling. According to the lava around the lake water temperature under 93 degrees, it becomes liquefied. Qurasdılırıb places special cooling systems in the environment. This is the only way to go into the lake, walking a distance of 14 km to go. TROLLTUNGA This is one of the most beautiful places in Norway, he is a perfect place for those who love the adrenaline, like a rock. Kaya is photographed at almost became a tradition. However, considering that there are about 700 meters in altitude, we can see how dangerous it is. Rarely, though, lost his balance and fell down the rock is olənlərdə. Sometimes it happens in the rest of the rock face to face with the threat of death. Bularda a helicopter to rescue them. BULL RACE Each of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, ​​Spain, in July expelled by the anxious fans around the world is coming. It comes with 875 meters of people fleeing to escape the bulls through the narrow streets behind the bulls are trying to protect. Although dozens of deaths every year, but sometimes you still yaralansada decreasing interest in the festival. Here again come to the end of a video. I hope you satisfied with the video. Please support us as you subscribe to deyilsəniz still subscribe to the channel. For now,

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