DUPIXENT 22 Months Review. Eczema, Asthma, Allergy Treatment | Ep.212

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it’s time for Dupixent injection
number 19! You ready? it’s been 22 months since I’ve been on
Dupixent so I thought it was a good time to do a big recap of everything
that’s going on from the very beginning to now it has been nine weeks since my
last injection which I did make a video on it was from December 13th
So a couple of minutes ago, I already gave myself the injection. I just couldn’t wait to
make the video first and then do it one of you guys are scared of needles as I
am even though I’ve been giving myself injections for almost two years now when
I saw a needles whoa did the injection held my breath though I don’t like doing
it at all least-favorite thing to do. Like the last couple of
days leading up to you this injection just been freaking out and thinking
about it and thinking if I’m gonna mess up and make it hurt more than it should
so I just got out of the way and now I’m making this video I’m sure most of you
watching this video are just starting with depicts it or looking into starting
depicts it and trying to understand how it works so please go watch the very
first to pick some video that I did which talks about the very first couple
days of how I felt after starting Dupixent my skin did get really read
for the first couple days but it was actually my skin healing you repairing
all the damage layers from with 30 odd years of having eczema and atopic
dermatitis but after that redness there was a couple days of peeling and
sloughing off all the damaged skin but what appeared underneath is this perfect
skin my skin felt normal like when I touch somebody else’s skin that’s the
texture that’s the elasticity of how the skin
feels like that’s the kind of skin quality you get on Dupixent versus if
you have you steroids or any other creams or even immunosuppressants the
skin still does not feel normal it feels like all those medications are
just covering up the eczema and the atopic dermatitis that’s still going on
so you still don’t have natural healthy bouncy clear looking skin also in that
first video I talked about the common problem of ice swelling and I or
irritation that’s a side effect of Dupixent and I talked about how I’ve
extended my injection frequency from two weeks which is a standard prescription
to five weeks and then now this happens nine weeks experimenting with that to
reduce the eye irritation and it has been working very well but go look at
the first video where I talk in depth about that so after that the next video
you should watch is the Dupixent video where I talked about pausing Dupixent
for the three months I didn’t completely stop it I just again extending the
injection frequency of when I do injections from every two weeks to and
then I extend to every four weeks and there’s six weeks and that when I travel
to Europe I went without Dupixent for three months and when I came back
that’s when I gave myself another injection and I still did very well on
that so Dupixent can last a lot longer than
just the two weeks standard prescription so how am I feeling today well I would
say overall I’m probably the best condition that I’ve ever been in even
though I haven’t had to do picks in injection for nine months my eczema is
probably one the best has ever been and my asthma is doing very well
no breathing problems I’m moving air really nicely you can tell just by the
way I’m talking compared to some no other videos where I’m sniffling and you
know I’m just really struggling to get a word out and allergies are doing pretty
well too so there’s a couple of things I want to mention here it’s not all due to
Dupixent, but Dupixent does clear out the skin basically completely and
Dupixent does calm down the asthma a lot and asthma is technically under the
allergy department so asthma is in some ways an allergic reaction so overall my
allergic reactions and flare-ups reacting to the environment or reacting
to the Sun reacting to the air reacting to water reacting to food all foods just
gotta throw that in there people keep thinking that when I say I’m allergic to
everything I don’t actually mean everything well I do mean everything I’m
allergic to everything that you can possibly imagine
so before you suggest “Oh why don’t you try this or why don’t you avoid that” yes I do all of that already So, Dupixent is really helping to put my
immune system back on track and not overreact and it’s cleaning up the skin
I do have like one or two of these like zit like bumps that I’ve been dealing
with for the past I guess like three or four days but they don’t feel like
rashes and you don’t really feel like eczema either so not really sure what
they are but they’re going away today so not to worry
worried about that and I’m making videos more regularly now so you guys can see
my skin and see my overall health condition through every video that I do
I did have a flare-up around week five in week 6 after that last appeal map
injection and that was because I took the probiotics so for all of you watches
thinking I should get probiotics or gonna fix my gut and things like that
you know I’m allergic to all those things so that would only make the
situation worse from week five days a week six I had to deal with this
flare-up and nose almost became infection caused by the probiotics but
finally from about week seven till today week nine it things have calmed down and
that’s because I took my own advice with the antihistamines that I talked about
in the antihistamines video where you can mix multiple antihistamines together
you want at least one H1 category antihistamine and one H2 but I was
already taking zyrtec for each one and peps it for h2 but I found that adding
allegra which is also h1 antihistamine that has helped my overall allergic
reaction to just about everything how’s my asthma so it was cleared up my
sinuses a lot and it’s also helped clear up my skin because a lot of my eczema is
caused by contact with everything that I’m allergic to which is literally
everything in the planet so a lot of the inflammation and even the nausea has
gone because the nausea that I was complaining about is actually
inflammation in a year that was affecting just my balance mechanism so
with allegra all of that what’s gone it’s not saying allegra can heal all
these things it’s i still take cyclosporine for amino suppressant that
calms my whole immune system down because I have just like a hyperactive
immune system I don’t have a weak immune system I have a overactive immune system
so the immunosuppressant just calms everything down and then on top of that
I have the depiction which clears out the skin very very nicely I still have
some remaining allergic reactions including asthma food allergies and
occasional skin flare-ups and hives but that’s due to when I come in contact
with certain things are like like I said when the rain comes it’s gonna it’s
raining today and so when the rain comes I’ll react to that and I can’t avoid
that you can’t avoid the rain it’s where you live all these things will cause
allergic reaction even though even though the amino suppressant and Dupixent takes out about 80% of that you know the sniffling I’ve had in last in the
last Dupixent video and just like highs and flare-ups those are like the
remaining 20% of the reactions I’m still getting so I would say Allegra probably
cleared out another you know five to ten percent of that so I’m feeling really
good today so I guess that’s kind of where we are I don’t have any highs this
time all right that’s Dupixent injection
number 19. If you guys are running into any problems or just have any questions
again feel free to leave a comment below I answer every comment and if you want a
private message me because you’re uncomfortable sharing your story
publicly that’s fine too hit me up on Facebook or
Instagram and the private messages but please watch all videos first so you can
see the whole progress of me actually going through this healing process with
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20 thoughts on “DUPIXENT 22 Months Review. Eczema, Asthma, Allergy Treatment | Ep.212

  1. LOVE you Jeffrey. My daughter is doing Dupixent injections for a year now and doing really well. So far she has not experenced with any side effect from it and she's enjoying her life now without eczema flareing up all the time (I was very suffer to see her like that all the time before). We both are nurses working in an acute care hospital. She has eczema since 6 months old and she's 27 years old now. Thank you so much for another wonderful video.

  2. Glad you're doing well on Dupixent. I am waiting for approval by my insurance coverage. I don't have eczema but eosinophilic asthma. Hoping I can start soon without side effects.

  3. Hey man, I'm glad to hear that Dupixent has done you good. My wife has atopic dermatitis and we live in Brazil. We are planning to go to the US for treatment with Dupixent. So far she has been using a lot of steroids, but even so the eczema is still very severe. During the weaning period of the corticoid she feels the eyes itch very much and even swell, do you believe that this may be a predisposing factor for her to suffer side effects in the eyes with the use of dupixent?

    Thank you for your time and for sharing valuable information with those who are facing this struggle.

    God bless.

  4. I have question, whenever you inject yourself do you have like a bump where you injected yourself? You should do your stomach because I found that my thigh hurts more than my stomach and I’m pretty good with needles.

  5. Hi, I’ve had eczema all my life (18 yrs) and since I’ve begun Dupixent, it seems to be working well for me (I think I’ve done about four injections so far). The only concerning thing is that with every testimony about this drug, it seems that people clear up and then it either stops progressing or they get a side effect and end up trying another solution. It’s very disheartening to think that I’ll have to continue injections for who knows how long or resort to hopping from one treatment to another (holistic or otherwise), usually without a cure. Maybe I should be taking this considering that most drugs don’t “cure” but simply help as much as possible. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing and I understand how it feels to live with chronic eczema. It can make daily life complicated and for all of us who just want to be clear and normal, I hope there is something conclusive.

  6. Good job, Jeffrey!! No side effects for me, after 3 weeks. Yaaaaay! Caught a cold and on antibiotics. Hope I'll notice an improvement soon.

  7. Great vid Jeffrey. I have suffered from sever Asthma along with nasal polyps for 30 yrs and eczema. I had the polyps removed through surgery 3 times I suffer from constant sinus infections with drainage. I was diagnosed with Sampters Triad AKA aspirin sensitive allergies. I saw a specialist at Brighams and womens Hospital in Boston last month. After a few tests and consultation they prescribed Dupixent. after a few weeks dealing with my insurance company my first loading injections arrived 3 days ago. 13hrs after the injections my taste slightly started to return. 18hrs after my sense of smell slowly started to return I have not been able to taste or smell for over 15yrs do to the sampters triad and nasal polyps. My breathing appears to be a bit better too and a few patches of eczema do not itch and are fading. my biggest hope though is it can control my severe asthma issues and I feel pretty confident this will happen. I am extremely pleased with the significant results in my sinus areas in just a few days if this treatment works it will be a life changer for me. Thanks for posting vids I found you shortly after my visit to Brighams in Boston eagerly to see the effect and result of Dupixent..

  8. Hey I'm starting tomorrow and my eczema is over 100% of my body I'm thinking about doing before and after photos I'm really nervous I itch 24hrs a day almost I need some relief I haven't wore short sleeved shorts since elementary school I want to live a regular life again. But I came across your videos of after doing watching millions of reviews and your are the most honest

  9. Just zyrtec for now. I get my first 2 initial doses in the morning and hopefully some relief in a few days just nervous about side effects

  10. During the past 2 winters, I experienced this skin rashes in the hand and wrists as a result of skin outbreak. Because of that I had been able to find out regarding this eczema manual “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). My hands ended up red-colored, itchy, dry. The guide is a miracle that truly works. I was not out of the hassle of wrapping my hands, thanks a lot for this guidebook. It is best to test this. .

  11. Can I ask you the price of one injection in your country? I am in Korea and will try soon but it's around 900 usd for one.

    Anyway I am kind of excited now
    Finally there is a medicine which can cure my 30 yrs eczema desease.

  12. Jeffrey, thanks for sharing! I just started Dupixent and I’m in my second week. Your videos have helped a lot in my research, you gave me some information my doctor wasn’t even aware of!

    I wish you the best of luck on your health journey!

  13. Thanks for sharing.Your eyes look so swollen. Is that the dupixent or allergies? If allergies, have you tried eye drops?

  14. Life long eczema person here, that got way worse under the stresses of adult life. Cracked lips, red face and eyes. At the worst point someone said that it looked like I drove through a rosebush on a motorcycle. Ya, let that sink in. Dupixent healed me 99% with only a small dry spot behind my ear. Life changing drug, unreal.

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