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hey what’s up it’s Jeffrey Lin back
with another Dupixent update I just injected myself with treatment number 24
and been on Dupixent for almost two and a half years today I want to talk about
the benefits of treating asthma and allergies usually I’ve been talking
about what it’s done for my eczema which has been nothing short of miraculous but
the benefits of my treating my asthma and allergies has been slower to come haven’t been on depiction for much
longer than probably most people you know I got on Dupixent literally a
couple days after the FDA approved it and I was actually supposed to be on the
clinical trials I’ve been really on this thing from the beginning and so Dupixent
does have a lot of long-term benefits that you don’t see right away like for
the skin if you check back on my very first beginner intro to Dupixent video
you’ll see you know within a couple hours my skin started changing and
healing and peeling and generating new skin but for asthma and allergies I
didn’t really feel anything for a long time and it’s something that I only
noticed when I reviewed these videos back you know every three months every
six months and I do notice that overall all of these reactions you know skin
asthma and allergies have calmed down a lot so for those of you guys who just
got on depicts it and if it’s not working right away or if it’s not
working as much as you think thought it would and just want to give up I would
highly suggest you stick with it because even after two and a half years Dupixent
is changing my health and improving it from a fundamental immune level deep
inside for asthma when I started Dupixent I had just tried another one
of these biologic injections and it had made my asthma the worst that’s ever
been and even before that I probably have one the worst asthma conditions
that probably like 95 percent of doctors I’ve ever seen you know I can literally
smell something a mile away from inside a car and I’ll have a reaction to it you
always see me having a mask on because that’s how sensitive my asthma and
immune system is to literally everything on the planet everything I’ve been
tested for environmental food internal I’m literally allergic to everything
on the planet and I’m not exaggerating a lot of people think when I say that it’s
I’m leaving something out no I’m not I’m literally allergic to everything and
I’ll react to it you know by breathing from asthma and then I’ll react to it
internally from allergic reactions and inflammations and then on the skin
through eczema but all these are fundamentally immune overreaction to
allergens and things in the environment so that’s how severe my asthma was I was
just talking to another guy who’s on Dupixent and I was telling him that I
literally could not run cannot laugh as a kid because my eyes will get triggered
by any kind of emotion or overactivity so that’s why I guess I seem calmer to
most people even though internally like I don’t that’s not my personality but
because that’s how I had to live dealing with such difficult and severe at asthma
that you know a lot of times I couldn’t even talk so just learn to be quiet so
that’s where my asthma is coming from and you know
over the years there is you know some times where it’s slightly better but you
know I’ve sped more than my share of days and nights in the ER and going to
the ER in the middle of night for asthma but after starting to pick scent I
noticed like probably every six months looking back you know especially the
couple days after each injection my breathing has loosened up a bit and I
don’t need to constantly be using my inhaler because usually the inhaler
probably only lasts a couple minutes when I’m having a reaction I it doesn’t
matter how many times I use inhaler or even these nebulizers that I have so I
constantly have this on my table because again because I’m allergic to so many
things literally everything on the planet I can get triggered by something
to have asthma that asthma reaction at any moment and it could be very severe
that I’ll have to take several of these treatments in a row to just keep me from
getting suffocated by my own Airways closing in that which is what asthma
does so for Dupixent it’s treats asthma basically by treating allergic
reactions that causes inflammation at the very core of the immune response to
that basically what I have that’s causing asthma and allergies and eczema
is an astronomical amount of IgE’s which is basically the body’s immune chemical
that recognizes things to have allergic reactions to so the more IgE’s a person
has the more reactive they are to allergens and the environment well so a
normal person probably has about 70 because you’re immune
has to react to the environment some you in certain dangers out there so you
can’t have no one means you don’t want to have no new system at all but so you
so normal person probably has about you know I count about 70 and in person with
severe allergies has an IgE count above 200 well I have an IgE count of twenty
four twenty five thousand for most of my life and when I started Dupixent
and that is just an astronomical amount actually the laboratories that measured
that twenty four twenty five thousand that I have they can’t measure that
accurately because it’s just so far out of what the lab equipment is able to
handle for measuring IGS because remember they’re more tuned to a normal
person of you know seventy two hundred maybe a thousand that’s what the
laboratory measurements of IgE’s are designed to do so even at my twenty four
twenty five thousand it’s they don’t really know how much it is but it’s just
way beyond what a human body should be able to handle doctors have told me that
you know the IgE count that high I should be in constant it’s constantly sedated
just because the IgE is causing my body to react he literally everything on the
planet and that’s that shouldn’t be humanly tolerable so that’s where I
started from well about eighteen months after
starting Dupixent you know we had another blood test and my igE had fell
to you about five thousand and then a couple months later probably about the
18-month mark my IG s had fallen below three thousand to about 2800 so my Ige’s
have fallen almost ten times from twenty three thousand twenty
four thousand down to about twenty two thousand eight hundred and I was really
excited about that because that was one of the things that we were trying to do
to reduce my overall reactions allergic reactions asthma reactions and eczema
skin reactions however I didn’t feel my reactions were less I was still feeling
like I was having them same amount of asthma and my food allergies hadn’t
really gone away my environmental allergies haven’t really gone away it’s
just IgE counts dropped a lot so doctors suggested that you know just
stay with it and I had to stay with it because Dupixent just that cleared up
my skin better than it’s ever been you know research doctors have told me I
have probably the top three most of your eczema they have ever seen over like a
50-year period obviously there’s probably people out there that just
didn’t make it to these research doctors and they didn’t see them but you know I even come
even including those people I’m a rare few of people with super severe eczema
so having stuck on so having stayed with depicts in for a couple months after
that for about two years I did notice that my asthma was loosening up even
when I did have asthmatic reactions to pollution to fragrances to chemicals I
didn’t have to use my inhaler I used to need to use that anytime I had a as
manic reaction just because once I start signing up it’s not going to go away
like it doesn’t matter if I relax it doesn’t matter if I go to a clean room
once my airway start swelling up for the asthma attack it’s not going away
well having been on depicts in for about two years and having my IgE drop by
10x and stayed at that level for a you know
three to four months my asthma this started turning around so it seemed like
the IgE had dropped from twenty four thousand down to two thousand eight
hundred and the body just needed time to adjust and react to a less amount of IgE
causing havoc and telling the body to do crazy things
so asthma is starting to loosen up more and more and you know just it wasn’t
really super obvious that I was getting better but I you know didn’t notice that
I was using my inhalers and nebulizer is less and less and now I only use that
you know for maybe like 30 seconds or a minute if I have an attack and then my
tackle go away so I’m really happy about that and it’s allowed me to do a lot
more I’m able to exercise now without having asthma attack I’m able to walk on
the treadmill for about an hour whereas before if I did it for like thirty
seconds or a minute oh how about asthma attack and like I said whenever I get it
as an attack it doesn’t slow down it doesn’t go away so I can continue
exercising you know like I said I couldn’t run as a kid I couldn’t laugh
as a kid I couldn’t even get excited without triggering my asthma and now I’m
able to exercise and there was I did a video about swimming and I could do that
just fine now so that’s how far my asthma has improved being on depicted
for about two and a half years the allergies is seems to be even slower
than the asthma improvements the allergies I’m just noticing certain
improvements now whereas the asthma start improving probably for me three or
four months ago but the allergies I’m able to
so for the food allergies I’m able to eat a little bit more chicken now which
is one of the more severe foods that I could haul that I can still tolerate
that I wouldn’t go immediately into anaphylactic shock but when I first
started Dupixent if I ate chicken my reactions would last for maybe two or
three months so so one bite of chicken will cause an allergic reaction of
inflammation and skin flaking and swelling an internal inflammation for
two or three months now Dupixent has improved my chicken allergies to the
point where you know I can eat and have you know probably some mucus and some
swelling internally for maybe two or three days but that’s it and so that is
a huge change that that I just wasn’t expecting I did know because of
theoretically reducing the IgE should reduce allow these allergic reactions
but I just didn’t see it for you know months and months when the IgE first
started coming down from 20 or 40 thousand I didn’t feel any better with
my food allergies I did feel the internal inflammation and reactions
improving earlier than that so I was able to start exercising and though and
I used to have tendinitis just because my allergic reactions were also damaging
my joints and everywhere and my back and even my eyesight was being damaged by
allergic reactions and inflammations so all that stuff did improve earlier and
so Dupixent really does have this long-term therapeutic effect and it’s
not a steroid it works fundamentally by it’s basically switching off these two
signals that your immune system sends out that causes a lot of these allergic
reactions and inflammations it turns off the il-4 interleukin 4 and il-13
interleukin 13 and these also kind of feed on itself so once if you don’t have
do pixon and they’re switching these off once the il-4 and the il-13 gets in the
body it just triggers more IL for an hour 13 to trigger even more allergic
reactions and IgE production so once you turn off that cycle it takes a while for
the body to get rid of all those excess il for IL-13 and really let the body
heal I don’t know if you can say Dupixent is directly causing improvements
over time I think it’s due picks and switch these off and it takes the body
and internal systems awhile to catch up and to incorporate all these changes and
for that to show up and I think I just went from my personal experience I think
these benefits take longer for people who have had their disease longer and I
literally have all three of my conditions eczema asthma and allergies
all my life I’m 36 so all this inflammation and damage to my skin my
lungs my Airways and my joints and my eyesight and even my brain from the
inflammation that’s been going on for 36 years and that’s not that’s just not
going to change overnight just because Dupixent is in there switching off of
these il-4 and il-10 triggers it takes the body even just months or years just
to fix little layers of skin and that’s without any additional
triggers and damage to the skin and I’ve constantly am still reacting to stuff so
the recovery time is you really do need patience but then again compared to a
lifetime of being sick and having gone from such extreme again not being able
to run laugh or do anything and have and you know have to be worried about things
that’s going on mile away triggering my asthma having all that turn
around in a couple months or a year or two that is that is close to a miracle
so just want to share my experience and that’s what’s going on so far hopefully
my asthma will continue to improve so I don’t even need to have the nebulizer
and the inhaler with me at all times and hopefully I can offer hopefully my food
allergies were improved to a point where I can eat more foods but you know for
the time being and with all the other medications I’m using this is literally
on all fronts the best my health has ever been again Dupixent
is it the only medication I’m using so I encourage you to check out my recent
2019 medical medications review including you know the immunosuppressant
cyclosporine that I use and some mast cell stabilizers and antihistamines and
low dose naltrexone and some other stuff but again my allergies and reactions
have reduced so much that I’m finally able to reduce the amount of
cyclosporine which is immunosuppressant cyclosporine is more damaging to
body then Dupixent it’s less of a pure or long-term treatment and it’s
more of just a band-aid to kind of calm down the body’s reactions and this also
makes me depressed and raise my heart blood pressure and cause all kinds of
problems for me so really able glad that do pigs ons helping so much that I’m
finally able to reduce the amount of cyclosporine but for those of you who do
have similar reactions as me like it adds really severe eczema severe asthma
or really severe allergies and you can’t get Dupixent, one of the things I do
recommend people ask talk to their doctors about his trying these immunosuppressants
like Cyclosporine and there are other ones out there that i’ve tried
such as methotrexate that’s a common one and Imuran an and Cellcept everybody
reacts to these a little bit differently so you gotta just try each one kind of
see which one works best for you but these are for me at least if they’re
better than steroids because steroids damaged the skin of people with eczema
so it don’t stare it’s only makes eczema worse like none of these are good
options if you can’t get depicts in that’s so much safer but if you can’t
and if your inflammations and reactions just just running wild like mine used to
do. The Immunosuppressants like cyclosporine and cellcept
and imuran and methotrexate these are good place to start and kind of calm
your your reactions and give your body a break while you wait for depicts in
alright guys thanks for watching if you have any comments leave them below i’m
also going to leave the links to the six other do pics and videos that i’ve done
in the past so you can kind of see the journey and kind of see what
happens there also oh one more thing also my eye swelling has basically gone
away as you know Dupixent one of the main side effects of Dupixent is i
swelling irritation even like the eyeballs get really red and you know you
start tearing up a lot and that’s one of the reasons why I stretched out my
injections to like at one point twelve months out of 12 weeks just so my eyes
wouldn’t react that much but over time Dupixent seems to have taken
better with my body and for this latest injection it’s only been four and a half
weeks and doing an injection now close together which means I’m having a hard
dose of do pick scent it’s not causing my eyes to swell up so for those of you
who just started depicts in and are having eye problems with eye issues I
would suggest you stick with depicts it because again does house a really great
long-term benefits but we’ll also know the the eye swallowing irritation is
really difficult II can’t really kind of function so either you just stretch out
the injection period so you’re doing a lower dose like I used to do or a lot of
these steroid ions this one is Neomycin some people told me this worked well for
them and it’s working decently for me too
now and also there are cyclosporine eyedrops and some other
anti-inflammatory moments and eyedrops that you can try out the stronger ones
are steroid based or immunosuppressants but I feel like you don’t have to use a
lot I didn’t use a lot of this either before my eye swelling went away so just
want to add that the update all right guys thanks for
watching stay tuned and hit the subscribe button so you’ll be alerted
for my next update and you got also hit the notification button too so again I’m
not sure where this is all going that I’m just putting it all down so you can
follow my journey with me and discover what do you pick said can do because it
is so new everything I do is basically an experiment I basically experiment on
myself and just trying to share it with you guys you

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