DUPIXENT (Dupilumab) ECZEMA, ASTHMA CURE: BEGINNER’S GUIDE. Clear Skin. Eye Side Effects | Ep.119

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Hey! Made it up to Utah first medical
trip in just about a year wait okay now from the beginning we here at the University of Utah
Medical Center for my first appointment let’s continue with the story where I
left off. Luckily after the Nucala fail, the actual cure that I’ve been
waiting for called Dupilumab that finally became available the FDA
approved I just I guess a couple couple days after I stopped Nucala even
though I had to go through some trouble getting that getting Dupilumab right
away that I mean it turned out that I was able to get a pretty pretty fast so
by May of 2017 I was able to start the Dupilumab and if you guys have been
following my health videos you’ll remember that do pill map is the
so-called cure that I’ve been waiting for the reason I even tried new Kalla
was because I thought I had to wait another two or three years for you pull
them out to be FDA approved it was still in clinical trials and even though it’s
doing very well it was getting pushed grew pretty quickly nobody thought a
medication would be approved that quickly after clinical trials so that’s
why I started to call it but luckily Dupilumab was available in on the market
by last March or April and then I was able to get it around May so Dupilumab
is a injection that usually gave yourself but I kind of was stout and
just have the nurse show me how to do the injections the first time so the
very first treatment you do two injections and then after that you’re
supposed to one injection every two weeks so after the first treatment which
is the two injections things went surprisingly well I never had skin that
smooth within just a couple days and then there was a while in there where my
skin turned quite red and it was peeling quite a bit it felt pretty pretty warm
but what it actually happened was Dupilumab was healing my skin and
that’s kind of what it’s designed to do it’s designed for people with severe
eczema almost 12 hours since I my first Dupilumab shot I actually think it’s
working my asthma has loosened up overall feeling pretty good and aside
from the problem areas around my forehead and my cheek bones are still
pretty crunchy and pilly another layer all the other parts of my skin like
these clean parts and over here and all around my neck just basically anything I
can I can touch the skin has softened up and lotted it don’t mean almost feels
like soft baby soft baby skin I didn’t notice that I’m getting a lot of red
blotches on my face and some on my neck yeah faces getting more red you know and
these parts where it was pretty clear this morning until it’s uh it’s pretty
red now within I would say about a week or so
it had peel through a couple layers of skin and
was underneath was perfectly healthy skin I never felt skin this soft and
normal usually people with eczema and other skin problems we have pretty thick
and rough you know scaly reptilian like skin or just kind of feels like you’re
wearing a rubber suit but with Dupilumab after shedding off that
couple layers of damaged skin my skin felt like somebody else’s skin felt like
any other normal person’s skin with soft textures and a good balance in it so it
was literally a miracle but but as with every story there’s always a twist
pretty soon after I think the second injection my eye started swelling up my
eyelids so upper and lower eyelids started swelling up and then even on the
left eye right here it would break out and start getting some kind of skin
infection so I got these eye problems and went to the ophthalmologist and we
tried several different steroids and eye creams and eye drops
none of them worked which not a surprise for me like nothing not much doesn’t
work on my body so you know I was struggling whether I should give up the
pillow map or not but a Dupilumab was just doing such an amazing job with my
skin that I just couldn’t give it up so my dermatologist and I talked about how
we can adjust when I give myself the injection so kind of spread it out to
every third week instead of every two weeks or every fourth week my eyelids
are more swollen and continuing to continue as well since starting Dupilumab and the eyelids we just thought maybe we delay the next
injection for a week because since the pill map is so new even though they
suggest that you give yourself injections every two weeks and that’s
kind of like the standard it’s not optimal for everybody hasn’t been
optimized because it just hasn’t been that many people who’ve used it and they
haven’t collected enough data to know exactly how much of that medication
somebody should give themself depending on their personal conditions so I just
said it adjusted it over a couple of until I got to about every five weeks an
injection and surprisingly my skin was still doing very well even though the
injections were so far spread apart and I’m getting less of the medication and
if I gave myself the injection every two weeks so if I give myself the geomap
injects every five weeks instead of every two weeks the eye swelling
situation kind of kind of stopped my eyes are still much smaller than they
were before maybe like 40% smaller so I looked quite a bit more Asian but now I
can see clearly and my eyes aren’t watery in there there aren’t puffy and
red all the time as when I gave myself the injections every two weeks so it’s a
good compromise and my skin continues to do very well I guess even just in the
first like three or four weeks of using Dupilumab my skin because my skin
healed up so much that the rest of my body was able to heal as well so I
gained a lot of weight because before I was so malnutrition and I would lose a
lot of mass and moisture just because my skin peeled so much that I just couldn’t
ever gain weight so I was very underweight at about 120 pounds and
within a couple weeks after starting to peel my butt was up to 150 pounds and
just kind of stopped there which is about the normal way that’s
150 pounds is about the target that my doctors and I have had for me for a long
time we just couldn’t get enough nutrition and stabilize my condition
long enough for that to happen and but as soon as I started to pill map
I easily hit that mark so Dupilumab definitely has been the miracle even
though it hasn’t been the cure that I was hoping for but it’s by far the most
effective and helpful treatment that I’ve tried ever and it hasn’t had any
bad side effects other than with the eye swelling but you know just by spreading
out my injections every five weeks it’s been manageable so feeling so good about
that and just kind of allowing my body to heal you

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  1. PART 1: Did Nucala (mepolizumab) help treat Asthma, Allergy, & Eczema?

  2. Did you notice any improvement in mood? Some patients report improvement of their mood disorders. Also, some report vanishing effect after 3mth of usage of dupilumab. it seems metabolic, immune, and nervous system are interconnected, but nobody knows in what way. but you seem to be in good spirits, which is remarkable.
    this eyelid thing is what I don't like. it is an inflammation i.e. it dries out first the area around the eyes (dermatology), but then the eyes itself (ophthalmology). over time, this leads to keratosis, which is a precondition for blindness. but so are steroids applied on eyelids. but the alternative, Protopic, is also not good as it depletes eyelids of moisture permanently as measured by Rajka method.

  3. The mist coming off the hillside is incredible and the background clouds overtaking the mountainside is so amazing to see from the drone's point of view! I love it! It was an incredible day meeting and hanging out with you Jeffrey! We need to do another shoot again! I'm heading to LA in the first week of July for a concert my wife and daughter are going to (Got7 Kpop group) and I want to take as much pics while I am down there!

  4. How dupixent? Just I am bad know English. And in your video not understand language.

  5. Dear friend. Tell me more about dupixet. Because I need using Google translate for reading. My what's up number, viber ,telegram +79617926275. I want know how now results. And eczema not coming?

  6. Hello guys! I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my comment, and I hope it helps someone out there. I did not have the worst of eczema cases as I only I had it around my neck as well as other places on my body and some parts of the face. I will try and make this short. I was seeking for ways to lessen my eczema, by trying all kinds of ointments, some of which contained steroids, and dietary changes as well, but finally found a way, at least for me, to lessen my eczema to the point where it appears as if my skin is completely normal, without requiring anything but basking in natural sunlight for about 30 minutes everyday. I completely stopped the use of all ointments (except for the lotion that I still use today, which is cetaphil eczema calming body moisturizer (steroid-free), even though my eczema is basically healed, it feels good). What I did was I exposed the eczema to at least 30 min. of direct sunlight every day, and I completely stopped getting any of my eczema wet (I had to shower and bathe in weird positions, for the normal skin). I know some of you might think "Wait, eczema is dry, wont the sun make it worse?" That's what I thought, but I still stuck with it regardless, and the moisturizer I was using helped definitely. At first it was tough, and I did not see any physical improvements, but I noticed that the sun soothed my eczema by making it feel good even though it still looked bad. I continued this process of sunbathing the eczema portions, and making sure I did not get it wet, and within the first 7 days, I felt like a new man. If your still using ointments, I would recommend completely stopping their use. Nowadays, I weened off the sun bathe, and only sunbathe every once in a while. The sun helps stimulate vitamin D growth by our skin cells, which is the vitamin that is needed for healthy skin. I encourage you guys to try this method, it worked for me and I hope it does for you! Have a Great Life!

  7. Didn’t know you had a channel bro, glad you’re documenting it’s really inspiring 🙏🏻

    New subscriber right here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. You should check out Rob Stuart on YouTube. He cured his skin problems and helps others do the same. The only way to truly take care of skin issues is to change your diet, cleanse and get moving.

  9. Unfortunately dupilumab did NOT work for me for curing my severe chronic eczema :(. I had really hoped for it. Cyclosporine is still the only magical medicine that totally suppresses (cures) it for me so there's hope, but it can seriously affect the kidneys in the long run, so I'm in transferring to myfortic which they say does a similar job… I hope a long term sustainable cure is found at some point. Different medicine work for different people it seems… Severe eczema is HELL. I've had it all my life (for 31 years).

  10. well similar disease with you.. i dont have eczema but have allergy rhinitis. i tried immunotherapy but did not work for me. im really glad ita working for you, want to use that drugs, those are quite expensive for me. hope to try that in future

  11. Jeffery you're suffering from eczema because of leaky gut. Use dupixent for relief and then cure yourself by fixing the leaky gut.

  12. You are one of the few ppl I’ve seen with worse allergies than myself; my condition is exacerbated by pollen & ragweed, extremely seasonal.

    You seem to have issues year around. Pls keep us posted, your content is amazingly candid.


  13. Thank you sooo much for the video. I am so happy that you are going better. I live in France and I'm going to have my first injection next week. I know how much it is tough. I wish you good luck and thank you again!! Sorry for my bad English 🙂

  14. So happy you're getting some relief…good information. Read the Eczema Diet too! Problems for us can be related to gut issues, food/diet related for sure!

  15. Mabey im being too upfront but how do you or anyone else pay for the dupixent i want to get them but i doubt insurance would pay for them.

  16. Guys go to Rob Stuarts channel , you will learn everything you need to know to heal from eczema naturally. Its not easy but it works. This injection will destroy your body in the long term.

  17. I have been on this shot since January I see mild results and my eyes have been swellljng for the past 3-4 weeks it won’t go away I’m trying Methotrexate but I’m also so nervous my chest is hurting. I’m so depressed with my skin right now

  18. My god thanks, in post video I'm from Brazil and will do tratament with dupixent my god, I find your channel thank you thank you and good lucky…take care

  19. thanks for sharing. ive been thinking of trying this shot for my eczema. im to the point i set ice cubes on my arms just to stop the itch. thanks again. have a blessed night. 🙂

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