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Dust mites may have just cured your asthma. I know! It sounds counter-intuitive, but it could
be a revolution in lung treatment. I’m Kimberly Walleston and that’s coming
up next on InsidersHealth News. For those who have suffered through asthma,
you know that dust mites can cause all sorts of problems. They are public enemy number one if you’re
depending on a daily inhaler. But scientists have figured out a way to harness
the good in these little creatures, creating a revolutionary asthma treatment. A new pill, harvesting a protein found in
dust mites, works by retuning the immune system in the asthmatics so that it doesn’t overreact
to mice droppings. These droppings are one of the leading causes
of asthma attacks and can prompt large-scale problems with by releasing antihistamine into
the person’s airways. But by exposing people to small amounts of
the chaos-causing protein, scientists believe that they can drastically reduce the use of
steroidal inhalers. In fact, in a study of 600 asthma sufferers,
one in three were able to stop using their inhalers altogether. For now, a clinical study hasn’t gone on
for long enough to jump to any conclusions about side effects or problems with prolonged
use. So for now, the pill does not provide an alternative
treatment for the masses. But if the first research study was any indication
about the power of this new drug, inhalers might actually become a thing of the past
and that is a reason to breathe easy! Alright, bad puns aside. That’s it for this edition of InsidersHealth
News. I’m your host, Kimberly Walleston. And remember, it’s your health, we’re
just helping you think outside the docs.

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