E-cigarette safety: the facts explained

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Using e-cigarettes does differ
from tobacco in very clear way which is that it doesn’t involve
inhaling tobacco smoke. And, as the constituents of smoke
are the things that kill smokers, that has to be a good thing. People die from the tar, the other constituents
of smoke, but not the nicotine. So the nicotine isn’t the harmful component
and electronic cigarettes allow smokers to get the nicotine without all the other harmful
stuff that comes along in cigarette smoke. We don’t need to be concerned
about the nicotine in e-cigarettes particularly obviously for smokers
because they are already using nicotine in a far
more dangerous form and we know from studies
that nicotine is relatively safe. They don’t involve any combustion
of tobacco which is the thing that produces the vast
majority of the toxins. In fact they don’t use
tobacco at all. The main difference is that with
e-cigarettes nothing is set on fire. So when you when
you smoke a cigarette you’re basically inhaling the products
of combustion of dried tobacco leaf. And it’s that that does
the harm to your health. So most things we do in life carry a risk.
So, for example, driving cars. Cars cause lots of road accidents,
lots of people killed on the roads but we don’t stop people driving. We try to make them less harmful. So, harm reduction is about enabling people
to continue doing that thing but to do it in a less harmful way. They could be using an e-cigarette to cut
down the amount they smoke. They could be using an e-cigarette in situations where
they would otherwise normally smoke or where they can’t smoke, for example, what
we call temporary abstinence, or they could be using an e-cigarette
instead of smoking completely – so, switched totally to an e-cigarette. One of the things about electronic cigarettes
for tobacco harm reduction is if people cut down their tobacco
consumption while using an e-cigarette what we’ve seen from some
interesting studies is that their exposure to toxins can substantially reduce. The first thing to note when considering
the safety of e-cigarettes is that the vast majority
of e-cigarette users are people who are either still smoking and using
them to cut down on the amount they smoke or have used them to stop smoking. If we try to put a figure on the relative risk of electronic cigarettes compared with smoking, my view is that it’s going to be
well under 5 percent of the risk. Possibly slightly more
for cardiovascular disease but substantially less for chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease and lung cancer. So we can be confident that electronic cigarettes are much less hazardous than tobacco cigarettes. Where their safety lies relative to not using
anything is much harder to place. Inhaling a vapour many times a day for decades
is unlikely to come without some sort of adverse effect. And time will tell what that will be.
It would be better avoided, but from the smoker’s perspective it is a far better
bet than carrying on smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes are substantially
less harmful than cigarettes and the reason that we can reasonably infer
this is because of the concentration of chemicals that are in the e-cigarette vapour compared
with the chemicals that are in cigarette smoke. And when you look at the concentrations
of and the nature of the toxins in cigarette smoke and then you compare
that with e-cigarettes you see that really there’s there’s no comparison – most of the toxins in cigarette smoke
aren’t present at all in e-cigarette vapour. Those that are present are in concentrations
that are a hundred times less or more. Flavourings are necessary for electronic
cigarettes because people wouldn’t use them if they didn’t have some sort of flavors added.
We need to entice smokers to use electronic cigarettes. Now some concerns have
been raised about, for example, the risks that might be attaching
to the flavourings in e-cigarette vapour but again, these are flavourings that have
been tested and the concentrations are sufficiently low that we wouldn’t expect
them to pose a significant health risk. The propylene glycol and glycerol that
are in electronic cigarette fluid are there respectively to carry the nicotine
in the vapour and also to give the vapour a cloud appearance, so you can
actually see it when you breathe out. Both are widely used in other applications
– propylene glycol is used to make theatre fog. it is mildly irritant to the airway but doesn’t
seem to have any lasting long-term effects. Glycerol, likewise, is widely used in foods.
And again there’s no evidence or reason to expect that it will have a significant
long-term effect on the airway. There have been stories about breathing in other
people’s electronic cigarette vapour being harmful but I’ve not seen any evidence that breathing
in vapour is harmful to people. There is evidence that if you room with somebody
using one of these products that there is nicotine and perhaps other chemicals in the atmosphere
around you but at tiny levels. Levels low enough not
to be concerned by at all. It’s not anything like secondhand smoke
– the combustion caused by tobacco we know releases particles and other compounds
into the air which really are harmful to people who are besides somebody who’s smoking.
That’s not the case with vaping. It’s much more, in my mind,
a matter of courtesy. I think if you’re in an enclosed space
and somebody’s breathing out clouds of vapour that’s just unpleasant and
it’s intrusive and it’s discourteous. but, equally, I’ve been in public places where
people have been using electronic cigarettes sitting opposite me on the train, for example,
with no cloud of vapour when they exhale and I can’t distinguish the difference between that and them perhaps inhaling from a reliever inhaler for asthma. I mean the press has had a field day with e-cigarettes
– it’s a new technology – millions of people are using it, or thinking about using it, and shock horror
stories are the stuff of the modern media. Almost everything I’ve seen has been hyped wildly out of
proportion to get people to click on stories and the rest. Almost none of the stories holds any water
or should give anyone any cause for concern. There been a number of press reports
about e-cigarettes exploding and chargers exploding and
catching fire, for example. Now these are electrical products and
any electrical product must conform to the kind of safety requirements that we would
expect from any consumer product. so you see a similar kind of thing
with mobile phones, for example. So I don’t think there’s anything particular
about e-cigarettes in this regard. People do occasionally have batteries
catch fire or explode or whatever. But that’s typically because they’re
doing daft things with them – they’ve got two or three batteries sitting
in their pocket rattling around with a load of coins you get a short-circuit and boom…
next thing you know there’s a fire and explosion. Against that though we have to remember that cigarettes cause thousands of fires
and deaths every year through fire. You know people falling asleep in
bed smoking, next thing they know their duvet and their mattress is on fire and
they’re calling the fire brigade or their dead. Different people quit smoking
in different ways. For some an abrupt change
is desirable and effective. Others are less confident
or for whatever reason don’t feel ready just to say
“that’s it I’m not going to smoke again” And they just need that period of time
to become adjusted to it. Some need convincing that
actually an electronic cigarette or other nicotine product
can do the job. There is some evidence
that smokers who weren’t intending to stop smoking do take up
e-cigarettes and then quit smoking completely. And this is particularly important I think for groups where smoking has remained very very high. So I do think they offer
a way of stopping smoking for those who aren’t even
intending to do so. There be concerns about
what people call ‘dual-use’ – that’s using an e-cigarette
and smoking as well. And part of the concern is that maybe
they just end up with more nicotine or more toxins than they
would otherwise get. But the evidence to date shows that
actually that’s not what happens. When you look at the nicotine intake, for
example, from people who using an e-cigarette and smoking at the same time, then it’s roughly
the same as it was when people are smoking. But of course they’re getting some
of that nicotine from an e-cigarette, so they’re not with that nicotine,
getting the levels of toxins they would have got
from their cigarettes. The most effective way of quitting is to use a
medication such as nicotine replacement therapy or it could be electronic cigarettes
combined with behavioural support – so the type you get in
the stop smoking services. I think where e-cigarettes
come in is their popularity they’re there for people who don’t necessarily
want to get that kind of support. They just want to go out to a shop and
buy product which they can use to stop smoking without
seeing a health professional. They aren’t really a medication. They’re not
for people who consider themselves ill and they’re not usually taken in a medical setting.
They’re consumer products, they’re designed to be fun and interesting to use – they have
lots of opportunities for personalising the experience, you can choose your own
flavour. They replace many of the things that cigarettes do like being able to use them
at a certain time of day that you like, or the hand to mouth mouth movement.
So what they’re doing is recreating a lot of the smoking experience
and how you feel about it but without all the harm. Some people say that the advent of electronic cigarettes
is renormalising tobacco smoking. So we see people using these devices and
it’s making smoking a more normal again. Interestingly, we’re just not seeing
that in the data we have. The first thing to emphasise is that
smoking rates are going down across the UK in both adults
and in young people. And if electronic cigarettes were renormalising
smoking those numbers would be stalled or they would be going back up again
and that’s not happening. I think the idea that e-cigarettes some how
renormalise smoking is completely bizarre. It’s an alternative to smoking. You see
e-cigarettes it’s advertising cigarettes. it’s advertising or promoting
an alternative to smoking. How that encourages people to smoke has
never been explained and of course there’s no evidence whatsoever
that it actually is happening in reality. What it’s doing is encouraging people
– the more they see it, the more they know people, the more it’s encouraging
people to try e-cigarettes not to continue to smoke. It’s extremely clear when you watch somebody
using an electronic cigarette that they’re using
an electronic cigarette. so all that it does is normalise
electronic cigarette use. And if we could normalise
electronic cigarette use for that nearly nine million
people in the United Kingdom who are still addicted to tobacco
that could only be a good thing. The future for e-cigarettes and for
smokers could be very bright indeed. If we get the regulation of these products
right, and we have another 20 years of amazing innovation in these technologies,
I can see them effectively obsoleting smoking. I think they will be become so good, they’ll be
such an effective replacement for smoking that no one will want to smoke. This is a product that
can transform health. Smokers –not all smokers –
but enough smokers to matter find electronic cigarettes an
effective substitute for smoking and if they make the complete switch
to electronic cigarettes, health-wise they achieve pretty much what they’d achieve as if they quit smoking completely. So the challenge is to get as many smokers
to try and go down that route not to start trying to restrict or prevent
uptake of electronic cigarettes. They’re a game changer
– there’s no going back from that. The whole market in nicotine delivery
has been radicalised by these products and I just hope that there are more and even
more exciting products on the way. I think it’s really important
that people be reassured that e-cigarettes, whatever
you might see in the press, are considerably
safer than smoking and the evidence
is pretty good that they can be effective
in helping people to stop.

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  1. My doctor was the one who told me about e-cig. Knowing my medical, personal history by his own words; some ppl need nicotine. Although not a healthy choice it's better than several alternatives for mitigating stress. He is one of three physicians in North America recognized as an expert among his peers in pain management. A doctor who teaches doctors.
    Tobacco companies are headed to the block. Enjoy your last market of consequence; Asia. Sadly,
    I can't see an 85 yr old Korean grandma hunkering down in a squat and passing on a proffered open pack of smokes and pulling out a mod and chugging out a fat cloud.
    Mmmmmm, Kimchi flavour😋

  2. When you start vaping, smoking quits itself, no issues, clear lungs, feel better. Save a lot of money.

  3. I can't smash the like button harder on this one! Finally a video without all this bullshit propaganda that the media spew

  4. I use to smoke 2 packets or more ciggarettes a day and l quit smokeing very easyly with vapeing. No wonder that are not allowed where l live. No government tax to be made and less cancer patients in hospitals for the government to make money from. Human rights my arse. Kill the system not your self. stop smokeing ciggarettes.

  5. I using Pod instead of Vape mod since i don't really intend to fully rely on DIY maintenance by using RBA coil system. Pod with disposable DTL and that's just fine for me. For the very first time i am vaping or whatever we called it, firsty, i bought a piece of upgradable Smoant Pod system and a bottle of 10 ml of 35mg of nicotine saltnic concentration – cigar + hazelnut flavour, wow..its nothing more pleasurable feeling than i have experienced before. I stil got unfinished packet of cigarettes and i didn't have urged to puff that cancer stick once again once i started vaping for about just one single vaping session started on 2nd July 2019 till now. My throat is clearer, more fresher breathe and i feel not going to relapse hopefully. Years ago i tried so many methods (such as Nicorrete, Niquitin, Nikofree and nicotine patch but all in vain. I smoking for 21 years since i was 17 years old! )My wife doesn't even bother me to vape at home as before, i was forbidden to smoke in the house. Yes, i use 35gm of nicotine, the vape vendors use to told me." If you are serious to give up smoking, first of all, use high milligram of nicotine content first to stop your smoking habit if that something you really want and then you can switch to freebased e-juice with lower nicotine level!", he said and as far as i concerned it seemed work for me tbh. I started to hate cigarette smell ever since.

  6. I've smoked for 24 years and bought a vape last week and have only smoked 9 real cigs in 8 days. It works for me

  7. its not poison in real tobacco plants, its in the rolling papers that all poison is, tar etc. it like u fire up a paper it smell shit, real tobacco plants known as raw tobacco is not poison. Raw tobacco is best not bought in store, better to grew plants self

  8. We in germany, live in a smokers stoneage. Fakenews and no-evidence shit, makes it hard for the vapers. That should be punished as hard as possible.

  9. Without the E-cigarette, I'd probably would still be smoking 2 packs a day, I quit 4 months ago after being a 40+ yr smoker and I'm not hacking anymore, my constant smokers cough is gone and I feel a lot better and I'm 64 yrs old.

  10. A vape sounds safe enough but an e-cigarette sounds like – a high tech cigarette. So do these things produce vapor or smoke? If it's only vapor then why are they called and classed as cigarettes?

  11. I smoked for 27 years and was up to 2 to 3 packs a day , I havent smoked a cigarette for around 5 years now and I will never return to smoking cigarettes , Pomegranate flavor 3mg nicotine 90/10 vg/pg

  12. These are the dumbest people ever. Nicotine is a drug and very addictive and can kill you easy. Nicotine is nicotine if people dumb enough to believe it got for it.

  13. Yeah, because vaping has been around for at least a decade right?! This is utter nonsense! Cancer takes at least three decades to show up!!! Vaping may not cause cancer, but I could see in a few decades the discovery that it causes OTHER problems! How about if they are damaging your lungs ability to take in oxygen which causes other problems down the road??

    What is it about breathing in AIR that people are against? People are have a hard time quitting smoking may be good candidates, but as a former smoker, I can tell you that you CAN QUIT without these things! Don't swap one habit for another, save your money and buy something nice. For me, when I quit, I used my smoke money to buy a better computer, one of my first really nice computers and I use that same amount of money every month since then to constantly build and upgrade my computers. I just built a brand new one spending only $100 a month (which is what I spend back then, these days it costs four times that to smoke).

  14. Watch this before you decide vaping is a "safe alternative". When you watch her talk about the dangers of some of the flavours in those e-cigarettes, it will shock you.

    The whole campaign to stop people from smoking has worked, money is being lost by corporations and I see vaping as a method to keep t hem addicted to something which has hidden dangers we won't see the effects of probably for another good decade or two. How can ANYONE possibly think vaping is "proven safe" after only 1 decade when cancer itself can take three or more decades to show up! My mother smoked for a good 30 years and she got cancer around 44!!! That is WAY too young! With treatments she lived until she was 49 and I watched the light go out in her eyes so I would be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS is stating that these things have a place in our society, EVEN for people to quit smoking with.


  15. And yet in San Francisco the home base of Juul e vape company everyone agreed to Ban them because kids are vaping..so they prefer the nasty cigarettes instead?? So they should ban alcohol too kids get a hold of that too..so let's punish everyone because kids will be kids sometimes🤔😣

  16. 100 days for me today without cigarettes, at all, because of vaping. I’m not willing, yet, to say I’ve quit smoking, but I can say that I have stopped smoking for over 3 months now, and after smoking 1 1/2 packs a day for 35 + years, that’s a big deal to me. I only wish I’d have discovered vaping much sooner. I was able to put them down without ever picking another one up. That’s huge to me, something I thought I could never do, and just another reason why I never did. Eventually, I’d like to vape 0mg of nicotine, just for the flavor. I support the vaping community and I tell anyone that’ll listen to try vaping over cigarettes.

  17. lol just put you a period in this topic. E-cigarette, use it or not use it, its either way bad or rather unhealthy. Its helping the cigarette population(which is good!), so its intention is suppose to get rid of cigarette habit and use it as a replacement, but it isn't as BAD, so the question now is HOW bad is it?

    We can't really justify that e cigarette is GOOD for you, its obviously on the not so good side of the situation. I am just thinking, ok, cigarettes is you burn up a stick that is made of hundreds/thousands of harmful chemicals that you are inhaling inside your body which fucks up your body. E cigarette, is you are electronically using liquid, honestly dont know the process of it cuz i never done either, it just seems to obvious to me that, whether its cigarette or e cigarette, nothing GOOD comes out of it.

  18. Hello I’m from the US and I loved the video!! I work at a vape shop here and I see nothing but bad things about vaping as if no one here cares about others lives. I appreciate the video and keep up the good work!!

  19. me too! started vaping about a week or so ago, i was a half a pack smoker per day, it was getting to expensive, 9 dollars a pack is crazy! ive only had 2 cigarettes in a week and a half just to test between real cig and vape, i think vaping will win in time, ive smoked camels for 40 years , with the money i save im buying a new fishing boat, whew hew!!!

  20. I managed to quit smoking after 26 years with the help of my vape. I have now been completly smoke free for about 7 months.

  21. I started smoking in 1980 when i was 10 years old, today im 49. At most i smoked 3 pack a day.
    In 2017 my father got kidney failure and needed a transplant, i volunteered as donor. The doctors did a whole bunch of medical checks and it didn't looked good but it wasn't bad.
    The doctors asked if i smoked and i could only confirm my bad habit. About 1 month in i started vaping, time went on and after about 3-4 month the doctors asked me if i had changed anything in my life because they could see that my blood pressure, lung capacity, heart rhythm had improved by almost 30%. I told them that i stopped the cigarette and started vaping. They looked at me and said, We don't know what is happening but it work, your health is getting better so keep going.
    Today i have been vaping for 2 years and i still do my checkups and the doctors love to see that im getting healthier even if i only have one kidney.
    So MY advice to smokers around the world STOP SMOKING and START VAPING.

  22. It's abundantly obvious these people were paid to support vaping or are business owners that are going to benefit from greater sales.

  23. I have recently relapsed after 46 days of my cold turkey cigarette quit. After I went out and bought a packet of cigarettes and started smoking again I was disgusted with myself as I had quit following a bad chest infection. I had heard of e-cigarettes but had never tried them. Yesterday I went to a local vape shop and bought the necessary equipment. I am 58 and have been smoking since I was 15. Cold turkey proved too much of a challenge for me. This has provided me with real hope. Although I do hope to quit entirely eventually.

  24. January 3rd 2019 I smoked my last cigarette, walked into a vape shop and bought my Voopoo Drag 2 and some e-juice. My clothes don't smell like an ashtray any more.. I no longer wake up coughing from sinusitis drainage in my throat blocking my breathing, I've already saved at least $2,000. There are some politicians trying to tax vaping products to make up for the loss of tax revenue now. They want to punish me for quitting. I must remain their 2nd-class citizen punching bag. They need very badly to spread negativity, scare tactics and lies about vaping. Their use of the words "tobacco", "cigarette" and "smoking" while attempting to demonize vaping is most unfortunate. We need public education.

  25. I walked into a vape shop planning to buy tobacco, left the shop with a Renova ZERO, after using it for a while without smoking actual tobacco I tried to roll some tobacco and was disappointed – the feeling was not the same anymore. So I definitely fall into the category of people who just dropped smoking without planning to. And it's great! I thought I never would.

  26. What kind of accent does the lady in the red outfit have? It sounds like a mix between british english and american english

  27. Got a juul 3 days ago after 4 – 5 years of smoking starting at 1 a day to 25 a day.. I am so fucking happy I found something outside of smoking. I have had dreams about getting cancer and destroying my family. I am currently duel smoking but this pack that would last 1 day lasted 3 and I have 4 more… I am blessed and my next pack will last atleast 10 days, I swear it. Then in about a month I hope to never touch a smoke again.. I am excited to quit for once in my life and all the e cig backlash shows a big flaw in our medias perception of things..

  28. I smoke pack of cigarretes a day for 20 years, it is not too much but i get high blood presure, hearth paplations, i was almost dead. Just two weeks of usage ecig, my blood presure get normal, papations are almost gone. I feel full of energy, start to breath normal, sense of smell and taste is back. E cig, change my life completely!!!

  29. I'm so glad I'm a vaper and ex smoker living in England. Such horror stories coming out of US and Canada where vape shops are being closed down and vaping not allowed. Their governments seem to be in the pockets of the billionaire tobacco companies.

  30. Ryan Winters I hope you are able to beat the habit completely one of these days. This is a bit of reassurance, but they seem to be saying e-cigarettes are the lesser evil. Hope you are having a good week, Ryan!!

  31. The Battery chargers that are dangerous are thew ones that are not Smart Chargers, or Chargers that have AI. Yes, Artificial Intelligence. A Smart Charger will charge the Battery & when full capacity is reached it will go into an Auto Trickle Mode, so the Battery does not get overcharged & heated up to the point that it vents, & could possibly explode. The exploding Mod Problem happen when using cheap non regulated devices that have no safety features to prevent a Short & more, Many people get into Vaping not knowing anything about it & buy the cheapest starter kits just to try it out & that's the dangerous approach. Buy a Regulated Mod with safety features. Keep an Eye on your Battery outer shell raping, making sure there are no rips or torn open areas that may touch bare metal inside the Mod. most regulated Mods have a plastic protective Battery shield around each Battery or the Battery compartment is all plastic. Look for these features when buying a Mod. It's really the cheap non protected Mechanical Mods that should be banned for sale.

  32. I didn't necessarily want to quit smoking. It was simply inconvenient, dirty, and expensive. I hated going outside in -10 C or below to smoke, people around me hated the smell, and it was costing me $300 a month. I smoke from 14, picked up vaping at 34, and have been smoke free for 9 months. I love how clothes don't linger of cigarette smell, being able to vape indoors at home without having to worry about smell and ashes, and I only spend, on average, $30 a month on e-juice and coils. Health benefits are an added bonus for me. Thus, I fully believe that vaping will save so many lives of smokers, even those who do not necessarily have intentions to quit.

  33. MUCH SANITY about vaping here, COMPARED with idiots in the USA and their knee jerk reaction to what’s the real culprit, THC laced with other things that make them harmful.

  34. I'd like to hear their thoughts about the hospitalization and deaths stemming from vaping in the USA. I'm having a delima about this.

  35. I had not started vaping with juul to completely quit smoking, but I did after three days. It was just as good, if not better than tobacco smoking. I was pretty impressed, and not smelling like an ashtray was big for me. I smoked cigarettes for fifty years, and, boom, I quit. A remarkable product for quitting smoking.

  36. The government says that nicotine is the poison. The government should leave this one alone. Nicotine is a drug just like caffeine is a drug or alcohol is a drug.

  37. I do love the random people who will say how dangerous e-cigs are. Those people dont seem to realize that most of us were smoking cigs before e-cigs. Cigs being far worse for us than e-cigs. They also seem to think we are naive and think e-cigs are harmless. We know that inhaling anything that isnt air isnt healthy but what we do is better than the alternative.



  40. I do both.

  41. I have smoked cigs for 50 years. Six weeks ago i started using Vuse Alto and have stopped smoking cigs completely. As a matter of fact, it has gotten to the point that, I don't like the taste of cigs anymore. I lit one up the other day and had three puffs and put it out. It tasted horrible! I am a big supporter for e-cigarettes and smokers that need help.

  42. Those "other chemicals" that has a vape juice are Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Those are NOT really Dangerous chemicals unless if they are not regulated. It's an Irony that the worldwide web and mass media tries to destroy vaping reputation and does not promote propaganda to stop Companies from producing the real dangerous thing called "cigarette"! Nicotine do not cause cancer LOL! You can find A lot of vegetables that you unconsciously consume each day that are containing nicotine as well! People are so ignorant!

  43. The people saying how bad vaping is are probably paid by the government , why isn't there adds on tv promoting this device because it could save thousands of lives ? I'll tell you – It's because they will loose millions and millions of dollars , if you are buying a good quality juice and not the imported shit from China and the crap in the 30ml bottles with God knows what in it and Australia should come up with a plan on juices being banned with certain chemicals that don't need to be in there and are more harmful than others so Australian government…. eat a dick

  44. This a true facts all say facts and in real talk…the best thing..is start smoking first…after couple of years or decade or two.. switch to vape e ciggs…it should be like this…because smokers has develop all the strands of immunity cell or body cell keep them from dying.. so vaping will less do harmful things to a person that is actually want to kill himself with burning cigarettes and cigar.. .. but in a new lungs not exposed to smoke or tar or nicotine… and start vaping… they have also 5 % chance to develop disease cause by vaping but still body will process fight response to vapor we inhale..just like when we are starting smoking do we die after a stick or 20 packs .. definitely no. So wait after you vape thousands of ml of e juice before comprehending..to a a great risk…cause by vaping… things should evolve this vape is one evolution of smoke

  45. As long you get a good batch of e liquid.. Not like the ones that are being made in USA and people getting sick.. Because who ever mskes. Them. Do not know what they are doing..

  46. Now vaping is as bad as cigarettes. Metal coils add heavy metals to vapes and flavors are full of carcinogenic compounds, especially on menthols and cinnamon flavors.

  47. i tryed to go from cigarettes to e cigs but every time I tryed it choked me so much that i couldn't do it. im glad because now i dont smoke anything now. Smoking isn't good at all. i hope we don't wait untill its hard to breathe

  48. 7 years a vaper now, after 23 years of being a smoker. Never felt better, airways related allergies are gone. Who said vaping was bad ?? Many US states, countries and 'organisations' around the world are missing out on millions of $ since the tobaco industrie collapses as the invention of the practically harmless vaping devices took over for the good of the people. Media of course lately tries to convince people otherwise again, but we all know the true reasons for that.

  49. Follow the money 💰 vaping companies r impervious to the court ruling governing big tobacco as pertaining to the billion dollars of fines big tobacco has to pay.

    Vaping is cutting into big Tobacco’s profits without giving anything back to the government!
    And big tobacco and the government doesn’t like that so how better to suck vaping companies into their web?

    Discredit, fear and panic is what the MSM narrative is, it’s goal and endgame is to classify vaping and smoking as the same so the government can fine them just like their counterpart.

    Business as usual in Washington where the true god is 💰 and they all worship the almighty dollar over love , peace and harmony.

    But rather control with fear!

  50. Can we refer this video to all the alarmists out there. My father in law smokes about 2 packs a day, told me the 6 or so deaths (which are from black market thc) are the reason why cigarette smoking is faaaar safer. All the while he refuses to go back to the doctor due to suspicious imaging found on his lungs. This country is f**** stupid.

  51. If you get lucky enough to hit on the flavor that appeals to you, (and there are literally thousands upon thousands) I can absolutely, positively guarantee you will quit cigarettes instantly. I did. After 53 years mostly 3 packs a day. And never wanted to quit.

  52. So is it safe to vape im 13 and i want to vape but im still not sure if it might harm you in the long term but im pretty certain that its safe that’s what im hoping

  53. Y don't U guys mind your own business , world be better place if there were not people like u , changing your tune now, you should all just fuck up let people do what they want, ban cigs , y not money, it's all about money, so U guys are all fucking pricks fucking with people's lives

  54. I actually found a e – cig in its packet, brand new. Someone had got on the bus & left their $20 device at the stop. I taught il check this out. Within 1 week i was no longer smoking. 1 year later my whole family are off smokes. I smoked for 25 yrs & tried everything including been hypnotised, my parents smoked 40 years each. 3 brothers smoked 30 yrs each so about 200 yrs of smoking between us was ended in a year. Most smokes contain 11mg of nicotine so we started with 11mg juice. We cut down every few weeks, until we were at 0% nicotine. Of course there is no cravings as we are getting our nicotene fix. We are all off the e – cigs now except 1 brother who was last to take it up. We could never have done it without vape. Also, i never saw kids or young ppl vaping here in Dublin. People use them to get of smokes & enjoy the flavors..Its that simple

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