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hello everyone this is William Amzallag
welcome to our 34th episode of Jeunesse longevity TV evoke our new line of essential oil
5,000 years ago Egyptian believed in life after death they believed that they
have to preserve their bodies so they could use them in the afterlife Egyptian
paid vast amount of money to have their body properly preserved this process was
called mummification and it took about 70 day to involve a body the body was
wrapped in strand of linen and then the linen was impregnated with essential oil
as time lavender peppermint cedar rose and many others through mummification
and ensign Egyptian used to keep the body intact after death for thousands of
years where is the magic why essential oil preserve the body to be destroyed as
it is a jewel is the case when we die mainly because essential oil as it was
used by the Egyptian we’re strongly antibacterial and did not let the
process of purification taking place essential oil our compound is tracted
from plant they retained the natural smell and flavor or essence of their
sources they are not oil in a chemical sense most of them are volatile this is
why it will be more accurate to call them essence from herbs or essence from
flowers they are obtained through distillation or mechanical methods such
as cold pressing the chemicals in essential oils can
interact with your body isn’t in a numbers of way when applied to your skin
with a vegetable old-car some plant chemical are absorbed and many improve
some health challenge as inflammation infection boosting immunity or healing
scars inhaling the aromas from essential oils can stimulate area from your brain
and especially the limbic system that’s plays a role in emotion behavior and
long-term memory diffusing some special Bland’s may promote also rest for sleep
at Jeunesse we selected the hill nation pathway to begin with and we create
evoke evoke is a line of five essential oil glands with a diffuser designed to
promote a permanent balance in your body evoke is in accordance with the Genesis
system and the five element of the Chinese tradition according to Chinese
medicine good health is the end result of harmonious flow of the energy through
the five element of the body representing all our functions the
energy is circulating in two special channels called meridians and will
provide to each element the necessary level of energy by activating or
deactivating the element in Western medicine the process is called
homeostasis which is the ability to our body to restore balance despite constant
change by activating or deactivating certain genes
therefore we designed five glands according to the five element to help
our mo stasis system to maintain stability energized is a blend of
Mandarin rosemary eucalyptus and orange designed to reinforce our fire element
the power of fire is transformation this is your vital life force energy for self
esteem a balanced fire element support our healing and emotional wounds balance
is a blend of orange lemon lavender Kananga bergamot Clary sage Alang Alang
vetiver and Roman chamomile designed to reinforce our hurt element the power of
hurt is the coal for our full potential a balanced earth element support our
personal freedom and autonomy enhance is a blend of illicium verum
Amyris mir sandalwood lavender lavender cinnamon and cassia essential oils
designed to reinforce our metal element the power of metal is movement and
integration a balanced metal element support acceptance and integration of
your life experiences defend is a blend of cardamom geranium peppermint rosemary
and eucalyptus essential oil design to reinforce our water element the power of
water is to be fluid to overcome obstacle and act with integrity
a balanced water element support a strong immune system and a good sense of
physical power health and well-being clarity is a blend of spearmint
frankincense basil and lemon essential oil designed to reinforce our wood
element a balanced wood element supports you to plan organize and take decisive
action a balanced wood element support your personal freedom and autonomy which
one you should use it is entirely up to you all depend of your mood your energy
level your state of mind the season or simply your taste in terms of smelling now some safety tips essential oil are
generally safe especially the ones we select in our blends keep all essential
oil away from flames as candles or gas as they can be flammable keep out of
reach of children please consult a physician before use if you are pregnant
nursing or under a doctor care avoid contact with the eyes inner ears
and sensitive area if irritation or cure discontinue the use of the product looking young as long as possible
thinking young as long as possible feeling young as long as possible yes
you can do it with e-box my name is William Amzallag and I am
generation young see you at our next episode

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