Eat These Foods to Fight Allergies

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Eat These Foods to Fight Allergies. The weather has finally made a turn for the
gorgeous, but the threat of itchy eyes and sniffles is enough to keep you holed up inside
until the first hint of snow. Add these delicious foods to your allergy
treatment plan and start enjoying life (outdoors) again. BLUEBERRIES. When you get a whiff of an allergen like pollen,
your immune system releases histamines — inflammatory compounds that trigger allergic reactions
such as itching or swelling. (Your body thinks it’s protecting you from
a pathogen.) Blueberries contain the antioxidant quercetin,
which findings suggest could block histamines and help keep symptoms at bay. YOGURT. Yep, yogurt is the notoriously healthy food
that keeps on giving. A recent review of some 20 studies found that
probiotics — something yogurt has plenty of (look for “active cultures” on the label)
— were linked to improvements in common allergy symptoms like sneezing. The beneficial bacteria have the potential
to keep toxins and bad bacteria from entering the bloodstream by protecting the lining of
the gut. This could bolster your immune system so that
it’s less likely to turn on the waterworks when allergens strike. TOMATO SAUCE. No need to order that pasta dish with a side
of guilt. Tomato sauce is a concentrated source of antioxidants
like vitamin A, which, when found in food, could encourage the release of cells that
help prevent allergic responses, research shows. Plus, it turns out that many raw veggies contain
small amounts of pollen — even after you wash them — that can trigger symptoms. But you’re safe with tomato sauce, as pollen
is nixed during the cooking process. ALBACORE TUNA. Here’s reason number 1,361 to eat more fish:
The fatty variety is linked to lower rates of allergies and their cousin condition, asthma. The omega-3 fatty acids in tuna are thought
to play a role in pumping out compounds that fight inflammation and could lessen the severity
of symptoms. Since it’s wise to reduce your exposure to
mercury, incorporate low-mercury fish like salmon or light tuna into your meal plan too.

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