Eating Safely with Food Allergies – Food Allergy Canada Teen Video Series

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Okay guys we’re here, it looks like everybody’s here. Thank you hun. Alright, everyone ready to go? Okay, what’s the matter Sean? Nothing Sean what is it? It’s just we come to these things, nobody understands my allergy, I can’t eat any of the food. You know, I understand, you know what, I already called ahead, I spoke to everybody, so I think we should be okay today. Hi everybody we’re here – hi, Hey how’s it going. Hi Sean how are you? I’m good, how are you? I’m okay, I made a nice cake for you, want some? Oh it looks really nice. Look at that, it’s a carrot cake. Does that have any egg in it grandma? Just a little bit, have some. Oh, I can’t have it then grandma… …because of my allergy. Oh I’m sorry. You know I feel bad because… …grandma is really a good cook and I love her and everything but… …if she puts eggs in her baking, I can’t eat it because of my allergy. She just doesn’t really understand that and… …then I feel really bad when I have to say no. Ready, set, go! Okay guys, lunch is ready, come and get it. Hey! what’s the matter with Sean? I’m so frustrated. Every time we come to these parties. We call ahead, we talk to everybody, we
say I’ve got the egg allergy. We’ve got to take precautions. And we come here
and Uncle Dave uses the same spoon… …for the potato salad, the rice. He mixed everything together, and I can’t eat anything. It’s very very frustrating. Sean what’s the matter? Uncle Dave cross-contaminated food, again. Alright, I’m sorry I didn’t see that. Okay it’s alright. You know what, it’s not the end of the world. We can work something out. Go back into the kitchen, I’m sure there’s something
in the fridge we can grab. There’s some fresh veggies and stuff. Situations like this will most likely happen again unfortunately. I guess just in the future I should bring my own snacks. If this happens again, it won’t be an issue, I
will be prepared and I can deal with it. Many of us are lucky enough to have
supporting family and a group of friends… …who understand our allergies. But that’s not always the case. A lot of people don’t deal with allergies every day. So it’s important to educate them about your allergies
and how to stay safe, especially when you’re going out to a party or event. You don’t want to scare them, but you want
them to understand that your allergies are serious… …and there are things they can do to help. Making ingredient lists available for the food being served, and how they can avoid cross-contamination. Also remember what you need to do. Call ahead to let the host know about your
allergies and ask what food will be served. Bring your own food if you’re not sure
there would be safe options for you. As always, carry your auto-injector with you at all times. It’s easy to get frustrated when people don’t understand your allergies. But helping to educate them and making them aware of what
they can do to help will make a big difference.

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