Eczema Bath & Skin Moisturizing Tutorial: Salt, Bleach, Robathol Oil | Ep.219

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oh hey what’s up Jeffrey Lin! welcome
back to my channel where I’m documenting my journey with three chronic illnesses
Eczema, asthma, and allergies. Today we’re going
to talk about the proper way for bathing with eczema so that you get enough
moisture so that you wash off all the bacteria and the viruses and the birds
and the chemicals on your skin and so that when you get into the bath it
doesn’t irritate your skin and it’s actually very therapeutic so I’m going
to show you my secret sauce for doing that and actually for ten years I
couldn’t even touch water my sex appeal is so severe that even a drop of water
like from rain or even brushing my teeth the water was like acid and it’ll just
cause inflammation and swelling and leaking on my skin instantly but with
what I’m about to show you in this video you know I was able to get in the bath
and start cleaning myself and helping my skin heal so roll the intro and I’ll see
you guys on the other side as I’m sure you know bathing is a crucial part of
skin care for those of us with eczema and just anybody with dry skin in
general and it’s not just moisturizing the skin but that is the most important
part bathing allows you to clean your wounds
and for those of us with full body eczema whether if it’s the dry eczema or
the wet eczema which I’ve had both you have wounds covering head to toe and you
have to clean those wounds to get the bacteria and the viruses in the Derk and
even the the dead skin off and dust mites off of your skin so that it
doesn’t professor it doesn’t irritate the skin even more and of course sweat
can irritate the skin too for a good part of my life growing up I couldn’t
even sweat because my skin was so damaged but eventually got a little bit
better when I did sweat it would just cause
flare-ups and the skin to get even worse so when your skin is dry it’s not just
because it’s lacking oil your skin is actually damaged and you can’t hold on
to the moisture that it needs wind low humidity
low temperatures and too much washing or certain soaps can make the skin dry and
irritate the skin even more but just for those of us with eczema the constant
inflammation if you have triggers from other things it’s going to damage the
skin and the skin can hold on to the moisture because there’s cracks in it
and actually if you have severe eczema you should be drinking a lot more water
just to hydrate yourself from the inside as well the best way to help the skin
get the moisture that it needs back is the soak and seal method which is just
soaking in about alternative we can do it in the shower
but that’s not as effective he really should be soaking the bath then you seal
it with a layer of oil which I’ll talk about and then you seal it with other
medications that you’re supposed to use topical ointments and the last step of
sealing is using creams like VaniCream so the first step is take a bath instead
of a shower and use lukewarm water because hot water does irritate the skin
and also because eczema you’re already having inflammation under the skin so
any so you’re already burning up any heat from hot water that you add to your
body is just gonna make things worse internally and on your skin and I
usually soak for at least 40 minutes just to make sure the water is getting
into the skin our skin is so damaged from eczema that the skin doesn’t take
in the water and does I’ll hold it all that well so you just got to make sure
and give it more time and sometimes I would take 2 baths a day
if I need to if the skin got dry again I will just take another bath the first
thing I add to the bath is a cup of table salt there’s a misconception that
salt would irritate the skin more because when you pour salt on a wound
directly it will hurt it a lot but actually putting salt in water would
make the water software on your skin it’ll feel more silky smooth and it’ll
just be that much easier to tolerate the water instead of directly getting into
the water that’s why my skin was getting so irritated and so painful to go in the
waters because I wasn’t adding enough salt the next thing I add to the bath
water is a quarter of a cup or a half a cup of bleach the bleach actually helps
kill the bacteria and the viruses on your skin and if you don’t add too much
bleach into the bath water again just a quarter of a cup to a half a cup in the
standard sized bathtub it won’t be damaging to your health and it will just
be therapeutic in killing off the bacteria and viruses on your skin so you
don’t have to take as much or any antibiotics if you’re having infections
on your skin like I did when I was cresting and yellow and leaking but
remember avoid the face when you have bleach in the water because this face
skin is more sensitive and only use bleach two to three times a week if you
use bleach more than two to three times a week it will start a damage your skin
and finally if even at the lower levels of bleach like a quarter of the cup your
skin still gets irritated you can try vinegar vinegar also has that
disinfectant properties of a lot of you I’m sure know about using vinegar to
clean your humidifier or other things in your house so you can add one cup or
even one pint of the in your bathwater and that would be a
more natural way of disinfecting your skin while you’re in the bath and
finally we have my secret sauce RoBathol oil it’s a natural cottonseed oil without any
dyes or fragrances and adding oil into the bath can help seal the moisture in
the skin while you’re getting out of the bath water because our skin is cracked
as I mentioned so as soon as you start getting out of the water and start
putting out creams at least for me I could never put on the creams and seal
my skin fast enough because my skin was so damaged that it would just start
evaporating and by the time I got all the creams on my skin was drying and
they’re already damaged but being able to stick to the skin better is one of
the benefits of using robot oil versus some of the other ones that you normally
see some of the benefits of RoBathol oil oil are it doesn’t have dyes it doesn’t
have fragrances it doesn’t have lanolin it doesn’t have parabens it doesn’t have
formaldehyde and it doesn’t have any mineral oil and it’s gluten free you can
actually use this in the shower as well or in the bathtub if you’re using a
sponge bath which I had to do for a while you can use robe with all oil too
and it disperses very well in water so you’ll really get into the water and
help to protect your skin so there are only two things that you want to be
careful with when using RoBathol try not to get any in the eyes because
it does burn when it dries in the tub it does get sticky so just gotta clean it
better where you go rinse it a couple times but it is definitely definitely
worth it to go through some extra trouble and make sure your skin is
feeling great in the bath and after the bath Bath’s are the best because you’re
completely submerged in water so every part of your skin is constantly getting
a moisture that it needs it’s just drinking up the water whereas
if you’re taking a shower the shower head is I’m gonna get water to every
part of your body but it’s either at the back or the front or the side however
you turn so if your skin is really damaged the side that’s not getting the
water is gonna dry up even when you’re in the shower and the shower water is
just running over your skin so it doesn’t give damaged skin enough time to
suck and get all the water that I need so soaking is the most effective way we
can have very severe eczema and your skin’s really damaged if you just have
dry skin or it’s not that bad and in showering words for you great after
bathing you want to pat your skin dry so that there’s no rubbing of the towel to
damage your already very sensitive skin and you don’t want to Pat it to you dry
because you want to have enough moisture for the creams to seal in one trick that
I do is I don’t get out of the tub all at once I do with body part by body part
so that I can dry it and seal it quickly enough because my skin is so damaged and
my eczema is so severe within seconds my skin is going to get dried up if I don’t
put all my topical ointments and sealed it with creams like syrupy so I need to
do it super fast if I take my full body out of the water then I have to try to
put the creams on and the ointments on my full body within like 30 seconds or
less or my skin is going to start cracking and they’re gonna start itching
and I’m gonna start flaring so doing a body part by body part just gives me a
lot more time like I can sit here and put only mints on my arms kicked slowly
and seal it without trying to rush and then I could work on my upper body and
then I could slowly get out and keep my legs in the water and get my upper torso
all done then I would go on and work on each leg at a time alright guys that’s
it nice and clean and silky smooth next time I’ll talk about how to do an eczema
shower if you really can’t get into a bathtub but really the bath is the best
option so remember to subscribe and if you have questions or comments about the
Salt, Bleach, RoBathol baths I just showed you here you can leave it in the
comments below if you’d rather keep it private you can also hit me up on
Instagram @jeffreylinla or on Facebook the links are in the
description below that’s it guys see ya

21 thoughts on “Eczema Bath & Skin Moisturizing Tutorial: Salt, Bleach, Robathol Oil | Ep.219

  1. Thanks Jeffrey. In all of our many visits to the dermatologist, this was never recommended to us. They're still giving the advice that we were given in the 1970's. I am happy to pass on some new information to my son.

  2. This video is awesome, Jeffrey! Looking into Robathol Oil now. That’s so smart. Makes sense that it seals everything right in. My skin barrier is so compromised too that within seconds it’s completely dry. So I don’t even use a towel but instead a paper towel haha! And then I make sure to have my oil right next to the tub and moisturize while still in the tub, after the water has drained. But good tip of staying in the water!

  3. I need a tub like that!!! Have you had any nerve pain from your eczema? My legs and feet are hurting so bad lately. I will get my injection next week hopefully!! Hope you’re hanging in there my friend🤗

  4. You've mentioned bleach baths before, but I didn't know what it involved. Glad you found something that works to hydrate your skin.

  5. Have you tried the carnivore diet and heard of the Petersons success with it? Maybe even the channel Rob Stuart? My skin has gone completely flake free since eating keto to carnivore. Now it's just discolored patches that are smooth to the touch, getting better day by day (only one month pure carnivore too.) My eye, on the other hand, is completely swelled shut from allergies… I know it may sound out there but there are tons of people finding success in relieving autoimmune issues with this way of eating. Here's a ton of testimonials on skin specifically:

  6. Hi Jeff, thanks for your video and advice. I have eczema that mainly affects my face; do you also submerge your face during the bleach bath? Or how would you otherwise get the bathwater in your face?

  7. Hi Jeffy,
    Thanks for a great video. I suffers from a very severe similar condition. However, Robathol is not available in my country. Do you have any other suggestion? P.s. My skin felt great in sea water on holiday but unfortunately I live in a land lock place. Thanks.

  8. Thank you! Success with the challenges of your condition makes for a great testimonial. Do you realize that cotton agriculture uses many terribly toxic chemicals? Also, I use sea salt because it is much friendlier to your body and contains minerals to feed your skin. Have you tried a combination of organic oils, instead of cottonseed oil. There are many that help feed and coat the skin, such as coconut, almond, castor and grapeseed oils?

  9. Hi Jeffrey. Thank you for making this video and your other videos. I have been struggling with food and environmental allergies and eczema for at least 32 years. The hardest part of my day tends to be taking a shower. My eczema has recently gotten worse (maybe it’s the summer heat) so my skin is persistently extremely dry, cracked, scaly, thin, sensitive, and severely itchy. So when I need to shower I get very anxious, pretty much daily. I usually take a moment to build up the courage to do it and power through, but sometimes it’s just too much. So I am looking for ways to make it more tolerable and easier. I just tried using the salt in the water and it seems to work on not stinging when I use the water. However, I need to do something about the soap. Now the that the water doesn’t sting I noticed that applying the soap does. I am using a Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Soap bar which is supposed to be for dry sensitive skin. But it’s not working for me. Also, I don’t have a bath tub at home so I am not able to take baths at the moment but I am planning to move to another home in the future so a bath tub will definitely be a requirement.

  10. 1. the maximum time you should be in tub with bleech is 10 minutes.
    2. those topical creams in a long run will hurt you even more. i cant trust them
    3. dont you have to rinse after bleech bath?

  11. How long can I stay in the tub with vinegar? Same 40 min as with bleach? Do you reccomend Apple Cider Vinegar over white vinegar? How about how many days a week? Still 2-3?

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  13. This particular skin rashes guideline “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it) is completely brilliant, it healed my eczema on my hands within Only two days. These earlier weeks I have this particular sickness and also recently been employing medicated anabolic steroid creams nevertheless have not alleviated the thing that is disturbing me right until I used this guidebook. I am feeling considerably better today. .

  14. What's the best moisturizer / lotion? I was thinking about purchasing Vanicream, but it contains BHT, which might be an endocrine disruptor. It is not supposed to get into the blood stream, but stuff penetrates my skin pretty easily, it seems.

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