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Hello, I’m Alana I like to dance, I like to do gymnastics Alana has always been this wee dynamo She loves being around people and is full of energy I really love karate Hi-ya! Growing up, Alana had eczema Lots of people have it, they treat it and go on living their life But in 2014 Alana’s eczema took a dramatic turn for the worse She woke up one day and her whole body was red Some parts looked like she had been scolded with boiling water It is a lot more serious than most people think It was eczema Alana’s eczema was so severe she was admitted to hospital I was just like really itchy and I couldn’t stop I felt like there wasn’t any skin on my arm It’s horrible, people should never have to experience that in their life that their child is in so much discomfort they are pleading with you to stop the pain She became quite self conscious It’s not just the skin that is affected, it’s her self confidence My eczema did make me cry I just wanted skin like other people It is heartbreaking you want to take the pain away But you just can’t With Alana’s skin condition being so extreme Her family were introduced to Eczema Outreach Support A Children in Need supported charity to help children with eczema Who help families living with eczema It’s quite hard to understate the importance of EOS And the impact they have had on our family You can meet other parents who understand our fears Today we will think about how our eczema makes us feel I’m going to draw a jaggy hedgehog I’m not the only one that has eczema, there are other children that have it too It’s not only me! It made me feel happy and excited She has her confidence back, she did a talk at school about eczema I got a certificate for standing up and telling people about my eczema And telling them it’s not catch-able If I touch you It is like seeing Alana as Alana At the moment Alana’s eczema Is under control, she still has the occasional flare up The difference now is we know what to do I can pick up the phone and contact someone who can provide that support If we hadn’t become part of EOS I really don’t know where we would be

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