100 thoughts on “Eczema Treatment with Coconut Oil, Mineral Oil, vs. Vaseline

  1. I have eczema desidrotica. It means that first i form blasters mostly in the feet and hands. That the skin dries out. The blasters are very painful

  2. Obnoxious, stupid, and dense, as usual. No I'm not going to put toxic vasline anywhere near my body. But I do use a product that contains licorice and st. john's wort, which were breifly mentioned before Dr. Gregor got into trolling us with endless penile injection studies.

  3. Hi NutritionFacts,
    thank you for another great video!
    It would be so nice if you could cover Psoriasis with a video. One interesting paper is from Barbara Newborg, MD: "Disappearance of Psoriatic Lesions on the Rice Diet"
    I am sure many people would be interested in the science about Psoriasis.
    Best of health to you.

  4. Dr Greger and team thanks for do this helpful videos about DA. I have try coconut oil before and it scratch me then I got some acne in the same zone that I have my DA 🙄 ( my DA never goes). So I don’t understand. But I have never try coconut oil bean vegan, so I’m doing again 🙃. Btw I got a feeling between DA and liver because when I drink a carrot 🥕 juice I just I can’t ( I just want to throw up 🤢 but I can eat it.

  5. I vote NO on petroleum jelly…..coconut oil is much easier to wash out of clothing. Guess it's drinking oolong tea 4xs day and adding drops of B12 and/or St. John's Wort tincture to coconut oil for our next home treatment.

  6. i watched this video with the sound off initially, my headphones weren't working
    wtf…zippers, swollen red, i can hear greger's voice … until now!

  7. Any research on Rosacea and its treatments?  I'm on Doxycycline right now, but am leery of the effects on my microbiotia for the long term use of it.

  8. this was painful to listen to at times, but if just one careless young boy's penis is spared, then i guess it was worth the discomfort. made me wonder if i didn't have a brush with death by zipper as a careless young boy?

    is it weird that injecting substances into my penis has never crossed my mind? ugh. tmi, dr. what was this vid about again?

  9. Or you can heal your eczema with a firm attitude toward it. Facing the issue, reinforcing your boundaries, after all it's your skin, not its ! You just need to decide you don't want it, tell it, and keep this attitude firmly !!!
    A few minutes a day for a few days, and it will be gone !

  10. Can you eat dates when you’re a food addict? Can you make sweets and baked goods out of plant foods when you’re a food addict? Or does it make you crave junk foods and make you fall back into addiction? And people that helps food addicts often talks about paleo and LCHF as a great diet to break free from food addiction/sugar addiction/junk food addiction and that you should be careful of even the healthy carbs. So that means that I can't get healthy because I'm vegan and eat potatoes and rice? 😛 And what about flour? Is it as bad as sugar? I don’t feel that I crave flour the same as sugary/fatty junk food. I don’t feel that I can eat pasta or bread instead of for example candy and pizza with vegan cheese on it.

  11. The only thing that helped me was ice packs to relieve itching and reduce inflammation. When the rash wasn't weepy anymore shea butter was slightly helpful. Most topical applications would sting my skin even soap. The only soap I found that didn't sting is an Olive Oil Soap. Ultimately it was figuring out what was the cause that got rid of it and that was a food allergy to certain nuts and seeds.

  12. I think dr. Greger just needs to stick to the nutrition facts and forgo the comedy show routine. This was like that terrible time you guys did those videos were Dr Gregor's head would pop up on the screen. LOL. Such a bad scene.

    You guys have a winning recipe. I would suggest that you stop trying to innovate and make it better. It's perfect just as it is.

  13. The penis stuff, while extremely hilarious, was just way too distracting. I have eczema and I was trying to figure out what would work and at the end I had to actually rewind the video to figure out what he recommended cuz all I could think about was, "why is dr. Greger so obsessed with penis injections, I thought this was a video about eczema"!

  14. Too much of a side trip into injecting things into penises. The title should have been "What not to inject into your penis." Seriously though, make another video about penis problems and stay on task for the subject of this video.

  15. Moral of the story: avoid injecting your penis with things simply because the back of your legs are red and swollen.

    Best Vid Ever. 😁

  16. Could you make a video about what helps with acne? Other than a whole foods plant based diet – that one didn't really do it for me in terms of clear skin.

  17. Seriously, Dr. G? Just give us good info without being salacious. All the penile info was completely irrelevant to eczema.

  18. Great video, thank you and LOL at all the penis studies you seemed to keep stumbling across during your research!! As a seasoned eczema sufferer, I completely agree with your findings, the vaseline/emollient data mirrors my own experience (minus the penis enlargement) despite many "miracle creams" being shoved at me by various vendors including some containing lanolin (what the heck! I'm allergic!!), none actually does much, so I've always stuck to decent emollients and steroid creams. I know steroid creams may not be ideal when it comes to side effects, but sometimes you've just got to scratch that itch, if you'll pardon the pun! My own skin is much better since quitting dairy, and these days I often use coconut oil as a moisturiser on my skin, but it's not a great barrier because it just isn't as thick as vaseline or mineral oil based products which is a shame. It gets absorbed or rubbed off way too fast to be useful for severely cracked, dry skin. Although fortunately, this isn't something I have to deal with much anymore. Very interesting to hear about licorice root cream! I'll look forward to trying that one.
    An interesting side note is that I find coconut oil heals dyshidrotic eczema extremely effectively, on a par, if not better than my prescription steroid antibiotic cream which was previously the only effective treatment.

  19. That was a great video. Lol but why all the talk on penises! I think ill give the coconut oil a try as I get bad eczema in the winter.

  20. Coconut oil never worked for me. In fact, it dries out my skin. Maybe because what I have is more than just eczema. I’ve been going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal for 19 months and my skin has been so tricky. Things that worked in the past doesn’t work for me now.

  21. I've been able to finally control my eczema by first applying some apple cider vinegar (1p acv, 1p water) and then following it up with coconut oil. Works much better than the steroid cream I've used for years! Coconut oil alone didn't help much though…

  22. Dr Greger please can you look into the medical literature for a plant based substance that I can safely inject into my penis and is clinically proven to reverse heart disease 😂😂😂

  23. All the penis humor had me laughing out loud, but now I really would feel uncomfortable about sending a link to this video to a female friend/coworker who suffers from eczema. So it sort of limits the ability to raise the awareness levels of people other than your closest friends by forwarding this type of information to them. And that is sad.

  24. I don't even understand what the point of talking about penises in this video is. Seems very gimmicky.
    I am also not a fan of petroleum jelly.
    As someone, who's now in my mid 30s and has suffered from severe eczema my whole life, I can tell you this: Eczema symptoms are HIGHLY influenced by what you put on and in your body. Change your diet to take away highly inflammatory food (I gave up gluten 14 years ago due to this) get rid of all of the body care products that are full of garbage ingredients that will irritate the skin.
    To make a long story short, I went from head to toe eczema, with large cracks going down the palms of my hands (where I couldn't even close my hands or bend my fingers) to now only having two affected fingers. My eczema these days is generally mild and manageable. I've made huge changes in my lifestyle, diet, products I use on my skin. I have been tested for all kinds of allergies and rare diseases like Porphyria (which I did not seem to show diagnostic markers of.) I've seen more dermatologists and allergists than I can count, who eventually ran out of treatment options for me. In the last few years I've had my genes tested and developed a vitamin/supplement plan with Functional Medicine Practitioner.
    All of the steroid creams, oral medications, injections, barrier creams and whatever else in the world will NOT balance out the symptoms you're having if you don't start treating the triggers that are causing the problems. You also pay a huge price in the side effects caused by these drugs. You will also build up a tolerance to them and need to use more and more over time.
    If I had been treating the triggers instead of the symptoms, I don't think I'd even be dealing with eczema that I have these days. Thirty some odd years of steroid creams have left the skin on my hands thin and highly sensitive. I now wear fingerless gloves when I leave the house and powder free vinyl (the only material that won't irritate my skin, since I'm sensitive to rubber accelerant chemicals) when doing anything around the house that involves getting my hands dirty.
    Good luck to everyone, eczema can be an emotionally draining, painful condition to deal with.

  25. From my personal experience, eating spicy food (peppers), and also dry and hot weather make eczema worse, while eating just boiled Zucchinis with plain bread, not only heal eczema but a ton of other diseases including stomach.

  26. vaseline is greasy. Coconut oil is anti microbial..
    I made a nice moisturizer starting by soaking flax seeds in water and seperating the gel. I then whipped the gel with coconut oil until it made a thick cream.
    It is pretty good to put on skin or hair or fruit.

  27. I came here for help with eczema but I stayed for the penis info although I don't have one. Great job very informative.

  28. here's a few suggestions worth trying
    eat more fruit and vegatables.
    Have more liquids
    eliminate smoking.
    cut down the amount of stress in your life.
    (I discovered these and why they work on Takiras Magic Method site )

  29. Very good video …i'm a doctor and i'm fed up with youtube vids of "home remedies" with no actual evidence … this video is full of supportive papers and scientific evidence . Thank you

  30. google translation——Aug.1st,2018
    I had eczema on July 7, 2018, now every day, the health of the skin is improving. My mother has a history of allergic diseases (allergic rhinitis), I guess I may have genetic defects in this area, perhaps related to gene defects related to filaggrin. I have been vegetarian for 4 years. When I learned that I had eczema, I tried to explore the shortcomings I might have done. So I lowered my bath water temperature from 42 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius and took a bath as quickly as possible. Apply Vaseline (as the video says Vaseline for the treatment of eczema)I take a photo every week and observe the skin changes, so fast

    我2018年7月7日得的湿疹,现在每个礼拜皮肤的健康都在发生天翻地覆地改善。我妈有过敏疾病史(过敏性鼻炎),我猜我或许有此方面遗传缺陷,或许与聚丝蛋白相关的基因缺陷有关。 我已经素食了4年,当我得知我得了湿疹后,试图探索我可能做的不足之处,于是我调低了我的洗澡水温度从42摄氏度至39摄氏度,尽可能地快速洗澡,并涂上凡士林(正如此视频所说凡士林对于治疗湿疹的作用)我每周拍一张照片,观察皮肤变化,是如此的神速

  31. My 8 months son had eczema on his face, neck and upper chest. After trying various medications prescribed by our doctor my son had eczema still. This is when I decided to look for an alternative and bought tried this methods. After only a few days his skin started looking better and after 10 days he had no sign of eczema anymore,  If you want to cure your eczema permanently, you really have to check this out, click here :  https://tinyurl.com/eczemafreeyou2018

  32. More than half the video was about non sense topics like injecting such stuff in a male's genitals. Hilarious sure, but useless

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  37. Great treatment for eczema: MootSkin.xyz

    I just discovered your channel last week and let me just say you are so encouraging!! I had eczema as a child but it went away and came back maybe 3 years ago (I'm 23 now). After having a terrible outbreak on my hand a few months ago that will just NOT go away, I'm determined to heal my eczema for good. I already see a difference, even the acne on my face is finally clearing up. Thank you for being a positive and encouraging source for me in this journey. 🙂

  38. Very few reddish patches could be found inside my elbows and also thighs. It is already been with me for nearly all of my entire life. The 1st few days, it was a little flaky. The inflammation are generally gone after trying this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). Subsequently after the 4th time of sticking with the guide, I discovered the flakiness to be disappeared as well as the afflicted part are now relieved. .

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