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(sniffles and coughs) – Are you stuffed up? – Yes. – What do you think it is? Cold, seasonal allergies? – It’s the cat you adopted even though I told you I was allergic. – Well this is the first
time I’m hearing about this. – You sent me a picture of
you with him at the pet store. I said, “Please don’t bring a cat home, “I’m extremely allergic.” You said, “How can you
be allergic to cuteness?” I said, “I’m not allergic to cuteness. “I’m allergic to cat dander. “It makes my eyes swell
and my throat close.” And you responded, “LOL dander”, and brought him home anyway. – Dander, it sounds like a Pokemon. – It makes my throat close! Okay, I know that you’re
attached to the cat. But, I can’t live with him. So, we need to make a tough decision. – Oh my God. – Okay. – You’re moving out? – What? Me? No, we’re giving the cat away. – Oh! No. Sorry, we are not kicking
my baby out onto the street. – But you’ll kick me out? – You can provide for yourself. I mean what kind of a job
is the cat going to get? And don’t say deli cat, ’cause
they don’t even get paid. – The cat’s not going to the street. – Or, a deli. – Or, a deli. – Thank you. – I called my friend David, and he said that he could help us. – Oh, okay. That’s good. So he’s letting you stay with him? – Oh my God, no. We’re giving the cat to him. He’s adopting the cat. – Merv, we took on a responsibility, and we need to see it through until he’s 17 and runs
into the woods to die. – I didn’t take on anything. I told you I was allergic to cats. I said, “You can bring home a dog. “You can bring home a ferret. “You can bring home a
friggin’ rat, I don’t care.” I just didn’t want a cat. – Look, this animal chose me. I mean, he bit me when
I walked past his cage. If that isn’t a sign– – It’s a sign that’s he’s a jerk! Okay fine, I give up. We’ll just all live together. I’ll never breathe through my nose again. We can get my eyelids
drained every few days. And if I go into shock,
you can be the one, who stabs me with the adrenaline needle. – Okay great. I think we reached like
a little compromise. – We did. – You know, even though the cat and you have had some differences, I mean, two guys under one roof, competin’ to be the alpha. – Holy fuck. – But you’ve gotta admit, he is so cute. – I can’t see him! – Hey guys, thanks for watching. Tune in every week as
Hot Date gets hotter. Nope, nope, nope. Please stop at the shirt. Stop at the shirt. Oh, okay.

100 thoughts on “Either the Cat Goes or I Do | HOT DATE

  1. Future cat lady. She will have 52 cats her place will smell of feces urine and cat spray. She will live next to or with a future bag lady. Bag ladies used to love to shop until credit card companies put up wanted posters with their mug shots for not paying.

  2. Guys only pretty girls. That's so weird, I wonder why ? Could it be because you're not pretty and a selfish uncaring psycho ?
    You're right.
    It's because he's a jerk.

  3. I used to be allergic to cats until I had to start living with one (my choice). I got used to it. Whatever her name is….dump him.
    I'm sure you can do better.

  4. Why is there even a discussion after she brought home the cat and playing dumb. If it's ok for the cats dandruff to slowly poison him and whittle away at his life, then it's also ok for him to secretly and slowly introduce undetectable amounts of glass shards in the cats food until GI bleed takes care of it. How's that for compromise?

  5. Wait… is it coimcidental that I got an ad for captain morgans loco nut, and this episode is sponsored by captain morgans loco nut, or is that done on purpose?

  6. The amount of views this show gets averagely (around 700k recently) comapared to the other videos on this channel (at least a millilon usually) should be enough of an indicator of this shows quality.

  7. Congrats on getting this produced as a show! You guys have killer comedian chemistry as well as actual chemistry, I think it's gonna be something special.

  8. Cat people are snowflake liberal extremists and loners who have no real life experiences outside of a classroom and sheltered environment. They kill people for a living and force idealisms they don't believe on everyone around them… They also sit under bridges and collect tolls… Scum.

  9. My two cats are the women in my life. I don't know why humans think they are superior to other animals. Cats don't stop me from being successful, they don't provide drama, and they don't judge me out loud. There are some moments where they stare at me if they think I am being weird, but that's it.

  10. some fact about the number of stray pets

    Don't do it. Unless you can go all the way. All the way is more than 1 week at xmas. You leave any pet, you are a bad person for having it in the first place. Don't be a bad person. No they won't fend for themselves on the street.

  11. Once, I was allergic to my boyfriends cat. I told him either the cat goes or I go. He said you go and I gave up and stayed dating him. Then, one day I coughed like a litre of mucus onto him and he gave the cat up…

    Then I broke up with him a text saying, Sorry it wasn't the cat I was allergic to, it was asshole

  12. I feel so sad that there are people who would give up their significant other/family or some one close to them for an animal they just met without a second thought

  13. Thought I hated cats. But I realised that I hate cat-loving morons like Emily in this vid even more.
    Purge them all.

  14. Theres a difference between giving up your pet of years to be with someone, thats a dick move. But to knowingly get an animal you know your partner is severely allergic to is disrespectful, selfish, and utterly ignorant.

  15. i have asthma and am allergic to cats and i love them i have 1 used to have 2 but 1 died

  16. I could understand choosing the animal if you had the animal before you met the person you're dating, but if you're dating someone and they tell you they're allergic to an animal and you bring it home anyway… that's messed up.

  17. I think if you have a pet before you meet your partner, the pet comes first. But if your partner is allergic and you get an animal that they're allergic too that's fucked up

  18. Honestly at a moment like that, it's probably better to just breakup with the chick cause if she's just going to knowingly have animal your allergic to and choose to let it stay instead of just giving it away despite the severity of your allergy, she's probably not the right person to be with

  19. lmao this happened with me. my boyfriend brought a cat from the street and he forgot i was allergic and immediately put it back out

  20. "Bring home a friggin' rat." Heh, feels like Murph accidentally predicted his character in the Unsleeping City.

  21. Considering the Unsleeping City, this is hilarious. Emily was "chosen" by the cat, and Murph was like, "You could've brought home anything. Any other animal – a dog, a ferret, a rat – would've been fine." 😂

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