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Welcome to Cinema Summary, ladies and gentlemen.
And today we’ll be looking at Eli, a movie about a very sickly boy getting cured except
not everything is not as it seems. and just so you know: I’ll be going through the story
of the film first before explaining and clarifying a few things, so put on your hazmat suits
and take your medication because this is the story of ELI (2019) Eli Miller, is the son of Christians Rose and Paul Miller, and he’s a very, sickly boy
with a really bad autoimmune disease that will burn his skin off if he takes off his hazmat
suit and this condition has cost the Miller’s a lot of money and they are currently on their
way to get Eli treated by Dr. Horn, an immunologist whose seen plenty of patients like Eli and
seems to be trusted by Paul and Rose. Mind you Eli’s going to be treated inside this
big spooky house where he can thankfully take off his hazmat suit in peace. But he’s a
little skeptical of Dr. Horn and tries to get used to the spooky house where he will
be sleeping separate from his parents. However things become spooky as the night
he arrives, Eli is visited a ghost which blows on his window although it could just be an
hallucination at least according to Dr. Horn who gives him his first treatment: this viral
gene therapy that will cure his malfunctioning genes over the course of 3 treatments though
its as he’s in the Operating Room that things feel off like this nurse who takes his photo
suddenly or this ghost child that he sees in the reflection of a chair. After waking up
from the anesthesia, he hears someone throwing rocks at his window and sees that it’s a
girl. Who he goes down to meet in this living room Meet Haley, an energetic, sorta weird – quirky- but certainly friendly redhead who much like Eli
is into magic tricks and sleight of hand able to set things on fire with her
mind at least according to her but more than that she’s also rather important as she tells Eli that the house he’s in
is weird and that Dr. Horn doesn’t seem to like her a lot. From here on out,
there is a very clear supernatural presence throughout the house that much like
any horror film is only witnessed by a singular person, in this case Eli who is harassed by
the spirits of children and no matter how much Eli insists that he’s haunted by ghosts:
his parents don’t believe him and neither does Dr. Horn who is insistent that it’s
just the medication that’s causing Eli to hallucinate. It’s rather suspicious and it’s also a lie
since another ghost outright tells Eli (by writing on glass) about said “LIE”
or at least about a “LIE”. This only gets more suspicious as after the second treatment, Eli begins to feel worse
and look worse which only gets worse as yet another ghost comes and harasses him, this
time carving the words LIE again and again on the surface of Eli’s closet which Eli’s
parents and Dr. Horn think was his fault and when Eli again tries to explains that
it was the ghosts, Dr. Horn tells Eli none of her other patients ever experienced paranormal
activity or saw any ghosts. But that night, Eli talks to Haley once more who
talks about a previous patient by the name of Perry who was being treated much like Eli is and who said he had seen ghosts and who Haley never
saw again after getting his third treatment and it’s after this, Eli gets dragged to the decontamination chamber by the ghosts, gets found by Dr. Horn who
Eli calls a liar and mentions knowing about Perry much to Dr. Horn’s horror before blacking
out and waking up at his bed where his mom gives him some diazepam and a pep talk though
during this talk he realizes the ghostly children were trying to tell him a code, a password
to something: 317. The word LIE upside down. and that night he goes to the medical wing, using
317 as the access code, and finds files of the previous kids: Perry, Agnes, and Lucius
and discovers that they died due to Dr. Horn’s treatments. Meanwhile, Rose and Paul get into
a fight with each other about Dr. Horn’s methods and her actually lackluster success rate in
curing kids and Rose decides then and there to leave Waking Dr. Horn who goes to check on them at the
same time, Eli knocks over a glass causing a nurse to investigate the disturbance.
So after going upstairs finding his parents missing: he gets injected with something by
his dad and the nurses drag him down to the medical wing though he manages to break out
and go back to the medical wing and tries to show his parents the files but they’re
gone and after running away he finds himself in Dr. Horn’s room where there’s a photo
of her and the nurses dressed as nuns. That’s when a dragonfly appears and guides Eli to
a secret chamber to this sacrificial altar place thingy along with a crucifix and a sealed
well but its here that he gets locked in by Dr. Horn and his parents who decide he needs
to be treated. But Eli’s condition acts up and he blacks
out before waking up again and he’s fine, he can breathe. His parents lied to
him about his condition, but why? And he shouts and screams at his parents asking them why and his mom hears this and goes
down to investigate only to find Eli is silent, he’s dead! So she rushes in only to get blindsided by
Eli who swings a crucifix at her and who runs to the living room where he sees Haley and
tries to break out but gets caught by the nurses who drag him to the OR at the same
time that Rose wakes up and opens up the sealed well to find the bodies of the other patients
wrapped up and clearly dead. Then a lot of things happen in the finale:
the parents allow Dr. Horn to do her procedure which is actually an exorcism ritual that
involves trying to cast out the spirit of the Devil out of Eli which goes terribly, terribly wrong
and after using some dark powers, Eli breaks out of his restraints and uses his powers
on the nurses before interrogating his mom about what exactly he is and she reveals that
his dad – his real dad – was the devil who got her pregnant after she prayed to him, and that Eli
never had an autoimmune disease that was all just a lie And the film ends with Eli fully embracing
his demonic heritage and leaving only to run into Haley who reveals that she’s like him:
a half-devil child who was keeping an eye on him and who decides to take him to meet his dad. And together, along with Eli’s mom,
they pile into a car and drive off leaving the creepy mansion aflame. Okay so, they explain a lot of what exactly
is going on at the end of the film inside the film but in case things were happening too fast:
Eli is the son of the devil, El Diablo, the Big D himself, the Adversary, A.K.A. The Devil.
Rose, his biological mother, prayed to be with child to God who did not answer her prayers
but the Devil did. This explains why Paul and Rose have such a strained relationship
throughout the film. Furthermore, Eli’s condition, his autoimmune
disease was BS, it was a big lie propagated by his parents in order to keep his demonic
heritage hidden and of course protect other people from the threat that he posed since
as we see at the end of the film: demon children are very powerful even if they’re half demon.
and it seems that in moments of extreme emotional distress his demonic heritage awakens
which leads to his skin condition although that is also due to the injections of holy
water that he’s exposed to in the treatments. Now moving on to the treatments, it’s outright
stated that these were injections of holy water which leads to him burning rather
literally due to his demonic nature along with being medicated with treatments of tannis root which according to my research is like
a magical ingredient used in magical rituals in fact I think this might be a reference
to Rosemary’s Baby another film that has a similar plot line and also makes
reference to tannis root. So with each treatment
of holy water in different places, it seems that it unfortunately has a fatal effect on
half-demonic children which leads to them dying and potentially getting absolved by
Dr. Horn and her nurses/nuns who conduct the exorcism and keep their bodies trapped
beneath the house and those seals which presumably also traps the souls of the children to the house due to say a physical connection with their soul and their body and speaking of the children, Lucius, Agnes, and Perry are as mentioned before: children of
the Big D, and something interesting to note is that the names Lucius Agnes, as well as Eli have
some association with Christianity, with Lucius coming from the Latin word “Lux” meaning “light”,
the same root word as Lucifer, a name which refers to the Devil, and Agnes is associated with
‘Lambs’ due to St. Agnes martyrdom way back when. Furthermore, Eli’s name is Hebrew
in origin and could be a direct reference to the High Priest Eli from the Books of Samuel
although it could also be associated with Elijah and Elisha, both of whom were New Testament. Although this could be coincidental since I couldn’t find anything about Perry’s name being associated with any Christian things Finally, throughout the film, we see dragonflies flutter around the estate and usually act
as a guide for Eli which I believe could be a reference to Beelzebub, the Lord of the
Flies, one of 7 demon princes of Hell and is a another name for the Devil and I
believe through these dragonflies, the Devil sort of helps out his children to help them survive
against the exorcism that Dr. Horn and her nuns conduct although none were as strong
as Eli whose demonic powers are implied to have grown since he’s entering adolescence
which according to Dr. Horn was when the demon’s powers typically manifest. Although an alternative interpretation of the dragonflies could be that these are actually the souls of the children projecting themselves as dragonflies. Food for thought And by the end of the film we find out that Haley
is like Eli: a child of the devil and a human woman and who according to her was unable
to help out Eli with his trial and tribulation since “dad” prefers to see if his children
can help themselves out which I think is probably due to the Devil needing capable and self
sufficient heirs to usher in the end of days. But that’s just what I think
And with that being said thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen, if you
enjoyed the video, leave a like down below and subscribe to get updated on my latest
uploads. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go visit my priest. Just in case.

100 thoughts on “ELI (2019): explained

  1. One thing I felt could have been done better is have more religion-invoking imagery. The only references we get to religion is the mom's praying, the photo of Thorn as a sister (which comes near the end), the cross-dagger, and all of the Satan stuff shoved in at the end. Also, just because you couldn't foresee the twist doesn't make it a good one. By having very little religious imagery or symbolism THROUGHOUT the movie, we could not have come to any conclusion about religion ourselves.

  2. So I thought the red haired girl was a demon and when she said the dr didn’t like her that much I figured it was because she was evil. and I thought they took him there for an exorcism. They had a religious billboard that said proverbs I believe so I knew it had something to do with religion. Wasn’t too far off.

  3. ELI = Lie, 317

    ‘Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

    –John 3.17

    So Eli is the “Son” of Satan in mockery of the bible verse. Just like how he inverted the cross.

  4. Actually 1 thing I’m confused about is if the Nurses were good why did they kill those other kids on the 3rd treatment before Eli? Who brought those kids to their treatment center to die?

  5. his not sick his a demon they inject him holy water the ghost is warning him the ghost is actually write 317 which is the password not LIE the other kid's are demon's that's why they die

  6. this movie and these comments got me hella confused. its a bad movie. its an obvious ending. its not horror. and those arent dragonflies, my guy

  7. It wasn’t even dragonflies tho it was just big ass mosquitoes dragonflies don’t have long ass legs and even when their flying you can tell thier mosquitos

  8. Although it's not an environmental film, the opening scenes remind me of what could happen in the event of a chemical leak. It makes me value clean air and water.

  9. the true story

    eli was a demon.
    his parents were christian (in the ending his mum’s necklace was burned.)
    read lie upside down.
    dr horn and the other nurses were nun
    eli discovers a altar of his brothers and sissies
    eli’s fatha was lucifer
    hayley was some friend from hell :/
    and eli drives to some place where christians dont go

  10. I think there is one more interesting scene you missed from the movie. When the family is leaving the motel there is a street advertising board right next to the exit on what its written the following; "Proverbs 19:9 A false witness will not go unpunished, …and whoever pours out lies will perish." If you have chance to re-watch the movie just pause it at 00:07:09 and you will see the board clearly. Nice summary of the movie BTW.

  11. Catholic church is satanic and making the nuns be the good ones in this speaks volumes ….. It's very misleading on so many levels.

  12. Does't look like a dragonfly, closer to a male mosquito… Other than that you did have a good breakdown, as well as confirming my thoughts on the ending.

  13. When I saw that billboard at the first act, I knew something was up and involed religion. But I actually loved the movie and after it finished my brain went full Internet Explorer trying to catch up with what just fookened happend.

  14. If Carrie and the Haunting had a baby.. This would be his lmao.. Although it's very cliche, I speculate this has some connection with the continuation with the "Haunting". Now idk if it is, But ok.. What i love about this movie is the part where he twists the three nurses *oof u forgot to prbbly mention* get twisted and seemingly wrapped in a upside down t-shaped motion.. representing the devil of the number, "666".. and with representation of the upside down cross, which is the devil's version of the christian cross.. they are encricling in a ritual motion.. but it’s kind of lowkey confusing at first cuz there’s like really kind of a confusing twist

  15. Am I the only one whose on Eli's side I mean its not his fault who his father is he has just as much right to live as anyone else. I'm glad he escaped

  16. This was a really good film. You broke it down perfectly. I noticed the red head girl from the show 'stranger things' in this and she did great. Im impressed by the main character who played Eli as well. It was a pretty messed up story but kept me invested nonetheless

  17. The twist should have been that the boy was possessed his whole life by a demon and thus the film is secretly a possession movie. Feel like personally this works better than having the boy be revealed as the devil's son

  18. You must've watched a different movie than me. They weren't trying to cure anything. The doctor had the other times to practice. She was lying to the parents..a surgery to cure your demonic heritage? No. It was all mechanisms to control Eli. And Haley clearly says she's Eli's half sister, as were there other kids. I wish they would have explained just why the devil's running around making babies. Was it to produce an anti Christ? If so, why daughters? Native Americans (at least around here) believed that dragonflies were spirits. Another thing is like to know it's what the symbol on the well means.

  19. Why is no one talking about how the doctor's name was HORN (ironic since she's a nun), the house's doors have inverted crosses on them, and the procedure is made up of 3 steps (3 as in the Trinity)? So many Biblical references throughout the film.
    Oh and if the tannis root thing is a reference to Rosemary's Baby, then wouldn't the mom's name–Rose–also be a reference to the other film?

  20. And they drove to Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense, growing up smoking cheap Cuban cigars and eating candy.

  21. I knew it had something to do with the D because at the beginning when driving to Dr.Horn's "clean house" the road was and intersection in the shape of a cross.

  22. Eli. Lie 317 saturn…childs of saturn… it shows that are demons..but if you watch the movie coroline ..they are the same kids in that movie! the other mother.. kill them and atrap her souls in the universe holografic …the question is why? Try to kill these kids..?Is obvious they can manipulated this reality…. Is that the reason?

  23. See, I knew the mom cheated on the dad that's why he never really liked his son. But I didn't know she cheated on his WITH THE DEVIL!

  24. The three ghosts were the patients that died during procedure 3 and thy were helping him escape then hailey helped him in procedure 3 and that’s why how he killed his dad and dr.horn and the nurses.

  25. eli was onr of the best horror films i watched this year no unecesary jumpscares good suspension and the end isnt something random that dosent make sense it ties in really well with the plotline also the plot is original and something different from the ghost or monster horror films that where prevelant in the recent years 10/10 would recomend you watch

  26. What I do not understand is why the other dead children' spirits were trying to get him out the house. They were all Devil children too, so wouldn't they want Eli to "finish" the treatment just like how Haley wanted him to, in order to prove he was "strong." Not only this but what is the point of his parents trying to cure him in the first place? Like they knew what they were getting by praying to the devil for a child, what did they think was gonna happen? So many questions and no answers, bad bad movie, a waste of almost 2 hours.

  27. Movie was good, did not expect that twist. I did not trust that dr though, she just had that vibe. Kid was a good actor too.

  28. I'm not really into satanic stuff because my grandma made me read the Bible and all when I was younger and some of that has still been with me.I was just raised this way not to like stuff like it and fr I thought it was something about government experiment and all.

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