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welcome all of you to my grand mamas
health care desk I am Varghese George, today I’m going to show how to eliminate
asthma from your life naturally asthma is a chronic disease of the human
lungs that is caused by swelling in Airways and produced extra thick mucus.
This wonderful remedy can be prepared by anybody easily this requires only two
natural ingredients like country egg and lemon and materials like water, strainer
tissue paper ceramic cups spoon lemon squeezer and grinder/blender. If you don’t have a
country egg you can also use white egg. Take three lemons and one egg
which was kept in a slightly salty water for eight hours.
Scrub the egg with the lemon skin several times and wash with cleaned water wipe with
tissue paper well keep the raw egg into a well cleaned and dried ceramic cup squeeze the lemon into the cup until the
whole egg is dipped into the juice. Now cover this cup partially so that the
gasses formed by the reaction can escape and keep for 24 hours. After the 24 hours
take out the egg from the cup and wash with water wipe with tissue paper keep the egg in a jar of grinder and
grind it once it is crushed finely pour the
liquid into a another well cleaned cup make sure to use strainer to filter it.
drink it immediately. Do this exercise at least for seven days in the morning and
evening before your food. I have done this and it has worked well for me. You also try and get
cured from asthma. thank you

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