Elizabeth Emrath, M.D., Pediatric Critical Care – MUSC Chlidren’s Heath

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I love getting to
take care of children. I’m very grateful to be able
to do so, and my goal for them is to get them back to being
children as soon as possible. So a lot of times when
they come to see me, they’re very sick in
the intensive care unit. And the great thing about
working with children is that they’re very resilient. They can come back
from being very sick, and very quickly turn around,
and get better, and want to be like children again. And so that’s my goal
as an ICU doctor, is to get them playing
and acting like children. I’m an ICU doctor. I enjoy working with our
advanced technology– so for example, something
called Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, or ECMO. And I also have a
background in nutrition. I was a registered dietitian
before I went to medical school and sort of have been able to
continue working and having an interest in nutrition
throughout the course of my training
and career so far. So I have been enjoying
trying to figure out what’s the best way to
feed children in ICU and how can we continue to help
them get the nutrition they need and to grow while
they’re also critically ill. I think MUSC provides a
fantastic culture of safety. The commitment is always
there to make sure that you’re providing the best
care possible in the safest way possible to patients. We’re very excited about
the new children’s hospital that they’re building, and
it’s going to open this fall. I think it’s going to be
a beautiful facility that is state of the art
to provide the best care possible to our patients. MUSC has any subspecialist that
you could possibly want here to be able to have the
expert in the field that you need and get all
of your care in one location and is one reason why I
would choose to come here.

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