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hey everybody I felt like I needed to
change it up I was sick of the same direction you guys were seeing so I just
changed the part of my apartment that you are seeing in this haul look at me
being so clever anyway today’s haul’s exciting because today’s haul is from
eloquii and I haven’t done a haul from that in like a very very long time and
they had some amazing new pieces come out as part of the Draper James and Eloquii collaboration and I just I wanted to do it and I’m gonna actually
open it for you guys on camera too because that’s like the fun part it’s like what they call it an unboxing could it be an unboxing so the first bag
and this is a big bag let’s open it up I always get like such feelings of strength opening bags
it’s not actually like that hard to open a bag but inside I feel special about it
for some reason oh the first dress has been making the
rounds I’ve seen a lot of girls in it and it’s beautiful and I wanted to be
beautiful in it too so I got it it is this it’s kind of like
a poppy colored it’s not quite a red striped dress with black and white I
think it could be navy but it looks pretty black it has this amazing like
crisscross and then it comes and ties in the back if you see here it’s got a
back tie like so now what’s interesting about this is the way the ties are done
is technically technically you could tie it the other way but honestly that would
take away there’s a really fun front detail it’s just the cross detail one
thing I’m a little bit surprised about in opening this dress is that I actually
thought it would be thicker and it’s actually a fairly lightweight dress
which means it’s gonna need tights or something underneath it for the winner
or it’d be great for layering but it is not a thick Ponte knit fabric it’s
actually a very lightweight stretch now it is lined in
this white underneath so even though it is a thin fabric it’s not gonna be
see-through which thank goodness and it comes about maybe like mid midi-length
it’s a little bit longer as the arms obviously full on so it’s not short or
anything and I like that the stripes kind of continue out onto the arms
versus going like up and down I feel like up and down can be choppy it’s not
that makes you look bigger or smaller it’s just visually choppy this is more
seamlessly visual and you can see that the arms are see-through as you can see
me do this behind it anyway I thought it was just really cute I loved the detail
and I wanted to give it a go so I get why everybody’s been rocking
this dress because it’s a stunner and it’s super comfortable I’m living for it I love it I’m actually like super excited for this item I just love color I love
color so much and I feel like sometimes in winter it’s harder to find like fun
bright colors to wear you kind of get stuck in this like dark moody color
atmosphere so when I saw this I was like okay it’s like bright as hell and that
is like my aesthetic it is this super fun sweater with balloon sleeves and it
is cropped so it’s like a shorter sweater and then giving you that volume
in the sleeve I’m liking this trend that I’m seeing of these cropped oversized
sweaters I just think it’s very 90s very different and it takes a little play
like these balloon sleeves they were around last season but this season
they’re bigger and the sweaters that they’re accompanied with are definitely
like cropped and oversized which is the bomb this is just colorfully happy I
love all the different colors in it just so you can see all the different colors
in it and I think with the pair of jeans or even layered with like a dress over
it like one of those little cute overall dresses this is going to be such a fun
staple it’s also very soft it’s not like an itchy sweater it’s made out of
acrylic a hundred percent so this is a non itch sweater it does have a wider
neckline which I find interesting because I thought it
was gonna be crew because a lot of times you see in crew or mock neck when you
have the balloon sleeve just to kind of play off of this but instead you’ve got
actually kind of a wide neckline almost a boat neck and it’s just soft and comfy
and I’m excited about it because it’s so damn colorful I super love the sweater
it is so bright it’s so bold it’s a little out there it’s a little bit loud
it’s basically me in a sweater and I love it
I also love like just it’s so comfortable it literally doesn’t even
feel like I’m wearing anything which is like magical in itself the next item I
got is a pair of jeans and the reason I got this pair of jeans is because it
comes in a viola cut now if you’re not familiar with the viola cut it is
something that eloquii launched a couple years ago I actually was like
the poster child for it when it launched I was part of the original campaign but
what it does and I’ll show you actually you’ll see it on the denim itself is it
as smaller at the waist and then gives you extra room down at the hip and thigh
region for me this is my ideal cut I have not tried it in these jeans I’ve
heard the peach fit jeans are great so I just wanted to give it a go I wanted to
try them out and see hey does this hold up to the claims that they’ve said it’s
just a standard dark-wash skinny nothing super exciting about it but it
is exciting because of that fit as for stretch I’m just pulling it here oh yeah
so sexy the stretch is really strong on these I just I’m just excited to have
another pair of jeans I feel like in fall I just turned into a pants monster
I don’t want to wear skirts because I don’t want to be cold so I just wear
leggings and pants and trousers and anything because I’m just like please
for the love of all that’s holy keep me warm I feel like as I get older I get more
and more cold I don’t know how that happens but for some reason like you
slowly descend into like grandma age where you just want to have a heated
blanket on you and talk about what you had for lunch and you know what I am I’m
committing to it this fall screw it why fight the inevitable granny-ization
granny-ization is that a word it’s a word now in my world of my life I
also like feel like this means I’m gonna end up gambling in Atlantic City and
getting a bunch of dogs I’m already certain I got one so these are the peach
fit denim they actually fit really well my thoughts are they’re a little bit of
a heavier denim so maybe a little warm for right now but will be like amazing
when winter months come so just something to know that they’re like
heavier weightier more heat more heat between these thighs I mean what
you get what I mean on to the second much bigger bag Ah the struggle is real first item itch the first item is another
sweater cuz I love me some sweater weather it is again a little bit of a crop here and
it’s a purple sweater this time with a mock neck and again with a little bit of
a balloon sleeve but not cuffs like we saw on the other sweaters a little bit
more unfinished this reminds me almost of like a fisherman sweaters style as
far as like how it’s like sewn also its weight is much heavier than the sweater
we just looked at earlier in the haul this is made of acrylic and nylon and
that nylon is definitely adding a lot of extra weight I will say this feels like
it’s going to be very warm but maybe not as soft and comfy as the other sweater
however this sweater’s likely meant to be worn in like Arctic tundra which
means you’re probably gonna have a shirt underneath it in fact most sweaters you
have are shirt underneath the other one I wouldn’t cuz the cuff sleeves and
everything but this one I would actually totally layer underneath and what I love
about the sleeves here we got a little bit of a drop sleeve here ie it goes out
further and then gives you the sleeve is that it will look really really cute
because it doesn’t have a cuff here with like a t-shirt underneath it give me
like an additional pop of color maybe even something surprising like a neon or
you know a contrasting color to purple like orange so when I look at something
like this it’s exciting because I there’s a lot of possibilities
for styling it does have a much higher neck which honestly for cold weather
stuff I really appreciate because when you’re walking in the city the air hits
right here and I don’t know if this happens anyone else but I literally get like a
red mark right here for most of the winter of like wind burn and this is
gonna sit high enough that’s gonna prevent that which I am grateful for
this weird things I am now grateful for thanks world I love the aesthetic of
this it’s so cozy but it’s like tailored at the waist
preach I love this sweater that is me singing its praises next opening this sucker up next
we have what is this oh this is a really cool dress and it’s a very different
fabric than I thought it was gonna be so first let’s talk about that it’s a puff
sleeve body con dress now I honestly thought that this was going to be a more
structured fabric eloquii uses a lot a lot a lot of structured fabrics
and so I was thinking there would be like no stretch to this but no it is
like very stretchy it’s this kind of wrinkly stretch crepe I don’t know how
to explain it can you kind of see it I’m not sure it’s interesting because it has
a standard sleeve and then the puff actually starts about midway down here
so it’s like accentuating this elbow region you like my sexy elbows but
really in this dress they would be sexy elbows because that’s where the balloon
is gonna start and then comes down to an elasticized end of that which I also
like because this supports a variety of different arm width sizes so if you have
like you know bigger arms you’re not gonna be screwed by this you might be
screwed in this but that’s a different story it’s red it’s sexy you might get some
sue me for saying it it’s got a nice little hip curve built in here obviously
with the nice body con so it’s going to come in at the waist and then come
out you can style this up and down you could wear it for work you can also
easily take off a jacket and a belt and all of a sudden have a hot little number
for some drinks I just think it’s a super cute dress and feeling this fabric
and how comfortable and how like much it’s gonna move with you and stretch
with you you could wear this all day and feel comfortable like not like
anything’s sometimes like business clothes is stuffy right and you just feel
like trapped in your clothes you’re not gonna feel that way in this dress girl
so this dress is another babe alert for real yo I also like the sleeves pushed up
a little bit like they can come down meh but I think they look cooler when
they’re like that so I wanted and I have wanted a really fun button-down print
shirt for a while just because when you’re layering and especially when a
lot of your sweaters are solids you want to have something that’s like a little
bit kooky to put underneath them to add a little pop of fun so when I saw this
button-down and eloquii kind of kills the game in like quirky button-downs I
always find them having like really structured button-downs in like crazy
prints I saw this penguin print and I was like I cannot not get it it’s got a
fun just like look at that penguin we’re marching we’re marching print comes down
to just a standard dress shirt one little detail they did changes rather
than having a cuff you actually have an athletic tipping here which actually
makes this more stretchy that athletic tipping is also used to make the collar
so rather than your traditional like a structured blouse collar you’re getting
that athletic ticking which also has a little stretch to it so it’s just a
little interesting addition of an athleisure note on a very structured
garment overall it’s really really you know standard dress shirt it is made out
of polyester but yeah it looks like a standard dress shirt but it’s in a crazy
print and it’s got some interesting athleisure notes which I like it’s
exactly what I wanted I mean I like quirk and I like mixing of trends
maybe loosen up my buttons a little I’m a little too straitlaced right now there we go
but it’s perfect it’s exactly what I was looking for so this dress comes from the
Draper and James collection which is their partnership with Reese Witherspoon
so this is a long floral dress it is mesh all the way through and then
there’s a lining in like below it that adds coverage so you can see the lining
here do you see where it starts the sleeves itself are sheer all the way
down they have a lot of extra room to them and then they bunch down into an
elastic cuff here no formal cuff on the dress the dress also has a tie for the
neck should you choose to wear it it is not physically attached to the dress it
is kind of just put on a little string here I actually expected that tie to be
physically attached let’s talk pros and cons when it is
physically attached I feel it looks a little bit more cohesive with the dress
it stays in a better place and usually it’s more incorporated into the design
so that’s my pros of it being attached the pros of it not being attached means
you can take this tie out and wear it around a dress shirt which I do a lot of
time with some eloquii ties that I’ve had before I feel like a little bow with a
dress shirt is like a fun women’s wear style style of a tie so you can reuse it
it’s just just note that it’s not attached and that was a little
surprising for me there’s also a tie here at the waist it’s just a thin tie
here again this is removable if you’d want to likely I will take that off I
don’t like the waist tie all the time I’d rather have like like it’s like a
committed tie I either want to belt or like a thick tie or no tie and all
the little tie it’s just not me I’m just not a little tie type of lady then it
comes down to a whole bunch of tiered ruffles 1 2 and 3 and these are
just fun little additions they add movement they add excitement to the dress
itself overall I think it’s a really great color scheme for me and I’m
excited it’s got these little notes of red in the flowers which you can play
off of in other items so you could even layer like a red cardigan with this or
even fun red accessories to kind of play up that tiny bit
of red that’s in here there’s also some nice green notes that you can do the
same thing with like a bright kelly green bag would look epic with this
look so the lining fits goes over my hips fits nice it’s pulled all the way down
this bottom ruffle though refuses to play along so I’m actually not gonna
turn around because it’s it’s it’s a it’s a booty apocalypse in the back I
mean the lining’s down there so I guess you can see you can see it’s not that
bad but it doesn’t fit me so there’s no point in me like modeling the fit when
you know it fits really great up here I actually have some room and then here it
just doesn’t appreciate the booty in the way I would so I’m a little bummed
because I really like the dress but I can’t really wear it also from this
Draper James collection is this denim shirt now why did I get a denim
shirt because here’s the deal I realized at denim days I did not have a good
denim shirt and I wanted one I did size up in this because I wanted it to be a
little bit baggier I didn’t want a fitted denim shirt I wanted something that I
could tie at the bottom or if I tucked it in it would be like a little
bit blousy it’s kind of where I’m moving in a little bit of my aesthetic because
I like a little bit of a baggier top or like a little bit more like room to it I
like to get a have this nice girly ruffle so it’s not your traditional
denim shirt and then it goes down to the sleeves to just the standard cuff but
again that feminine detail of the ruffle is really what I’m here for
and why I picked this shirt out super-duper glad I sized up because
I think I actually needed the extra room in this particular shirt so yay but I
actually think it’s really cute it’s very comfortable which is surprising
because I don’t think I’ve had a denim shirt that fits this well and is this
comfortable and like a very long time I am itching like crazy allergies have
happened to me right up in my nose and my eyes sometimes too cuz they itch a lot
and that’s driving me nuts okay so I got these originally in a different size and
then I reorderedd them in the right size these are a pair of amazing plaid
leggings but honestly they’re so thick they could be worn easily as pants I
like them because they have this fun ticking strap down the side the plaid
itself is a mix of gray navy and burgundy it’s subtle enough that it
could be a neutral this could be a black pant in the way that you’re thinking
about outfits it also could be the star of the look by pulling out one of
the colors in the bottom of the pants and making it a solid top it’s up to
you my friends it’s up to you what you do but these are comfortable and you can
walk around and explore and feel comfortable in them and that’s what I
plan to do in these pants in China hopefully I think they’re gonna make my
bag honestly I’m having such a hard time packing it’s killing me but I got them
for that reason I have purchased other eloquii leggings and I cannot
recommend them more they’re different right you have two types of leggings
that exist you have your thinner leggings that go well under dresses and
then if your leggings that you literally want to wear as pants and that’s where
eloquii’s leggings really do shine if you want to wear leggings as pants if
you want something that feels like a legging but it’s like thick enough and
structured enough to also be a pant ie you don’t have to wear something to
cover your butt like you could wear just a normal shirt with it and nobody’s
gonna like call you out on it that is where I go for my leggings as pants set
up eloquii has great leggings as pants so as you can see here
these pants totally work as pants well they’re leggings leggings as pants you
can wear these leggings as pants is what I’m trying to say and our last item which is also from the
Draper James collection and is one of my favorite things and the whole haul
cuz I just think it is so adorable I don’t know how to else to say it it is
this fun little capelet coat it’s double-breasted and these are gold
buttons so if I take them off you can see shiny shiny shiny shiny which I’m
here for they come down and these unbutton so it can be worn open or
closed depending on how you want to wear it and comes down I wanna get this other
button open and then it’s just a lovely kind of jacket what I like is it’s a
capelet that’s not too constricting because this is just an overlay and I
feel like in the fall sometimes you don’t want a full jacket you want just
like a little warmth around your body which is what a capelet is perfect for I
like that it ties shut as well it has this nice little waist defining tie that
comes up here so you can either button it or tie it there’s a couple of
different ways you can style it and it’s just really well made and I thought it
was adorable that’s why I picked it guys cuz it was adorable the color is just
such a brilliant red this red is gonna work on a lot of different people I
think they call it poppy on their site but it’s definitely more of like a
pinkish red in the lighter tone family so this is gonna work for most skin
tones which I also appreciate from this design also here you’re gonna have no
arm problems because there is no tight arm here it’s very loose it’s gonna
allow you to have some flexibility and then again the Cape just sits over the
arm like that so it looks almost like kind of like a big ruffle yeah that’s
the best way to say it but it’s adorable it’s absolutely adorable and I’m so
excited to style it I am like pumped this is just such a cool piece like I
look cooler wearing it and a like that I can just do this after a couple drinks
so thank you guys so much for watching my eloquii haul if you have any questions
comments concerns leave them down below if you haven’t clicked that subscribe
button yet do a girl a favor links to everything are down in the
description box as per usual I will put start putting my sizes there I forgot
for like a while to do it but I will be putting the sizes that I tried on here
in the bottom and with that guys have an amazing rest of your day I’ll check you
later and peace

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