Elune Reivew New Player Guide and Coupon Giveaway!

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fort what’s up guys welcome back to another
Illuma do here on fort misery gaming and today guys this video is gonna be
sponsored by game ville and this is going to be our first of a kind of a new
players guide series so a lot of your veteran players maybe if you this video
may not pertain to you or if you have made mistakes maybe this is something
that you guys can learn from but basically this is going to be kind of a
follow-up to a reroll guide of what you guys should be doing to look into
starting your account fresh or possibly how you’re farming even now of how you
guys can be more proficient in your resources and get more out of your
account and your stamina and your gems and everything that goes into that so
first of all what we’re gonna be doing let’s do the housekeeping stuff first we
are gonna have I believe five coupon codes to give out which are for rubies
so we will be doing kind of a giveaway style selection where all you guys have
to do is you got to be subscribed like the video and then you guys have to
comment down below you can be I’m new what is your opinion on this or you can
be like hey I’m veteran player but you know whatever you want to say I don’t
know whatever you guys want to say but anyway we’ll give out five five lucky
people in the comment section down below and you know thank you guys so much for
checking it out so let’s get started so first of all the first thing when you
guys get your account so this is after you’ve rear old all that good stuff I’m
not gonna you know count the summoner’s war stuff this is a special situation
that we do have this summoners war gotcha out so I’m gonna say in general
what you guys should be doing so first of all we’re gonna be going up to our
mission tabs here so I’ve already completed all these but I can actually
pretty cool I can actually go back all the way and I can actually show you guys
what you guys get for doing these kind of one time completion rewards so these
are basically in every most gotcha games where you have some kind of like supreme
a premium rewards for the first time you guys do something now a lot of these are
gonna be clearer ventures and then you’ll see here is like upgrade saloon
once so you basically want to follow through this whole scheme right and
complete these now these are not retro which means if you for instance when you
start your account you say you upgrade your illumine right but you didn’t clear
stage 1 & 2 1 5 and 1/2 you’re actually gonna have to clear 1 5 and 1/2 and then
go back and upgrade your allude so now right there that doesn’t matter but as
you get through further and further so let’s just go all the way kind of in the
middle here we’re an adventure complete boss battle evolve evolve to 5 star Lee
wants a very very prime example of what you guys are gonna see of what’s gonna
be a hindrance on your resources because once you get into evolving now we’re
talking about using class seeds and regular seeds and gold and things like
that and that’s where it’s gonna be retroactively for you guys it’s and
we’re not retroactive it’s gonna be you want to be cognizant of where you’re at
in the Cocos tasks and why you guys should be paying attention to it so what
I would do is just kind of look at the next 10 like so look at 1 1 2 or 1 1
through 110 and just look at all the different things you guys have to do in
order to get them and just kind of go and go that each route because I for
instance was just like powered through storage clerestory clear clear story and
I wasn’t paying attention to this and that’s when I had to use a lot of
resources early on especially back then when seeds weren’t as plentiful and I
had to go through and basically get rid of a lot of stuff I didn’t want to may
be evolving something and wants you wasting the resource on stuff I wants
you so Coco’s tasks is probably the number one thing to keep in mind cuz
once you guys get through all this you’re gonna get rubies you’re gonna get
gear you’re gonna get summon tickets like you guys see there I think believe
those are soul stones those are seed boxes so you get random
seeds there now these words are probably outdated compared to what we get
nowadays but they are so good to get and then when you guys clear everything
through 510 you are going to get a 6 star legendary elune and then there is a
multi summon ticket there for the premium Gacha and ruby’s we need you to
see like kind of the scaling on rubies is pretty low compared to what we see
nowadays like 30 rubies is pretty minimal for what we’re used to so but
that’s definitely the first thing to keep in mind so next the next thing you
guys want to do and you want to be even now us veteran players do this all the
time is you want to be focusing your stamina on your hard mode and PCs and
even after someone like myself has gotten all their copies away way the
reason why this is important is because of your NPC quests so we look in here
you’re gonna start at level 1 or a affinity level 1 you guys see here I’ve
gone all the way through affinity level 30 now you want to spend the majority of
your stamina on in these so I say the minute you can beat all of normal and
then you can get to hard mode on stage 1 you want to start doing your NPC’s on
their daily resets and that’s simply we get ahead of the game and to start
working on these NPC’s all the time and you want to be Auto farming them the
best you can with whatever farmers you do have so for instance this goes all
the way to 45 and it’s exp is gonna get super super hard to get I barely get any
like the bar barely moves at all when I completely complete all my like defeat
all the doctors it barely moves so now we’re really reliant on these affinity
gifts so for instance you want to be trying to save your a favor so you’re
gonna be getting 12 affinity experience points for every one you give so like
for instance if I were to give all of them I would go from 31 to 35 Spill not
even close to maxing out to 45 but you know it’s gonna be something we’re gonna
be striving for you know for probably a couple months to get all these things
maxed out which is kind of bad we really mean increase rates I think I’m the
but we’ll see how that happens but these rewards are do get to be better you’re
in the inhaler sees are in getting better Ruby rewards or any Elune lights
premium summon tickets and then finally you’re gonna get a 6 star mount sky a
loon summons so that means it’s basically gonna be one of these five
heroes that you see at the bottom of the screen so for just besides getting those
empty sea rewards they’re cool and all but why is it’s so important that you’re
stressing that you have to do these NPCs right away well my boy simply because I
don’t think I’m gonna see it anymore unless it’ll go let’s see no I cannot
see my recurring anymore okay so unfortunately I Oh
oh snap they refresh this well damn I guess I’m wrong okay so thank you game
though for doing this because before you can only get your five original copies
away but I guess ever since they made the slate system blah blah blah blah
Glen say too much for new players but now we can get more copies of whaling so
way way the number one things you farm for in this game number one over gear
over everything way way needs to be your prime focus and that’s why starting on
your NPCs is going to be super important that you guys do that right away and how
you get way away she is a free to play unit that she did technically I have one
banner but no one really summoned on it but she is a free-to-play unit you guys
can get in the best way to get her is by grinding your NPCs I believe they have
reduced her down as low as to only have to complete 100 NPC quests to get your
first copy your new gear 5 star so you are gonna have to have 20 supporter
seeds in order to get her to a 6 star but she is the best support overall
support for overall content in the game she’s basically used in every single
almost every single boss fight she’s amazing in PvP she’s amazing in chaos
tower she’s amazing and farming like everything especially early on when you
don’t have really Opie farmers that you can just like nuke everything and
two waves so she is the best unit to grind for in this game and she’s
completely free to play now you’re gonna go I believe it goes like 100 100 200
200 so I’m like that but basically you’re gonna have to farm a lot of these
MPC quests and already get her so what that means is when you go back here
every time you complete one of these quests so every time you go through and
go zero out of 24 is your out of 32 and you’re gonna have these like all the
stages stages I believe one through six stage seven even though it we do have a
normal difficulty if I’m not mistaken for that we actually do not have the
NPC’s and hard mode for that stage for whatever reason if we go to normal I
believe there is a stage seven yes there is a stage seven so this dimension here
but we did not have that on hard so we go back to hard I’m sorry we have it on
hard but we don’t have MPC’s so I completely take back what I just said we
have this on hard but there are no NPCs available for whatever reason so at any
rate guys you are gonna have hard mode let me just make sure I wasn’t wrong
there okay I wasn’t wrong all right I just want a couple check bendix like
slid that in there since I’ve really looked but yeah say you guys have stages
one through six you confront obviously the higher stages like four or five and
six you’re probably not gonna be able to fund that’s when they start scaling
difficulty where it starts getting a lot harder so just do the ones you don’t
want to keep wasting salmon and time trying to farm the ones you can’t beat
so if you have a lot of time where you can manual play then maybe you can
manual play beat like two and three early on like the first week of your
account but you definitely want to do as many as you possibly can every day they
are on eight hour increments which means they eat at every stage will refresh
three times a day a general player can probably need two sets of these a day so
that means if let’s say your newish you can do let’s say you can do one to four
after like about two weeks of playing that means every day
you basically should be able to be able to get you know two times four is eight
so sixteen MTC quests have done pretty reliably a day so that means your first
copy of whaling you should overall be able to get that in about a week you
know give or take so you know if you’re able to be active more than that maybe
you can get like half of the third one or part or a part of it or the full one
if you’re just like oh wait constantly in those hours of the day and then
awesome you can obviously the more of these you can farm the faster you’re
gonna hear your copies of way way but every week for the first like when it’s
like only 100 MDC quests I would say you can complete a hundred of these a week
pretty reliably you shouldn’t have too much issues with that but that is gonna
be your number one thing to look out for now something they have in the game back
when or that they added the game back when I was not new or back when I was
new rather they do not have this which is gonna be your dimension protection so
I actually can’t look at these anymore but these are gonna be retroactive as
well they’re gonna be other rewards you’re gonna be able to get I think
there’s a groovy selling tickets there’s a lot of class seeds things like that
you guys are gonna be able to get as well from a story of starship mounts die
lumen that ice wrote all these things unfortunately I can’t look at them but
there are gonna be the other thing to look out for so the number one who throw
the first three things you want to look out for are gonna be getting your NPCs
for Lele is going to be doing your cocoa missions and is going to be doing your
dimension for texting missions those are the three things you really want to look
out for of what’s gonna progress your account and get these rewards done fast
and build you a good solid base so that’s as far as things to do for like
overall starting out so now let’s briefly go into the challenge mode and
I’ll tell you what things you guys should focus on so first of all chaos
tower go as far as you can use your three tries a day if you guys go in here
the first one through 30 floors are pretty easy once you get into a hard
mode that’s when you’re really gonna see a huge spike especially when you get to
floor 40 so I would say though you knew you knew players as you progress your
account you can do this three times a day do not use your reviews to refresh
because you’re going to get capped hard if you start doing that so just use your
three tries a day um go through these as much as you can
and I would say like a good basis is to get all the way through normal to get
the 33 every month until you guys have really gotten a really good account like
with a lot of transcended high tier epics high tier Legendary’s to where you
can then basically go into hard mode and then you can start taking them on
because even me I haven’t cleared all hard mode I’m only on right now I’m on
for 64 so it is insanely difficult when they up the rewards they definitely
increase the difficulty a lot now look you guys get really stuck and you can’t
progress you can hit condense and condense is going to basically use if
your tries and give you random rewards like skill gems seeds loon lights maybe
you can get some tickets and class seeds if you’re high enough maybe I’m not sure
I’ll see if I can do at least one or two condenses once I clear 466 didn’t let
you guys know I’m that but this cast hour is super important to do dimension
rift just try to go as far as you can what you’re going to want to strive for
is trying to get the most points possible it’s gonna be a wave based
fight even early on you should be able to clear these pretty easy my opinion is
go for rubies go for the extra points and then go for like your enhanced buffs
like attack crit in Seoul and Busan souls don’t go for gold don’t go for
health anything like that just go for that stuff
alright you’re gonna get gold friend dimension trick and you’re gonna get a
decent amount of rubies lights your temples but just try to go through these
as fast as you can you are gonna go all the way down from adverse you guys will
see here it starts with easy then you go to normal then you go to hard then you
go to adverse and then you go to conquer so we only had up to three seeds we only
had up to hard when the game first came out now you have up to act conquer so
the important thing guys is to do this is to go in and get these as high as
possible because you’re free to try a day when you first start is one seed and
then when you get all five levels cleared then you go to five seeds so you
may want to invest in rubies or lighten turkeys to get those levels up faster
that way on your dailies especially for seeds you
really really need especially like maybe supporter seats because we’re gonna need
a lot for way away um especially an art smell too if you guys have pulled them
and you’re new that way you guys can get your better bang for your buck on your
class seeds so lies your tumbles the other big one boss fights that’s a whole
separate video I’ll get into another time I don’t really want to get too much
into boss fights and then the other stuff is definitely more endgame PvP
Alliance battle world bus Alliance Alliance now so many of them that in
other videos for you guys but those are the things to start off with the next
thing I do want to briefly talk about is what are the units you need to focus on
so the top five units for progression early game what I think you guys should
focus on are gonna be these units so the number one unit first is obviously gonna
be way way she’s gonna carry you and be able to let you survive and why she lets
you survive is her pack and her skill two gives you guys a increase enhanced
buff on both magic defense and attack and physical defense for 4 turns heals
via HP of an ally whenever they’re hit so basically you’re hit you heal up hit
heal up hit heal up boom boom boom so very very good and then also she has
sweet temptation which is basically a free refresh on attack buff mine is at
all the way at a hundred percent when you max kill it tell me there but there
you go hundred percent max skill up if you have a reclusive item otherwise if
you max skillet is just ninety percent so very very strong so she’s gonna help
you a lot with their reveille is probably the other unit I would say if
you guys did pull her too strongly focus on early game because she’s gonna make
your farming faster more efficient she’s gonna help you in dimension rift she’ll
help you a little bit in chaos um you know in the early stages she will fall
off in chaos though but she’s a good unit to focus on now the best
well-rounded DPS pseudo DPS her is going to be Balder and reason why Balder is
super good to invest in and even now I’ve had showcase videos on my channel
for Balder is because he does not fall off late-game
so he is super good early on he’s a decent farmer with his skill too he has
very very good stats as you guys can see here and it’s
skill 3 is insanely good as well does a decent amount of damage has a blaze
mechanic and has a 30% chance when enemy is defeated to use flame dragon rage
again which is basically to use his s3 attack again as well so he’s just super
well-versed between PvP PvE boss content everything rural boss he’s just super
good in so many levels so definitely if you guys did pull him even though a lot
of you guys are probably like oh my god he’s an OG unit in we don’t like the og
units cuz we post so many trust me get all copies of altars save all the copies
of all their overtime when you guys get enough seeds you’re gonna evolve them
and you’re not gonna feel bad when you guys are sitting at a max Duke top
Balder with dese late investment he’s gonna carry you guys so very very strong
and then the last unit we’re really gonna focus on of the number 3 unit to
work on in the game is going to be where is my 6 star one of her there it’s Chloe
van now Chloe van is is gonna be used in PvE and PvP but she’s not a farmer she
is a single target but she is going to be your go-to unit to clear bosses 1
through 10 super efficiently and easily so she has shockwave device truck which
is going to paralyze the bosses it will work on all the bosses except for the
mummy and except for the dragon so 1 through 10 on Trent on proto on ima and
on Ascari if she’s gonna basically completely neutralize them and you
basically have them paralyzed they can’t move and all your text enemy crits and
on top of that she hits insanely hard and her actually her Mikado beam has
zero cost souls and it just it’s going to consume 0 to 8 Souls and it’s gonna
deal more damage based on the souls and the fact that she’s an epic makes it
even better because epic books are way easier to get with your pirates than
with your legends so definitely those are the three units I would like I would
like to see you guys invest in let me know if all those three units if
you guys either have them or if you guys have any issues with building them or
you’re not seeing them perform well let me know in the comment section down
below but that is gonna be my beginning guide of how you guys should start off
your accounts and really set yourself up for success as a new player or maybe or
even like a mid game player you haven’t really reached true endgame yet and
maybe this was helpful to you guys as well let me know all that in the comment
section down below guys I really really appreciate you guys checking out the
video and don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered in in the giveaway
for some free rubies you definitely do that guys and if you guys are new make
sure you guys hit that subscribe button ring that bell so you guys don’t miss
the next balloon video like the video – you guys did like today’s content and I
want to thank game Ville once again for sponsoring today’s video thank you so
much diesel for working with us content creators on your awesome game and I
thank you guys so much once again and we’ll see you guys in the next Elune
video peace out this

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