Emmy’s Food Allergy Journey

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(happy music)>>When I was born I was allergic to eggs, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, rye, barley, gluten, wheat, and sesame. (music) When I was in Kindergarten, we had this huge long
table that my class sat at. I sat at the corner of the table and no one else is allowed
to sit in that corner. It was my space because my teachers were so worried that I was gonna get allergic
or have an allergic reaction to something that my
classmates were eating. So, I was in first grade when
I started my clinical study at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. My mom… I remember her coming up to me and I was asking, like,
what is it gonna be about? And she’s like, you’re gonna eat wheat? And I’m like… Really? (laughing) I’m gonna be able to eat wheat? And so, I was a bit nervous because, all my life people have been
telling me that if I eat this or if I eat that I’m gonna just die. So, it’s pretty scary. The staff is so, so nice. They were just amazing. And they supported me and took care of me. And always are looking out for me. I can now eat wheat,
rye, barley and gluten. And so now, I can sit wherever
I want in the lunch room. So, it’s pretty fun. I love the exhilaration
of trying new things, but in my heart, I also know that deep down, I’m doin’ this for like all those people out
there who feel isolated because of their food allergies. Because of you, I can eat Triscuits now. They’re my favorite. From kids like me, Thank you. (happy music)

65 thoughts on “Emmy’s Food Allergy Journey

  1. Fantastic video guys! An interesting watch of your journey. We have some great advice and tips on dealing with allergies on our channel. Feel free to check them out!

  2. Just found out I’m allergic to a lot of foods wheat, nuts, shellfish etc , I get sever abdominal pain and it’s just awful

  3. OHHH im allergic to to cashows and im gluten free and im allergic to banana cats and dogs if i eat wheat i suficat and get swolllllllll and can end up dead

  4. OMG SHES LIKE ME LMAO IM ALLERGIC TO GLUTEN, DAIRY, PURFUME, GRAINS, EGGS, CORN, SUGAR, NUTS, SOME OILS, ESSENTIAL OILS, WATER (only if I have eczema on my hands) POTATOES AND SO SO MUCH MORE (i can only eat meats and some veggies) so can one of these tv shows hit me up cause i wanna be famous lol (if any of you are allergic to this kind of stuff, its okay. I mean, at least we won't get fat and besides there are foods that we can eat and enjoy along the way 🙂 Im 11 and its super hard to deal with this stuff because you see everybody eating all of this junk and your over here eating chicken and Brussel sprouts lol. My brother is allergic to way more foods than I am and its super easy for him to deal with it because he's only allergic to stuff like chlorine and bird poop. But anyways if you are like this, your not alone, I have over 500 food allergies and it sucks. If you have this life will get better, promise

  5. I’m allergic to gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, rice, and most nuts. And I am a sealiac or however you say it so I can’t really get rid of my gluten allergy. But I am fine.

  6. Some one I loved dearly passed away due to a milk based toothpaste!
    Please everyone look at all food
    Especially non-food items such as toothpaste !
    She was only 11 years
    Old. God bless this little girl and all food allergies sufferers you are the true warriors facing many obstacles you live fearful every day.

  7. Wow😊i feel sad but the question is how did she survive when she was little?? Please replie it really confuse ms thats why

  8. i used to be allergic to
    all sea food

    now i’m only allergic to all seafood and peanuts

  9. My allergy’s are all seeds like seasame poppy seeds sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds and more and I’m also allergict to every single tree nut

  10. Lol allergies are so weird bruh like how do you touch one peanut and your immune system will do the stanky leg

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