Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) : Controlling Allergies with Emotional Freedom

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Now we are on to allergies. We can have all
sorts of allergic reactions to all sorts of things. So our purpose right now, we will
just talk in generic terms of an allergic reaction so you can tune in to your own allergic
reaction whatever that may be. And you can even imagine an allergic reaction say to peanuts
or bee stings. You don’t have to have the eat a peanut right now but tune in to your
allergy symptoms and give it a rating 0 to 10 and now let’s get started. Even though
I have this allergic reaction, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. It helps
if you are actually looking at the substance if you can. Even though I have this bad reaction
I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I have this bad annoying allergic
reaction, I forgive my body for over reacting and I completely love and accept myself. Eyebrow,
this allergic reaction. Side of eye, this bad reaction. Under this eye, this runny nose.
Under your nose, this stuffy nose. Your chin, these puffy eyes. Collar bone, this difficult
in breathing. Under your arm, this feeling of helplessness. Liver point, this bad reaction.
Wrist, this allergic reaction. Top of head, this bad allergic reaction. Now take a breath
in and tune in to your allergy symptoms and let’s give it a new rating. Now you know what
to do to continue on with the remaining allergic or bad reactions. Some of the things that
can help with allergies is you can put a picture, if you are allergic to bees, put a picture
of the bee in front of you while you do it or you can even write out the word B and look
at the word as you do around on it. Just be creative but the more you focus on what your
reaction is to, the more quickly you will get healed.

15 thoughts on “Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) : Controlling Allergies with Emotional Freedom

  1. This is something that has been around apparently for along time and many people have been cured of alot of ailments. I am looking into this for myself also. Thanks for the vid.

  2. @TuBmeTuByou
    the liver meridian runs on both sides of the body. same with spleen meridian even though the spleen itself is on the left side of the body.
    you can tap on either side for those points and have it for for EFT (though I personally prefer tapping on the right for liver and the left for spleen)

  3. Had a bad reaction to triple antibiotic cream and my leg swelled up and have red rash all over. Some of the reaction went away, but did this 4 times and still itchy, red bumps everywhere. Should it make it go away completely? 😛

  4. i usually suffer severely from allergies – and i was desperate today. just did this and i'm feeling relieved and positive already. thanks!

  5. I think it really helps if you recall a traumatic event related to the allergies.

    Also check if you give "Love and accept myself" more than 1 score, or you are lying to yourself and find out why you don't love and accept yourself.

    Us who have allergic reactions are all too emotional, weeping inside, uncertain and we hate ourselves for that. Tap on that.

  6. You need to keep on tapping, this way makes the causing issues to bubble up on the surface in order to be released until they are all gone. Good luck.

  7. hi ..
    dear Expert ..

    its my pleasure to inform you that i had chosen your video to be translated to Arabic.. if you do not mind.. 

  8. Thank you. I was skeptical, but this was my worst year of allergies in 12 years.  I got through it with this technique. I never would have believed it would work as well as it did.

  9. I don't know what to think about this. I've been trying to convince my body that foods I eat are not harmful, but it doesn't seem to believe me. My only perceived issue is itchiness, I think coming from wheat, cashews, laundry residues, and the sun is the savior or the trigger. It's pretty confusing, I'm hoping its a phase of what was stored up in fat cells.

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