Emphysema treatment | How to cure emphysema

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treatment of emphysema quitting smoking quitting smoking is the
most effective therapy for people with emphysema consequently successful
cessation is a major goal for people with emphysema danfa Seema this goal usually can be reached with
cooperation between the doctor patient family members and friends quitting
smoking usually requires patient education about the risks of smoking
methods to help the patient quit smoking at smoking Branko dilators
dilators are used to relax the smooth muscles that surround the bronchioles
allowing the breathing tubes to dry late and dare to flow more freely or freely patience can be inhaled using an MDI
metered dose inhaler powder inhaler devices or a nebulizer machine these
medications can either be short or long acting oxygen as the disease progresses
patients may require supplemental oxygen to be able to function often it begins
with nighttime use than with exercise and as the disease worsens the need to
use oxygen during the day for routine activities increases increases

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