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Your nose is an entry point to your body
and any entry point is an opportunity for germs to enter. The first defense inhaler, is an antibacterial, antiseptic and antimicrobial blend of 100% pure essential oils delivered in a convenient mess free nasal inhaler. The first defense inhaler really helps me. I use it often in my yoga practice so that I can clear my passageways and really create a nice deep inhalation and allows me to get into the poses more effectively. I use it in the morning before I drive to work. It keeps me nice and calm for the drive.
It helps me breathe during the day. This is an all-natural blend of essential
oils that we chose for their long histories of medicinal application and we know that inhalation of essential oils is the safest and the most effective way to use them. I have allergies, so sometimes I get that little itch in my throat and when I use the inhaler the soft scent calms that tickle down. The first defense inhaler provides instant relief. And unlike other menthol based inhalers, it’s safe to use both for children and adults. The most convenient and effective way to experience the benefits of essential oils. Order now at EMUAID.COM

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