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Hey, I’m EMZ I am going to tell you about my story My whole life changed when I was 16 It was just a regular morning when it happened I was preparing for school as usual but after taking shower I was drying myself And guess what? I was completely covered in hives At first, it didn’t seem like a big deal but the hives got worse and my whole
skin started to feel like burning and itchy The pain got so much worse. My mom had to drive me to the hospital Unfortunately doctors had no idea what was wrong with me After 3 days in the hospital they finally diagnosed me with “Aquagenic
Urticaria” a fancy way of saying “water allergy”. after that I went back to school announced to my class to be careful not to splash water on me. Because I would get badly hurt if they do it But of course Frank didn’t believe me He laughed at me and said “Emz’s just looking for an excuse not to shower.” He’s so mean As you could imagine He eventually has done it at the school festival “Hey the mermaid needs water!” Within seconds my skin turned red and I wanted to scream but I couldn’t because I couldn’t breathe The next thing I could remember was waking up in the hospital My mom was there and she told me that I could’ve died She stayed with me as long as she could but she still had to work to support our family So eventually she had to go Guess who came into my room after she’d gone? Yep, it was Frank I wanted to yell at him to go away but I was too weak So I just stared at him and he said I’m so sorry, EMZ. I really thought you were joking when you said you were allergic to water I already told your mom that my dad will pay your hospital bills and if there’s anything I can help just let me know That creep Did he really think he could just say sorry and let his daddy buy his way out of trouble? No way. So I had pressed the emergency button and called the nurse to get him out of here But a couple of hours later Frank sneaked bag into my room and wearing a cheesy mustache he brought roses and apologized over and over I gotta admit it was kinda cute to see how hard he was trying to say sorry. I let him stay and we ended up watching ‘brawl town movie’ on his laptop I know it sounds stupid but I start to think he wasn’t that bad When the movie was over Frank didn’t go home Instead he slept on the floor next to my bed He said he wanted to be near me in case something happens. He was like my shadow until the doctors said I could go home As we walked out of the hospital together He kissed me And I kissed him back Yes, he’d been a jerk But people can change, right? After I got out of the hospital we had the first date at his place The Frank at the moment wasn’t at the mean boy I knew Whenever I say he’d look at my eyes really sweet and every sentence I Say he’d kiss the back of my hand But in the happiest moment, there was a problem Frank had a girlfriend the
whole time How did I find out? Because she came to see him and saw us together And her eyes were filled with anger She must have found out that we got closer because of the water gun incident All the sudden she had found a bucket filled with water in the garden and splashed it on my face When I screamed she’d run away and Frank went after her Frank’s girlfriend was hiding in an alley after shaking off But I found her gasping and softly tapped her back When she turned around and saw me she screamed that she had seen a ghost H… How?? Ohh~ this is a waterproof spray and I have
been using it. Why? You want it too? Okay I sprayed it on her face and she fell on the ground with so much pain and then, Frank came up Why did you do that for?!! Why do meet her anyway when you have me??!!! (EMZ) Huh! Emz!! you okay? you are ruining my life!! I guess the only thing I can trust is this waterproof spray… Good bye everyone…. Emz, Come on Ahhhh my eyes!!!! After that day, I’ve moved to another school But I still regret that I didn’t spray more on frank’s face And now I can’t trust anyone The only thing that I can trust is this spray.

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