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[Well-Intended Love Season 2] Miss Jiang. Mr. Ling. Aren’t you waiting for Xia Lin? I warned you about the agreement. I don’t understand you. I never showed it to anyone else. I warned you for the last time. Mu Mu is my bottom line. Behave yourself. I think you are right about one thing. I might start to believe in
constellations now. I don’t think I’m suitable. Sorry. Sorry. [Episode 10] What do you think of this one, Sis Jiang? I think it’s OK. It’s the type that will never go wrong. Looks good. Is it? Not this one. Try another. Ling Yi Zhou, why are you here? Good. You can give me some advice. Which do you think is good? Ling Yi Zhou, you like none of them. Do you think I don’t look good at all? I will not change again. I think this is good. I’ll wear this one. Are you sure? I’m sure. Ling Yi Zhou. Only this one can cover the bite. But it looks plain. No. Black is always a classic choice
on the red carpet. The material of the dress can show your body shape. The cut is also perfect. You do it on purpose. I did. I just want everyone to know that we’re married. We haven’t reached an agreement on
the wedding yet. Don’t make it public now. Don’t worry about it. Anyway, you can’t run away. The whole world will know you are my bride. Show me. What’s this? Am I so short and fat? Can you take a good picture? We seldom travel together. That’s what you look like. Say it again. Sorry. You’re short and fat! Say that again! Sorry. Sorry. Damn. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Are you OK? No, no. I’m fine. What are you doing? Stay away from her. I’m really sorry. We bumped into each other. I just wanted to get her up. I don’t mean anything else. Really. I bumped into him by accident. Sorry. It doesn’t matter. It’s good that you are fine. Are you all right? I think you’re scared. I’m fine now. OK. Why are you here? You remember me. Of course. Our first meeting was so special. Are you here for a tour? Yeah. What about you? I’m here to take some pictures. By the way, I wanted to thank you for that. I’ll treat you a meal. No, thanks. It’s my pleasure. Goddess. I like you so much! How beautiful! Xia Lin, you are so beautiful! Look this way, goddess. I love you! Xia Lin, you are so beautiful! Why does Chairman Ling suddenly attend? Is Ling’s group planning something big? No. I’m here with Mu Mu. When are you going to arrange the wedding? Our marriage… We will just go with the flow. We are enjoying the moment. Mr. Ling. What’s your explanation about Ling’s group covering for murderer? Don’t you remember what Ling’s group did? I heard the victim’s name is Yao Liang. He is Xia Lin’s old friend. Xia Lin, do you know about it? Reporters, I hope you don’t ask questions about rumors. Otherwise, Ling’s group will reserve the right to take legal actions. Let’s go. Sorry. Time’s up. Please maintain order. Thank you. Don’t listen to them, Mu Mu. What’s going on? Why did the reporter ask about
covering for murderer? I’m not sure. Maybe someone is trying to
smear Ling’s group maliciously. Wen Li. Stop them from writing about the reports. Don’t let this rumor spread. And investigate what they said right away. Focus on our competitors. Boss, we might not stop it now. It’s spread on the Internet.
Some people say madam… [Material girl Xia Lin left her former lover
for money and being with Ling Yi Zhou] I never dated Yao Liang. We’re just high school classmates. It was in the school reunion that I heard that he had a car accident. It must have been someone who deliberately make this rumor. Obviously, it’s targeting at us. Who will it be? Don’t think too much. I’m here. Ling Yi Zhou. Let’s visit Yao Liang. I want to ask his mother in person. Maybe we’ll know what this is about. [Outpatient] Who are you? Hello, ma’am. I’m Yao Liang’s classmate. My name is Xia Lin. So you’re the one who abandoned my son for money. ma’am, you misunderstood. Yao Liang and I have never been together. Of course, you don’t admit it. For the murderer Ling Yi Zhou, he was only your former lover. You are not welcome here. Get out! Ma’am! Ma’am, don’t do this please. Calm down, ma’am. Ma’am, please listen to me. Get out. Ma’am, calm down, ma’am! Ma’am! We came here to find out the truth. So we solve the problem. We feel sorry for what you and your son has been through. But you shouldn’t wrong
an innocent person like this. Who are you? I am Ling Yi Zhou. You are the murderer Ling Yi Zhou! How dare you come here! How did my son offend you? Xiao Liang is a good boy. He could have a great future. Now it’s all ruined by you. All ruined. Get out of here! Get out! Get out! Ma’am, there must be some misunderstandings. Get out! Ma’am, calm down! Get out! Don’t think too much. Let’s go home now. I will ask Wen Li to find out the truth. They are here. Fast! Mr. Ling. It’s said that you were the suspect. Are you in the hospital because of your guilt? How much would you spend covering up the truth? Xia Lin. It’s said you would do anything to marry someone rich. What do you think? As reporters. Don’t you know you should take legal responsibility for spreading rumors and misleading information? Mr. Ling, please answer. Mr. Ling. Tell us about it. Sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me. What is it? How do you feel about the joy of revenge? This is just the beginning. He should pay for what he did. You’d better be careful. After all, Ling Yi Zhou is not so easy to deal with. I know the limits. Excuse me. Mu Mu, what’s wrong? Ling Yi Zhou. It was not you, right? I promise you. I didn’t run into anyone. I haven’t done anything illegal. Yeah, you weren’t even there. How could it be you? And the Ling Yi Zhou I know is not that kind of person. What are you going to do now? The rumor has spread on the internet. And the situation is not good for you. Ling Yi Zhou. I’ve asked Wen Li to investigate. He’s going to find out soon. OK. I’ll leave now. I’m going to the company. I’ll ask the driver to send you there. OK. Ling Yi Zhou. Everything will be fine. I will always be with you. Thank you, Mu Mu. I’m leaving. Hello. Hello. Ling. What’s going on? It’s okay. I’ve got Wen Li to investigate. Don’t worry. I’m fine.
[Manager of Ling’s Group is suspected to commit a crime
and ask for a scapegoat 2 years ago] If you need help, let me know. I still have some people
in the entertainment field who can help. OK. Thank you. My pleasure. Okay, I’ll hang up. Come in, please. Come in, please. Chu Yan. Don’t get closer. It’s me. Don’t come over here! Don’t you remember me? Don’t come here. Don’t come! I just want to thank you. Chu Yan. No. Don’t run away. These flowers are for you. Chu Yan. Chu Yan. Stop there. I don’t mean anything else. I just want to give you these flowers. Put your weapons down. I have no weapons. That bunch of flowers. Don’t you like these flowers? I packed them all by myself. And they are the freshest. Look. Zhao! Well. Miss. I’m really sorry. Why are you doing? My flowers! My flowers! Hello, everyone. Come back with me. I’m leaving. Are you allergic to pollen? You have asthma? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I don’t mean it. I didn’t know. Don’t worry. Just don’t give me flowers anymore. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I just want to thank you for helping me last time. No problem. You didn’t know about it. Zhao, please call the cleaner. No need. I’ll do it. I’d better call the cleaner. No! It’s my fault. I should clean it. I want to apologize by action. But I don’t think you can. Chu Yan. You can’t judge a book by its cover. You need to adjust route A. The distance between attractions is too far. You can’t just consider personal interests. And for route B, though it’s popular, the cost is too high. We need to reduce the cost. And route C. This route is not so popular. We need to spend more time on promotion. All plans need to be improved before putting into the product catalog. Is your company a travel agency? Kind of. Travel and photography. But why do we have to choose from planned routes? I’m not interested in those. Can’t I just go where I want to? And then you can arrange it. This type of products are all with fixed routes. If we only arrange according to
the customers’ preferences, the cost will be much higher. But. Get down. Get down. Get down. It’s better to say like this. Listen. But I’m a customer. I spend the money. Can’t I customize my own route? Miss, it depends on how much
you are willing to spend. Anyway, the purpose of our company is to let customers spend the least money and get the best service. And we make sure they have the best memory during the trip. All right, all right. I’m going to wipe the floor. Go away. You really never dated that victim? He and I are just classmates. We never met again after graduation. Although… These memories are getting stronger recently. It tells me that I need to tell you
what I didn’t say at that time. I… I like you. I’m sorry if it scares you. If possible, may I be your boyfriend? What? Nothing. Anyway, I have nothing to do with him. That’s good. As your manager, my best advice for you is to keep away from Ling Yi Zhou. Or divorce him. You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to take any responsibility. Sis Jiang, I know you are caring about me. But I believe Ling Yi Zhou. He needs me now. I can’t leave him. And our relationship is not about the contract. I know you’re in love with him. But don’t get carried away by your feelings. He can cover for the suspect. Maybe he did it. His words aren’t trustworthy. It is still under investigation. I believe the truth will come out sooner or later. It will prove his innocence. Please believe me. OK? OK. If you don’t listen to me. I can’t help. But if it affects your career, don’t regret it. I know. I’ve made the decision, I’m ready for that. Get ready for tomorrow’s conference with Yu Yuan. OK, I’m going to talk to her now. Thank you. I won’t bother you. I’m leaving. OK. I’m here to talk to you about business. Business? What business? About what I said last time. Have you thought about it? Can we be friends? What are you laughing about? I laughed because you don’t need to ask about it. We will be friends naturally. Okay, I see. Two years ago, there was a stuff of our group who hit people while drunk driving. The suspect was one of our group’s drivers. According to him, there was no one else in the car when the accident happened. But after that, his family got a lot of money. Later, when people inquired his family members, they insisted the driver hit someone. Keep an eye on them. There must be some week points. It was not reported at that time because the company was preparing to be listed. Mr. Jin covered it because he didn’t want it to influence the image of Ling’s group. Absurd! He was ignoring life. How could he talk about the image of the group? Keep investigating into what he has done in the past. Yes. She’s coming. Xia Lin. What do you think about Ling Yi Zhou asking someone to be a scapegoat? Xia Lin, as the victim’s ex-girlfriend, are you helping Ling Yi Zhou hide it? What is the truth, Xia Lin? Aren’t you ashamed to do this? Xia Lin, please answer the questions! The truth is Yao Liang and I are just classmates. We’ve never dated! He wasn’t my ex. Ling Yi Zhou didn’t hit anyone. And he didn’t ask anyone to be a scapegoat. He can’t be accused of something he never did. I believe everyone can understand how it feels to be framed. So please don’t use sensational and untrue information to get the public’s attention. We are investigating it. We will reveal the truth. That’s bullshit! You shameless bitch! Move aside. Let me teach her a lesson! Mu Mu! Are you OK? I’m fine. Thank god it’s just water. Otherwise, I can’t imagine! Are you all right? I’m fine. Mu Mu. Why are you here? I knew the reporter wouldn’t let you go in that kind of situation. But I didn’t expect they would attack you. I’m sorry. I didn’t protect you, Mu Mu. I’m fine. Look at me. I’m good. I don’t care. If it happens again, I would send more people to protect you. Now they know your apartment address. It is not safe. Move in with me. OK, I’ll pack and go tomorrow. OK, I’ll pick you up tomorrow. Boss, the rioter is under control. Investigate him. OK. Let’s go. [Xia Lin was splashed on the press conference] Keep exposing the bad things Xia Lin
and Ling Yi Zhou did. You can use all the information
about Xia Lin I gave you before. Don’t make it easy for her like last time. How many do you want? 100, 000 yuan. OK. I’ll transfer to your account later. Remember to keep your mouth shut. A big secret. Definitely the hot search. It will make you popular. Got it. You will be satisfied. Last time you escaped. Who’s going to help you this time? Neither of you can escape. Congratulations! He won’t be so lucky this time. Wait for the good show. Fei Fei. It’s late. Go to sleep. Insulting Lin Lin means they insult me. I’ll fight with them till I die. I am afraid it will make it opposite. You know what? The Spiral of Silence says when people express their opinions, if the opinions you agree with are agreed by most people, it’s likely that you are bolder to express and spread. Let me put it this way. It’s like people following the trend blindly. On the contrary, if the opinions are agreed by few people, even if someone thinks it’s right, they will keep silent. It will only make the other side more favored. And those favored opinions are mostly controlled and guided by the media. So you don’t want only one opinion exist
in the comments. Clever. Many people are brainwashed by public opinions and support them blindly. Therefore, no matter what rumor it is, people will buy it. If no one speaks up, those rumors are going to be the truth. OK, I’ll help you, too. What is this? Xia Lin’s anti-fans meet-up. I told you. It’s really organized. What kind of group is this? It’s anti-fans group of Lin Lin’s. I finally got myself in. Just to collect evidence of the slanders. No way. I have to go. Maybe I can get some important evidences. I’ll go with you. Why are you going? I’ll shut myself up. I would just listen and record. No one will find out. Boss. According to the investigation, he was an anti-fan of Miss Xia. Since Miss Xia became an artist, he has been discrediting her. Anti-fan? The mobile phone shell is not that simple. Let’s investigate the issue of the bug again. This time, investigate people around Mu Mu. OK. By the way, We got some new information about
Yao Liang’s accident. The driver who was a scapegoat has a brother. He loves gambling. This probably has something to do with the money transfer. Good. Then keep an eye on him all day long. His account as well. If evidence is found, call the police
as soon as possible. Leave it to the police. OK. According to the two-day research, clients are satisfied with the quality of our photos, shooting and style. But some say that we have only a few routes with fewer choices. If we can solve this problem, we will get more clients. Right. Photo-shooting tour focuses on
travel and shooting. If we can take care of both sides, clients will have better experience. Clients can choose where they want to go, then company gives the plan and service. This can be our unique selling proposition compared with the same products in the market. Mr. Chu has a point. I think we need to mention our advantages, as well as our concept. In this way, we can compete in the market and convince the board. Right. So our brand will be known by the public.
And with a slogan, we can impress the board more. What about I decide my travel and photos. It’s simple, but isn’t it too broad? What about travel around the word and record your scenery? This sounds a bit awkward. Why do I have to choose from the routes? I’m not interested in any of them. Can’t I just go wherever I want? Then you can arrange it. This type of products are all with fixed routes. If we only arrange according to the customers’ preferences, the cost will be much higher. But I’m a customer. I spend the money. Can’t I customize my own route? Anyway, the purpose of our company is to let customers spend the least money and get the best service. And we make sure they have the best memory during the trip. None of this can work. Go wherever I want to. Everyone, our new slogan can be Shoot wherever I want. Shoot wherever I want. It’s catchy. And easy to remember. It also highlights our selling point. Brand innovation. In this way, we can convince the directors. Right. Excellent! Then we’ll call it Bojue photo-shooting tour. Shoot wherever I want. Sorry. Sorry. I’m late. Please sit down. We’ve started for a while. OK. You’re also Xia Lin’s… She can’t tell right from wrong. How can she be a star? Right. Why are you here? To support you. What are you talking about? Tell everyone. I want to ask what do you hate about Xia Lin? Fake smiles, bad acting. And she calls herself good actor. But she won the prize. She bought all the rewards. And she’s crazy about money. She only likes rich people. But aren’t these things clarified? And she and Ling Yi Zhou are dating. Who knows? And Ling Yi Zhou is not a good person. He’s a profiteer. They both are shameless. Right! Ling Yi Zhou hit people
while drunk driving. He still pretends to be sanctimonious. He didn’t do it. How did you know? I think he did this for love. He ran over Xia Lin’s ex-boyfriend on purpose. Xia Lin is not a good person, either. People wouldn’t have died
if it wasn’t for her. This has not been confirmed yet. Please don’t spread rumors. What do you mean? Diss us all the time. Are you Xia Lin’s anti-fan? Listen up! I can’t stand you guys who hide behind the computer screen, making and spreading rumors. You are pathetic trolls! Are you blind or brainless? Believe rumors as you see. Why don’t you see the clarifications? You think you all are moral? And you can attack others at will? When she laughs, you say it’s fake. If she doesn’t laugh, you say it’s impolite. You’re so good at prying. Why don’t you pry the earth! Who are you? She’s my girlfriend. Who are you? He’s my boyfriend. Who asked about your relationship? I got it! They must have been sent by Xia Lin. You can make rumors; can’t we fight back? Who has made rumors? When did you hear? Do you want me to play? Is this man sick? Well. It’s none of my business. I said it because it was fun. Fun? I don’t think it’s fun! You are having fun. But because of your jokes, someone’s getting hurt, you know that? You are free to say whatever you want, but you should also be responsible
for what you said! Leave it. Let’s go! What’s their problem? None of their business. Fei Fei, you said I’m your boyfriend. Don’t you say I’m your girlfriend? Any problems? No. No. What a sunny day. Right? All right, don’t be angry, OK? Madam, this is his room. Thank you, Mrs. Huang. I’ll unpack it myself.
You can go ahead with your work. OK, I’ll prepare dinner. Call me if you need anything. OK. Thank you, Mrs. Huang. It was Ling Yi Zhou. I’m back. Mu Mu. Ling Yi Zhou. You were in that bar that day. I remember this mask. It was you! Yes. It was me. What about these materials? Why do you have them? Or you knew me a long time ago? I did know you. I have known you for a very long time. Today is the 779th day I know you. June 8th, two years ago was my birthday. I never celebrated my birthday. But that one time, I wanted to buy myself a cake on the spur of the moment. It was there where I met you for the first time. Pay by card. I’m very sorry, sir. Our POS machine is broken, no credit cards. Well. All right, forget it. You don’t need a cake for your birthday, do you? I’m sorry. Thank you. Sir, wait a minute. Use my VIP card. I’m a member here. On member’s birthday, we can buy one cake and get one free. right? Yes. It’s my birthday today. Two cakes. Thank you. OK, just a moment, please. No need. It doesn’t matter. I can’t finish it anyway. That’s for you. You mean you knew me two years ago. On the tipping point of my life. Hello. Hello. Lin Lin. Can you come to Tianyi media now? There’s a play here you can try. I’m talking to the producer now. Really? I’m just nearby. I’ll be right there. Happy birthday! Thank… Thank you. I know I was a total stranger for you back then. It’s normal that you don’t remember. But what you did gave me the warmth that I haven’t felt
for a long time. Just for a cake? If that cake made me fall in love with you at first sight, then meeting you at the bar half a year later made me believe its destiny that let me meet you again. That time my father was seriously ill. It was the first time in my life that I went to a bar. Hello, sir. It’s our bar’s masquerade carnival after 9p.m. tonight. This is the mask for the guests who don’t have one. Have a good time! Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. Fei Fei. When I saw your eyes, I recognized you immediately. I couldn’t believe I could ever meet you again. The girl who made me fall for her at the first sight. Miss. Are you all right? Thank you. Sir, I’m fine now. Could you put me down? You’re here too. Countdown to masquerade carnival! Five, four, three, two, one. I was looking forward to taking off
my mask in front of you. Because I wasn’t ready to face you. Should I smile or keep silent? I didn’t know. So at that time, I chickened out. You became more and more famous later。 You are always around me. Whenever I feel tired, I feel powerful after seeing you. I saw you realize your dream with your efforts, step by step. I saw you smile more and more confidently. I’m really happy for you. I didn’t want to go to the charity dinner that day. But I saw your name on the list. Are you going to the dinner tonight, boss? Chu Yan. Xia Lin. OK, tell them I’ll go. OK. So I changed my mind. I just wanted to see you. I really didn’t expect the rumor would happen like that. Mu Mu. I was actually paying attention to you that day. I saw you were in trouble. I can’t help coming to help you. And I embarrassed myself. So when the rumor came out, you knew I would come to you. And then you announced the engagement
at the press conference. Yes. But everything I did is because I love you. So you can hurt an innocent person because you love me? Mu Mu, you also think I have something to do with Yao Liang? Why didn’t you tell me you were there? It was too sudden. And someone deliberately made it that way. I’m afraid you would misunderstand me. When everything is solved, I’ll tell you. Ling Yi Zhou, you hide too much from me. I can trust someone unconditionally. But you lie to me again and again. My trust will be destroyed. Now I really don’t know if I can still believe you or not. Mu Mu. I’m not that kind of person. Am I like that in your heart? Don’t you remember that Ling’s group
asked someone to be a scapegoat? I heard the victim’s name is Yao Liang. He is Xia Lin’s old friend. You are the murderer, Ling Yi Zhou! How dare you come here? Mr. Ling. It’s said on the internet that
you are the suspect. Are you in the hospital because of your guilt? How much do you want to spend covering it up? Mu Mu. Answer me. I don’t know. I really don’t want to think about it. I have a lot in my mind now. I want to be alone. Mu Mu. Mu Mu, Mu Mu! Mr. Ling. The unsuitable clothes you mentioned just now have been sent back to the companies. I didn’t say they are unsuitable. I just wanted to see her try them one by one for me. I want them all. OK. This one too. ♪ Is she the happiest in the world ♪ ♪ I don’t want to compare
her smiley face with someone else♪ ♪ Just give me some more courage ♪ ♪ It’s all affordable ♪ ♪ It’s not smart to say that ♪ ♪ Take a deep breath ♪ ♪ Take a look at yourself♪ ♪ There is no problem ♪ ♪ I take a deep breath ♪ ♪ I don’t need you to remind me ♪ ♪ I didn’t believe it or listen to it♪
♪ So I didn’t see it and fell into a game♪ ♪ I’ll do anything for you ♪ ♪ Do not indulge yourself ♪ ♪ Very sincere ♪ ♪ I don’t tear you down to convince them♪
♪ I’m the one not being careful ♪ ♪ I become unreasonable for you♪
♪ Don’t believe in love ♪ ♪ I can’t bear the pain, even if I breathe deeply♪
♪ I’m still crazy, I still mind ♪ I think. Let’s finish playing cards first. You. You. All right, all right. Take pictures. Lin Lin. No. You! You can’t unite and play with me like this! I’m sure you can be our off-court assistant.

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  1. Oh my! Mu Mu already finds out.
    Nice, it's the same. The 1st meeting. and the second at the bar but in different way…
    Love it ♥️♥️♥️

  2. When she found out that 'he knows her for a long time' or stalking her, in season 2 it wasn't as bad compared to season 1 where he created a false illness of her having leukaemia.
    That was messed up!! Messing with someone's life like that 😥 This season 2 it wasn't that extreme though. Thank goodness 😍😍😍 ❤Xia Lin & Ling Yi Zhou ❤ perfect couple 🤩

  3. Pessoal que tá assistindo, perguntando e reclamando sobre a falta de legendas
    Paciência!!! Vcs acham que legenda brota do chão? Demanda disponibilidade dos tradutores e o tempo deles. Se não têm paciência vão aprender mandarim ou inglês

  4. 為何因為一些小事就不相信對方,感情有這麼經不起考驗嗎?女主有點頭腦簡單如果男主不愛妳幹嘛對妳那麼好。😧😧😧

  5. Can someone just get rid of the manager… She's actually crazy, how many times does mumu have to say she never dated the other guy? From what we know they never even hung out

  6. That shit happens so much times, random person obsessing over another to the point where even others think they're together

  7. what i don't understand is how they r calling ling a murderer, but the boy was in a coma for 2 years and xia lin only "met" ling recently?

  8. I think the person her manager is planning something with is the other son of ling yi zhao's mother. The one who kidnapped xia lin In season 1. I forgot his name but the surname is ning

  9. 相爱很甜,矛盾太牵强,实在是太牵强,暗恋你怎么了,证明没有无缘无故的爱,不然那么多美女为何你是那个幸运儿。

  10. First thanking you for the English subs. Absolutely love the relationships forming between Chu Yan and the young lady and Wen Li and Fei Fei. They are so adorable. I love Mr. Ling in Season 1 and 2. His character has been softened a bit but he is still the man in charge. I am happy to see Chu Yan running his father's company. Wen Li has become more approachable as well. He is giddy and so in love. Enjoy seeing the dynamic duo of Mr. Ling and Wen Li working behind the scenes to solve problems. They would be good in a remake of a Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Watson movie. I have been thinking just how wonderful Mr. Ling and Xia Lin would be in a remake of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's, "The Taming of the Shrew." It would so be hilarious.

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