(ENG Sub)ASMR 친근한 의사샘의 알레르기 반응 검사 롤플레이 Allergy Skin Testing RP(한국어)

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Come on in Let’s see Last time, you had a simple blood test for cold or allergic rhinitis I told you to come back once more that I think you have allergic rhinitis? Right. Yes, You have allergic rhinitis. So today, you have to figure out exactly what allergies are for something you can avoid. So I asked you to come back once more to check for allergic skin reactions. Have you ever heard of a skin reaction test? Haven’t you ever heard of it? Yeah.. Allergies … Do you know there are many things that can be a factor in allergies? Yes, Peach peanut stuff like this .. Besides crab, shrimp, tuna, and meat Each type of pork, beef and chicken has its own allergies. And milk, egg whites, animal protein. There are also people with such allergies. If you look at it, It react to proteins. Or plants. Like pollen … things that come out of those trees. Pine flour, fir flour, Or are cedar flour
or the flour coming out of a dandelion … all those powder… Do you know there are a lot of people coughing every spring? Or those who are sneezing a lot if they are clogged like houses, It is affected by house dust mite, mold, or hairy cat hair. There are allergic factors in everything.
There are dozens, dozens. Yeah But you need to know which of them then you can avoid. so, There’s a lot of reagents here. Place the reagent on your forearms very little by little, scratch it slightly, If there is an allergic reaction, “Oh, I am allergic to this.” And you can avoid it.
. got it?
Yeah, good. If you have allergies, others will not respond and you will respond. You may have rhinitis, asthma, or dermatitis. Rhinitis is okay, but it can be dangerous if you have asthma. Because the airways are inflated because of the inflammation, sometimes life is even worse. That’s why it’s better to find it early and not think about it yourself.
It’s better to come to the hospital and make an accurate judgment. Yes, you are well.
then, Now, let’s see. I will now scratch your forearms with a disposable spit. It’s not sick enough to bleed. I’m only going to scratch it so much that these reagents get in for now… the gloves I wear now are not responding to those who have allergy to powder Powder-free latex sanitary gloves. You do not have to worry. Anyway. Disposable Needle I’ll scratch. You’ll be tingling. Are not you sick? Wait a second. To do this a lot, I have to draw the lines well. There are a few columns, so if you do not check it properly, you get confused later. I’m just a normal human too.. So far is food, here is a plant, from here to here are environmental factors. I’ll even scratch. Oh right, as in the last week, I mentioned on the phone You did not take antihistamines. For a week? Yeah What is my antihistamine? When you go to the pharmacy, “Give me a cold medicine or allergy medicine.” It’s antihistamine that’s in the drug, and if you eat it, this test is useless. The drug makes an immunity to this test, which makes it unresponsive. One must make an immune beorindago
I got no response to This is
Now I’ll try from milk Egg whites. to.. shrimp… What if this happens to a positive reaction? After 15 minutes, if you come up that much, there’s a positive response If there is no response, you do not have to worry. Even if it came up red, I will apply the disinfectant that calms it later So you do not have to worry. Are you ticklish? You’ll be tickled. Now this is pork. beef. chicken Now the food factor is done mold. Oh, It extract only the factors in the elements and condense them into solutions It’s not a dirty solution because it’s a mold mite You don’t have to worry. When I say mold,There are those who say “It’s dirty, can not I skip?” If you go to a bigger hospital, there are a lot more of these reagent sets Our hospital is trying to drop this solution. There’s a hospital with allergies factor patches attached to it. Now we’re testing cat hair and dog hair. Do you have any puppies or cats at home? You raise a dog oh. of course. I also like dogs but having a favorite and an allergy is a different matter. I like dogs, but I have doggy allergies. But it’s not that bad, so this is enough. Depending on its degree Those who are intensely coughing and sneezing to the point of not being able to do so Cough and sneeze and geureosi I’m only nervous about my nose. I try to touch puppies with that. I’ve done it now It smells like rubber. Yeah
Now wait about 15 minutes and I’ll see the skin reaction for a while. Even if it is ticked, if it scratches, the solution spreads. It’s almost the time. Let’s see.. Haves yo haves. With this and this. Oh, it got a lot red. This is a lot of tickling, is not it? this… What is this? It’s … It’s Crab It’s a crab not a dog hair. Crustaceans.. allergy. And.. Let’s see. I’ll check the size once. This is a red one centimeter wide. The lateral width. The diameter swelled to about a centimeter. This is about 0.7cm, And this … And this … this is about 0.7cm too. I’ll clean it up now. The reaction was something earlier before … I and
Cat fur. Daetjyo I do not have to raise dogs and cats. Similarly, it was 0.7 mite. You’ll have to put away your house well-being. Well… Now we’ll drill down to fit your prescription. Ah. I’ll haedeuril disinfected once I’ll drill down your prescription Pharmacies go.
Go to the pharmacy right down to the ground floor If I’m just beating
Built eat again about a week later Once to visit
Yeah I’ll look at the car again. So go carefully sigoyo I’ll see you next week four Please go in carefully

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