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A woman breaks a young man’s inhaler thinking
he’s taking drugs. See who the unlikely hero is!
Welcome to SketchMyStory Do you have a story of a near death experience?
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story animated with family and friends. Idiot Entitled Mom Thinks I’m Taking Drugs;
Breaks My Inhaler by loadingink I have asthma, so I keep an inhaler on me
most of the time. I’m at a store to get some groceries while
my mom sits in the car. I go through my routine (get bread, milk, and eggs, circle for freezer,
get whatever the hell else seems necessary), and everything is well and fine until I’m
in the freezer aisle. Since I was a bit sick that day, I had a bad
cough which meant a possible asthma attack, so I had my meds at the ready. As I begin
to have a really bad coughing fit, my asthma triggers. I can’t breathe and am choking
on any air that I could get; so I grab my inhaler from my breast pocket. I go to puff it;
Enter Entitled Mother. Before this, I saw EM on the other end of
the aisle with her son, I didn’t make note of her because she looked like a normal person,
nothing of interest other than her nails (crappy person, very pretty nails. I wonder where
she got them done.) Now, EM is smacking my inhaler OUT OF MY HANDS. EM: How dare you take drugs in front of my
son! Her child, from what I can see, doesn’t
even notice anything until his mother started screeching like a banshee
This woman continues to yell about how I’m “endangering my baby” and “going to
persuade him into becoming a drug addict,” all while I’m trying not to faint from lack
of air and to find my inhaler. And as this witch of a woman is wailing on
me, in comes my savior. PK (poor kid) is skirting around his mother,
and in his hands are my meds. He’s about 7 so I think he knows what emergency medications
look like. PK, the smart little ish, hands me my inhaler, IN FRONT OF HIS DAMN MOTHER,
to which I take the biggest effing puff I ever had. My lungs start to let air back in
after a moment and this woman looks like she’s about to go off on me and her son.
An employee has rushed to the aisle and she immediately runs to me.
SE: Sir! Are you okay? What’s going on here? Me: I’m fine-
I show her my inhaler and tell her that I have bad asthma. She nods and asks EM why
she thought I was doing drugs. EM: IT- IT’S DRUGS! LOOK! EM snatches the inhaler again and takes the
bottle from the freaking spacer and shows it in full to the woman.
SE: Ma’am, that is this young man’s prescription for asthma. EM is suddenly white in the face; looking
from the meds to me and back. She suddenly drops the spacer and the bottle and takes
off running with PK. We don’t pursue her, but I don’t see her after that.
Huh. I’m shocked that this entitled mom was actually embarrassed because that rarely
-ever- happens. They usually double down and absolutely will not accept that they were
wrong I’m able to get enough air to complete my
shopping and the employee gives me a coupon (very sweet of them.)
My inhaler now has multiple chips in the spacer and the bottle’s fluid leaks, so I have
to get a new one, unfortunately. What an idiot woman; don’t know how she raised such a
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  2. Hi my name is Karen i am 27 and I stop drug attics,what do you mean those are not drugs oh shoot yeet I fast as f*ck boi

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