Environmental Allergies and Sublingual Immunotherapy with Dr. Kroker

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Allergy solutions brought to you by the
leaders in allergy care, Allergy Associates of La Crosse. Environmental
allergies are probably one of the most common diseases that American face. Well,
about one in 5 of 50 million Americans have got some form of allergic disease. Common
ones that patients can suffer from can be, first of all, seasonal allergens that
you would have in the air. This can include tree and grass pollens
in the spring. It can include fall pollens and any time
the ground is above freezing you can have mold in the air. This can be
present from the spring through the fall. When a patient comes in and they have an
allergen that they cannot avoid and it is significantly impacting their quality
of life, then we offer sublingual immunotherapy, which we feel can be
disease-modifying and can change their disease for the better. For more than 40
years, Allergy Associates of La Crosse has provided effective, innovative,
allergy treatment.

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