Environmental Asthma Management in Action

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Matt Siemer: For 20 years now we have had asthma vans that rotate between local schools in the Chicago area. And what we are trying to do is be a full service allergy practice for kids who otherwise would struggle to find those services. In some neighborhoods that we serve, over 25% of kids have asthma. Amy Bain: I think we have about 47 different sites
that we go to at this point in time. And we do focus on school sites. So we typically see about 200 patients a week. Matt Siemer: And we essentially try to position ourselves in the most convenient location for the greatest number of kids. Back in 2013, we started our home assessment
program for the kids with severe allergies. We started going into their homes and then providing remediation. In one particular neighborhood, we were able to lower pediatric ED visits by 84% over three years. We were looking at the same data that the EPA is. The EPA actually reached out to us and they
were excited to hear about the results in that particular neighborhood and asked if
there was any way they could help us coordinate that care. Amy Baine: We were actually, we could not believe that we received the award because we know how prestigious it is. Matt Siemer: An outside organization that
heavily vets these kinds of things has told us that the care we are providing to you is the very best that you can get. It is incredibly rewarding. As you might imagine people are pretty excited. Amy Baine: We actually just had a mom that
had no idea that allergies and asthma were related. They are very grateful for all of our services. Amara Mckinney: The experience as a whole is just great. I just love the fact that I finally found
a team that can really help my child. You know, they gave me you know pointers, they gave me tips on each medication and how to use the fentflow the correct way. Most definitely check out the asthma van. Get educated about what you can do to prevent you know asthma attacks.

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