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So for the first time in my career I felt that I just wanted to run away today maybe give up… and usually in the morning I
always wake up and feel that… at least I can do baby steps today I can start with the coffee,
I can do some meetings I can do something always be working and things will… become better but today I… I was so, so… near just to say goodbye,
I’m leaving right now I don’t know if I’m coming back… Hi, this is Isabella Löwengrip and this is my FLIP SIDE – Where are we going,
what are we doing today? – I’m a bit tired so because I was in Amsterdam
yesterday to launch Löwengrip and today we’re gonna be
in Åhléns in Stockholm where we’re gonna have a meet
and greet with my followers. Should I eat lunch now or later? Or should I carry the bags now or later? – When are you eating lunch today? – I don’t know, I missed that but I was preparing for this so I ate a lot of breakfast this morning. – Do you know your followers? – Yeah, a few of them, you know
they’re coming to every event and they have been doing
that for like 10 years so a few of them I really know and there is of course new ones and it’s going to be both, like half of the ones that are coming
is going to buy Löwengrip and they are interested of the products and half of the ones, they
just want to talk with me and especially after… these last weeks when I’ve
been more honest in my blog and I’ve been writing about that my life has been quite tough so I think that today will be like a lot of hugs and chocolate. I think so. – What has their support meant to you during all these years? – A lot, extremely much so you know it’s both ways I have been writing about
things that they can relate to you know when you’re a teenager you when you’re becoming a mother when you’re divorcing, when you’re… and in the same time, they
were being always supporting me like today, I can be very
tired, I can be sad, confused I know that I have a tough
bank meeting in this afternoon so I have to stop thinking about that and the company’s future and
just be here and right now and try to meet everybody today and see them in their eyes
and make them feel that… that you know, we’re
having a meeting together and I’m seeing them and they’re seeing me – So we can do a Story
when we’re entering. So Maria, are they gonna
like sell the products during the event as well? – Yes, on the event they’re
gonna sell everything. – Okay, is there like a
discount or something today or? – A discount of 25% off all the products. – So today, it’s 25% off of everything? – Yeah. – Hi. – Welcome! – Thanks hi, Isabella. I’m thinking… I have… a risk for one specific person. – Okay. – Should I show you a picture? I’ll do that later so that’s one person that
can be critical today. God, now I can be fooled
when I have no control. So, the Foundation. – One more.
– Yeah. – I will just see… maybe there’s… – Good, then the Foundations is up. – The part that concerns the bank. When I do like public
things there is always somebody who is a bit weird coming up. – You’ve been threatened before? – Yeah, a lot of times and
especially there’s one guy and he has been following
me for a few years so there’s always a risk
that he’s gonna show up. A few years ago people were throwing like a dead animal against me so people can throw things because I was wearing fur or collar or… so somebody has to watch out so I can be calm and just
focus on what I’m doing. For like five years now,
so I’m quite used to it. – Welcome. – Thanks, so nice. – Check with her because we are only doing the foundation. – But don’t we need the the
company, the Inc. as well? – We wanted to… – So we can do commercial things. – I don’t know if this is what they categorize the bank account. – Okay. – Because you’re not registering a company with the bank, you do it
at The Registration Office. – I feel that, as you said in the taxi I’m much more tired
this week than last week because I was on adrenaline all the time so I think next week… I think I’m gonna have
like a cry week soon and then it’s gonna go up again because then you know, when
we know that everything is when the bank says yes to everything and our clients are back and the followers are
happy and all the relations everywhere is fine, then I
think I’m gonna get tired. – Yeah, ’cause then you’re gonna allow yourself to relax.
– Yeah. – For real, definitely. – So I’m waiting for like… like some tough… but then I’m done with that so after that I can you know, rise again. – Yeah. – Okay, push the bottom. I have to wait for Telego? What’s that, like a voice for something? Like a sound, okay. This is like a dream come true I can be talking in the
entire Åhléns today. – Hi, my name is Isabella Löwengrip and today I’m here at Åhléns at ground floor to meet you Löwengrip will be standing there and I’ll be down in a couple of minutes so come and meet me at the main entrances you can see the products of Löwengrip and I can talk to you and meet you which I enjoy a lot so see you in a minute at ground floor and you can check out the
products of Löwengrip. See you! Ground floor. What is the word in Swedish, bottenplan? Yes, it’s gonna be fun. It was a long time I
did something like this not yesterday, but…
– Yeah, yeah, but before that. – It was very nice with
the sign yesterday. – Yes, it was. – Yes, very good. – Yes, the mint green was so nice… – It’s our signatur colour. This is actually a top from Åhléns I gave it a thought. – Hi. – Hi, so fun super nice. I’ll take the time to say hi to people first. Great. Thanks, absolutely. Is she speaking two language or? – Three. – Three language, wow! – She’s watching TV in English. – Okay. – Speaking Swedish and French. – French that’s amazing lucky you. – Yeah.
– Yeah. That makes you happy and
motivates you so be careful about the
impressions you get every day and try to control them. This is my trick to read something by someone by a person with true passion when I read, it can be about a
female athlete, it can be… or a man, anyone who… when a person has written
or achieved something with passion and I can take part of that,
that empowers me that’s my tip to you let yourself be inspired
every day, with care. Thanks for the help! – It’s always very touching,
and it’s a lot of emotions and like I said to my colleagues there’s not so many beauty companies that are throwing an event
and people are coming and talking about their lives and sharing they’re sharing everything with me they’re very personal and so, I’m getting personal too so after it’s always like an emotional… shower over myself. And even though I know
what’s the big goal is it’s so far away and I have to do so many decisions before that that’s going to hurt people because they have to… a lot of my employees they have to… leave their works now, they have to quit so we have to make maybe
half the team go so we can save the other half and it’s terrible. Story of my life, waiting for elevators all the time always have to wait and then I always feel
like life is going so slow. So now, it’s the bank meeting. – How does it feel? – Oh, I have to push the button first zero no, but it feels okay I think you always have to be transparent and always say the truth,
especially to your bank so that’s my strategy
today just to be honest of what is happening around us and then the future and how we will… pay back the loans. ‘Cause when you are an entrepreneur like 99 of your decisions
is made by myself but when you’re talking with the bank it’s somebody else who’s in charge yes, and I don’t want to be… I always want to be independent
and that’s my biggest Why why I’m doing everything I’m doing I want to be standing on my own feet and don’t have to ask anybody for anything and today, I have to go to the bank and ask them to help us for the future and I hate that. Before independency was… like to have my own island to have my own thing, to don’t have to meet people and just be… to have my own airplane to
have everything just by myself so I don’t have to be
involved with other people that was like being independent in the end I’ve been
public for half my life so I just wanted to be by myself but… I also realized that
that world’s quite lonely but right now every time I’m by myself I’m taking sleeping pills so I can sleep because it’s too… It’s too hard for me to be with my… just by myself today and that’s not so independent. And, you know, I dropped
off school when I was 17 so I’m not that good of… like talking about Excel
and all the numbers and so that’s not my… I’m very weak there that’s also hard when you’re are discussing something
and you don’t know exactly 100% what you’re talking
about all the time. and I hate being the underdog it’s much better to be in a position when I have all the information
and I know everything so the thing that we’re
going to talk about today is how are we gonna turn
around our sales right now how are we going to become bigger and more stable as a company and I think I have the plan around that so I’m gonna present it today and hopefully they will say yes but if they’re saying no that I have to change everything and really start from the beginning I think the toughest part here is to if somebody’s saying, in this case the bank that your business model or this idea isn’t working,
that’s the toughest part because I created this world I want it to be successful so if they’re saying, no,
this is not gonna work we’re not going to support
it, then I have to come up with something new, you
know, no social media no beauty products, I
have to start all over and I don’t know what
I’m going to do then so that is my most important role today to be very calm and to make them feel that they can rely on me but then I need to admit
the things that went wrong earlier to say that you know,
I did these things wrong and I’m gonna do this
again but do it right I think the worst way we can talk with the bank is if I’m telling lies that we’re gonna succeed
with this, this and this I have to be honest I think it’s gonna be in here I don’t like this and days like this I’m
always thinking about why don’t I have like a
normal job like sitting in a food store and just… working nine to five and
then go home, watch TV series instead of going to one of
the Swedish biggest bank and ask for money. Inside it’s a tornado but in one minute I have to meet my team
and then I have to be calm – You’re team is here? – Yeah. – Hi, this is not Mäster
Samuelsgatan 20, is it? I went the wrong way – Go down, take left, left again… – Is it in the same building? – No, you will come out
through the back door – I’ll try to call someone. – Hi. – Hi, I went to the wrong bank. – Wrong bank?
– Yes but I’m there in two minutes.
– Okay, good. – I went where I usually
go, to the private. – Okay, Mäster Samuelsgatan 20 – Give me two minutes. – No worries.
– Thanks! Bye. I’m always so used to
have my team around me so sometimes I can feel like I’m a kid because I don’t never, you know look at streets or numbers or because there’s
always somebody you know just pushing me here and then we go here and there’s a car waiting here but I need to learn, so it’s good and I’m very bad on focusing on things that are not interesting so, like time, streets, addresses… gates on airports I’m so bad at everything because it’s not interesting enough so I will never save it in my head. So, a few weeks ago I was so sure that I was supposed
to be in New York right now being in my apartment in Upper East I was supposed to have my agent over there I was doing all these red carpets and don’t have time for Sweden but I had this great like
vision and plan for the US and Australia and now everything is gone. Yes, a lot of things are dying right now. But I’m going to make it with this meeting I’m going to be calm I’m gonna present the future I’m gonna be trustworthy – Hi, I’m sorry, I went to the other office. Hi, we’ve met before. – Do you want anything to drink? – Yes, some water please.

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