Ep4- Toyota Hilux ambulance saves child having asthma attack.

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my son a perfectly healthy five-year-old he woke up by last saturday at four in the
morning I suddenly heard strange noises and I ran to is room
and I saw he was really gasping for air and he couldn’t breathe I had to take him to the Emergency Clinic which is also
half an hour drive and they had to put in my special mask
and giving shots to open his breathing and the doctor said is a 100% happening from the from the dust and first of all is something really something
terrible I wouldn’t wish it on anyone waking up in the night from the
noise of your son not being able to breathe I talk to people about it and I said wow listen this and what happened to echo and I was
very surprised to hear the amount of mothers they told me yes it happened to
my son yes it happens to us a lot yeah he should talk to her her kid suffer
from it a lot also in the kindergarten he is
there’s three kids already suffering from asthma attacks

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