Ep94- Food Allergies & Vaccines… Related? [My Incredible Opinion]

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Did you know that before vaccines were invented,
we didn’t even have the word allergy? Before we started injecting foreign material into our bodies, there wasn’t a word for anaphylaxis? Isn’t that interesting? How did these words enter into our vocabulary? Allergy is described as “a condition in
which the immune system reacts abnormally to a foreign substance.” You could say no, the immune system is reacting
normally to a foreign substance. And anaphylaxis describes a very severe allergic
reaction to something. Life threatening. In the hierarchy of suffering on the vaccine
injury tree, people tend to place allergies at the bottom- have you noticed that? My child was injured by vaccines you might
say. What happened they ask, with concern. They have a peanut allergy. Oh, they’ll say with relief, as if you dodged
a serious problem. The reality is there are very few vaccine
injuries that threaten to kill your child multiple times EVERY day of their life. Want to send your child to a birthday party? Could be life threatening. Going to a family thanksgiving meal out of
town? Could be life threatening. Every day, every few hours- parents of children
with severe food allergies face these decisions. It is exhausting to know a single slip up
could end up with the death of your child. I’m not going to categorize or try to codify
the suffering of vaccine injury, but let me just say this – food allergies, and specifically
the peanut allergy, is a horrible, terrible thing. No child, no parent should have to deal with
this problem. There is not a military prison on earth that
could create this kind of long term psychological trauma. And yet these parents, these children thrive. They deal, they cope, and they thrive. I speak a lot about autism families and
autoimmune disorders, but I have a soft spot in my heart for these unsung heroes. Before doctors invented words for allergy
or anaphylaxis, the only thing similar thing they might could talk about was insect stings. They could sometimes cause a very severe reaction-
much more severe than seemed normal. And not coincidentally, Insect bites and stings
involved an injection of a foreign material into your bloodstream, where your body would
create antibodies to it. The next time your immune system encountered
that invader- Boom! A massive reaction to attack it- severe enough
to kill you. Thankfully, our immune system is designed
so well that it requires a very rare situation to cause this type of response. Our gut is very, very good at keeping everything
out of our bloodstream that shouldn’t be there. This is an incredible feature of our body. So humans had come along through thousands
of years of documented history with apparently nothing resembling allergy. When did it first pop up? The small pox vaccine. Some children would respond extremely violently
to the vaccine. Rashes, like eczema could appear locally,
sometimes all over their body, sometimes resulting in death. This was probably one of the nastiest side
effects of the small-pox vaccine, and one of the large reasons it was discontinued in
the 1970s- NOT because small pox was eradicated, by the way. No one really knew why this was happening,
but another shot came along and scientists began to figure it out. It was the diphtheria antitoxin shot- what is now
the D in the DTap and TDaP shots. Now a vaccine, because it wasn’t really a vaccine back then. It was something different. They would inject a horse with increasing
doses of the diphtheria toxin until it had developed a lot of antibodies in its blood. They would bleed the horse, filter out the
red blood cells and take the remaining liquid, optimistically referred to as “serum”
and inject into children in hopes of protecting them from diphtheria. There is a problem here, if you can’t see
it already. The horse blood contained a million other
things in it- things which were never supposed to end up in the blood of children. The first response to having this diphtheria
antitoxin, or horse blood serum, injected into a child’s body could sometimes create
a mild response, but the second one- Boom! A massive, life threatening reaction. It was very concerning. They didn’t know it at the time, but the
first injection had resulted in minor side effects as the immune system created antibodies
to the foreign material. But on the second injection, it was a violent
response that was very scary. During the research of this phenomenon, French
and German scientists coined two new terms to describe what was going on- allergy and
anaphylaxis. Doctors even coined their own slang term for it: Serum
sickness. And it wasn’t 1 in a million. For the diphtheria antitoxin, it was over
40%, according to public health officials at the time. If you ever wonder if there were always food
allergies everywhere, you don’t have to wonder. They used to not exist- any allergy, actually
as far as I can tell, besides insect bites. You only have to go pick up a history book
to understand the true story. It was vaccines. Besides autism, auto-immune disorders and
a couple of other things, vaccines invented allergies and anaphylaxis. And that is my incredible opinion.

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  1. On my channel I'm splitting up the William Thompson tapes into smaller clips that can be used as references for talking points.

  2. Brilliant! Subbed, my child is almost 4 and I've kept all that poison away from him, but I'm always wondering deep down if I've made the right decision and have to relook into this subject all the time to make sure I've made the right decision, I still cannot believe there has been no real research on health with vaccinated and unvaccinated people on a big scale, it's all snippets of research here and there but there is a paper that I read and it's conclusive that vaccinated children 100% have heaps more allergies compared to unvaccinated, I mean this is just fact.

  3. Online there is an article with a medical scientist (who first trained as a Dr) whose job is to make mice allergic to something. The easiest and most effective way they have found to do it is to inject the 'something' into the mouse with an adjuvant. !!!
    The same procedure as vaccination.

    And why does spellcheck not know how to spell adjuvant? Is it missing from the dictionaries on purpose?

  4. +Forrest Maready – Investigative journalist Sydney White from Toronto is pure gold.  Have a listen to her lecture.  Here she presents 'Murder in the First! A History of Vaccines' for Studies in Propaganda 2011 at the Free University of Toronto".

  5. Dear god. I feel like my children's generation will have dating websites set up very differently. Websites that are for vaxxed and UnVaxxed will need to pop up. What have we done to humans….what can be done to correct it for the future. Full stop, then what? Can we breed out the worst of the food allergies? People with severe allergies only having children with those that were never vaxxed. My head spins thinking of what we have done and what will be done in the future. Maybe it's all a moot point though. I can't picture a world where these concerns and truths are common place. But I pray every night that truth wins and we can get the best of our scientists on the task of now what.

  6. The Rockefellers hi-jacked the American medical industry. "The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz."  The W.H.O. was started up by Rockefeller and Rockefeller was into eugenics and euthanasia in the 1930's.  They own the W.H.O.  And they own the NIH.  First they came for the Jews, gypsies and the mentally ill.  Then they came after the whole world (mandated vaccines).  See the Georgia Guidestones for more information.

  7. What people don’t realize too is that animals have their own antibody system. Ours is different because we’re a different species all together. So just because the horse was able to endure the antibiotic response doesn’t mean that a human would in the same way. That coupled with the blood fraction of the horse is a dangerous combination.

  8. Bullies who take advantage of a person's allergy should be charged with assault. It's disgusting how they laugh after putting a victim in the hospital. I've read about a 10-year-old who had a life-threatening peanut allergy. It was so deadly that if he inhaled the odor straight out of the jar, it made it difficult for him to breathe. One bully KNEW this so he smeared a huge amount on his hand and slapped and rubbed it over his face. The kid was on life support in the hospital less than an hour later. I don't care what his age is, the bully should have been arrested and sent to a detention center where he shares a room with 13-year-olds who were arrested for stabbing people or selling drugs.
    Finally, I have not gotten "vaccinated" for anything in the last 9 years. I only have a minor nasal allergy and that's it. I have no food or drug allergies of ANY kind.

  9. Yea, allergies were still around way before vaccines, they just called it a different name. For example Hay Fever was called Rose fever and so on. The way you talk is very manipulative and a simple google search and intelligence and debunk all of your conspiracy theories.

  10. Just watch Plotcin under oath. The Godfather of Vaccines. He admits to using 76 aborted fetuses in one science experiment. Then admitting to doing experiments on mentally handicapped children. Justifying his actions because that's what they did in the sixties. Okay can we now put that rediculous , arrogant bullcrap behind us and stop passing on these abominations to future generations. The God of Abraham , Isaac And Jacob can not bless The Promised land if we accept all this wickedness to go on. We can only prosper if we keep the commandments of God found in the Bible. Keep up the good work Forrest. I hope we can meet your family some day. We just met Del Bigtree . You two have liberated so many mothers out there with the truth. My ten year old has never been vaccinated and is by far the healthiest out of our 5 children. No jaundice, earaches brociolits, seizures, loss of words regression, grunting, headaches for a year after 1 chicken pox shot, allergies, mmr is horrendous. Every vaccine is satan's instrument to harm God's perfect design. God bless you Forrest.

  11. Yes, they are. I'm fully vaccinated and allergic to the world. I can't eat soybeans, eggs or milk.


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