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Beatrice: How hungry are you? Alessandro: As usual. EPINEPHRINE By the way, if you’re coming on Sunday, my mother is making her pesto sauce! I’m sorry, I can’t make it. Don’t worry, she’s not going to use walnuts, she knows you can’t eat them. No it’s not that, I just can’t make it. You’re busy again? Group study. Irene is going to be there as well. Wow, you became such a diligent student all of the sudden. What’s that supposed to mean? Bea! What’s wrong? Beatrice, please talk to me! Oh, I don’t know, suddently you’ve been busy studying all the time, even on Saturday’s nights. For Christ’s sake, I have to take 7 exams! You’ve been saying this for months now, because you never cared about studying. What’s going on now, you suddently woke up just now? Am I supposed to believe that you finally changed and suddenly found the will to put your head on straight? Not this shit again… I ask you if we can go out on Saturday and you can’t because you’re too busy studying, I ask you if we can meet for lunch but again, you’re too tired because you spent the previous night studying. Am I supposed to believe that you, out of all people, spend all this time preparing for an exam? Yes. Yes I do. I’ve been studying the entire day. Sorry if I want to accomplish something in my life and I’m unable to accomodate your needs all the time. You don’t even answer your phone whenever I call you. Because it’s on silent, since I’m trying to concentrate. But of course, if I’m the one not answering your calls I’m a bastard and a cheater, while it’s ok for you to completely ignore me whenever you’re out with your friends on the weekend. Look, I know, you’re right. It’s just that, I was thinking that maybe- You were assuming. As always. How long is it taking for the pasta? I’m going to take a shower in the mean time. Irene! Your stuff is here! That’s were they’ve been all along! Do you know what can happen if Bea finds them in my room? Well, she already assumes you’ve been lying and cheating to her anyway. I mean, she’s not even wrong! Could you lower your voice? Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else? Hey, just in time! Yeah, you were really quick! Thanks, some pepper is just what I needed. This pancetta here is the one I bought from the store from that one guy, you know him. It’s like the best pancetta you could taste, I mean-

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