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we say thank you! Now to our guest! Our guest today hass dealt with a number of serious health issues over the years including COPD, heart disease diabetes
and cancer in his right lung. And joining us from Ontario Canada to talk
about how cannabis has helped him is Dave Holloway. Dave very good of you to do this,
thanks very much! – Dave: You’re quite welcome! – Ian: Dave what impact has cannabis
had on your health overall? – Dave: In general it’s helped
quite a bit with various thing. Just helped some
of my friends of various things as well. When I can afford it I will make RSO
and hand it out for cancer relief. A lot of people don’t believe that
the oil will cure them so they go ahead and they do their standard chemo treatments and
radiation and all that crap and you know I give them that to dry and it at least
helps with the symptoms and brings their whites back up the white blood cells and
helps with appetite and that kind of thing so it’s not all lost and it’s
gonna take a while to get the public because of the brainwashing and
everything over the year is gonna take a while to get the public to trust that
there is a cure for cancer for one and that there
many other health problems that can be helped with the use of this plant Dave
give us an overview of some of the health issues you’ve dealt with over the
years back about 15 years ago I got diagnosed with COPD and I got a
specialist online it was an internist and now he is the head of the cardiac
unit at the local hospital here uh he diagnosed me with COPD and this was
before I got put on oxygen he acted as my family doctor actually because they
have a family doctor there was a shortage here in Ontario and he was very
very good to me and he helped me through a lot of lung infections and that sort
of thing and kept me working and I was very very grateful to this man and he’s
still my specialist today although now I do have family doctor the first thing he
did that really helped me was I went in to the hospital seeking some help
because I had a difficult time breathing and they gave me one of those face masks
you know put the mask over the face the steam comes out it looks like skin burn
they actually gave me two I guess I fell asleep during the first one and they
decided to put me in a room they hospitalized me and when I came to there
was a guy in the next bed who had been in in that room for a couple of weeks
fighting forget the name of the disease real serious one but he had a double
lung transplant and they were rejecting on him after five years I passed though
while I was talking to him and he rattled the cage pushed the nurses call
button and I got rushed down to back down to emergency where that specialist
just happened to be doing some time and he intubated me and sent me to a
hospital in Scarborough and I was in a coma an induced coma for 17 days
and every time they pulled out the intubation tube
I wouldn’t breathe on my own so I was given last rites in in actual fact I had
died before I got back to the emergency room he brought me back to life and then
shipped me down to a lung specialist hospital where I stayed and where I
partially recovered before being sent back to my hometown where I spent
another two months in the hospital that started the whole ball rolling with the
oxygen and and all of that thing and Dave sergeant erupt here but just just
for some clarity so when you went into the hospital and you know died and were
brought back etc this was all a result of the COPD yes okay thank you yeah I
went to get the oxygen mask treatment because that had helped me in the past
and it did help me apparently but it only helped me for so long
and then it kind of relapsed on me and it put me out you know the my roommate
which was in that room I met up with him about three months later I didn’t know
who he was and he told me what happened in that room and I was shocked
because nobody knew I couldn’t get the doctor to tell me then he told me what
happened and that’s how I know but it took me two months when I got back to my
of my hometown hospital to recover and get sent back home and at that time
that’s when I got put on the the government assistant at the Ontario
Disability Support Programme and since I’ve been on that but it’s been a an
uphill battle new things popping up and diabetes popping up and heart disease
popping up and we’re a cannabis come into play was about six or seven years
ago when I was actually I was listening to a radio program that Corey and Jen
were involved with and I signed in and I talked to extension and found out that
they ways that I could treat my COPD and I
tried a couple of those ways and it seemed to help during this time being
that it’s lung issue I had lots and lots of chest x-rays it seemed like every
week or two I was in the hospital getting another chest x-ray well one of
those chest x-rays there was a spot found on my right lung and I got
referred to a thoracic surgeon down in Toronto I went to see this thoracic
surgeon and he looked at the x-ray and he told me that 90% of these were
malignant and these as we can we can screw around and we can take biopsies
and we can do everything else takes quote six to eight weeks to get the
results back from the biopsies of during that time this thing can grow to be
twice its size he says all I can say is it’s a spot it doesn’t belong there
let’s get rid of it and I agreed and my sister came with me
and she agreed but because of the past episode of my experience with dying
quote unquote they were afraid to put me under to do this surgery so I had to go
through six weeks of testing to see if I could withstand the the anaesthetic
that’s the word I was looking for yes and they finally be said yes you could
you can withstand it come back and see me that this was the thoracic surgeon
says come and see me and we’ll set up an appointment for surgery when I went to
set the appointment up for surgery I had to go for an x-ray beforehand I went in
to see him in his office and he looked at the x-ray and then he double-checked
my name he flipped through it and everyone’s way by loose and said what
did you it’s gone no that’s what’s gone and he
says there’s there’s nothing there he said I don’t know what you did but
whatever you did you got rid of it and that’s when I told him that I used the
RSO I used it totally by vaporized it and I used it as a spas Ettore what was
his reaction he wasn’t that shocked and you think I think that means as you know
I’ve heard of it he says but I’ve never seen it and I said well that’s exactly
what I did I didn’t do anything more or less and if it’s wrong
hey Alleluia I said now I don’t have to have surgery right he says no I can’t
see how any kind of surgery would help you
he says come back in a year and see me and we’ll see if it’s still there or if
it’s gone or what and it’s been four years now
awesome Dave that’s great it yeah I was I was kind of surprised myself but it
worked but it did it’s the only explanation I can come up with what do
you figure you were taking as far as how much you were taking these are the type
of things people always want to know so how much were you taking when you were
trying to or when you got rid of that okay first of all with the suppository
method I was I was using the size of a capsule
I’m not sure what’s the double zero yes a gel cap and I would fill it up about a
quarter with the oil which is like about the size of Thor grains of rice right
and I used a lady’s yeast infection tool you know yeah one of those yeah
applicator that’s confused I’ll go buy you one later today and so you can see
what it looks like I didn’t even know they had those things sorry
I use that and you know cleaned it the help alcohol and everything after each
use and they used it twice a day I hate I hate the oil just stuff my finger and
sometimes in a capsule about 1/4 of what I put in the capsule ok cuz I found it
was it was just getting me to be too high yeah yeah okey I can’t function
when I get that high I just kind of jam out on the coaching right so for people
who are listening who may not have heard this before if you do suppositories you
don’t get high that’s right because apparently when you eat it it goes
through your liver and that gets dispersed to the rest of your body if
you don’t eat it and put a you know in no man’s land so to speak but not too
not too far into no-man’s land that’s no only a couple of inches just past this
what they call the sphincter yes it actually it works Cory has mentioned
many times Dave on this program that people who have lung issues particularly
lung cancer if they use the oil as a suppository it worked extremely well and
we’ve talked to several people who have actually there was a fellow in New
Brunswick who had lung cancer his brother had lung cancer and died here
earlier his father died of lung cancer he got lung cancer and did not want to
go through chemotherapy started taking the cannabis paste was a little
different than the oil it still works is from the cannabis plant and within 11
weeks he got rid of it and that was just an amazing story and you did yours in
what six weeks six weeks yeah six weeks that’s great now did you did taking the
cannabis oil help you at all with your COPD and the reason I ask is because the
the always we always get a lot of interest in COPD must be more of that
out there than I really ever imagined so how did it deal with your COPD I
actually first of all in making making the oil first time that was with
assistance from from a grower after I get rid of that it was like okay lol
damn I gotta pay for it from now on so I wasn’t really able to keep it going so I
didn’t really notice any change in the COPD to be honest with you although I
trust that there is a difference I’ve talked to some people online that say
that you know they swear by it then most of them are smokers which is you know
apparently smoking elite is the only 20 percent effective as medicine vaporizing
is about 60 percent effective and suppositories or eating it is about 80
percent effective I haven’t been able to really explore that option because the
money issues and not being able to afford to buy the raw product David
talked to us about this bomb that you make um you know that again that was
supplied to me by my lab my friend who was in the he’s in the business of
hydroponic business he supplied me with some to try a recipe that I’d come
across and apparently this bomb is supposed to be good for numerous
afflictions everywhere from infection to nerve to arthritis relief relief from
fibromyalgia and depending on the length of time that these things are used for
these purposes can actually sometimes reverse or at least put into remission
in some of these diseases and it’s been proven a friend of mine group or all
in her backyard and she was using a method of just eating it without
decarboxylation you can explain what decarboxylation is but decarboxylated
marijuana all that does is makes it psychoactive
when you’re using medicinal marijuana you don’t need it to be psychoactive
all you need is to have the THC and the CBD and CBN s extracted from the plant
that’s what you actually need for the cannabis to be of help to you
so I tried non decarboxylated extraction methods such as I had just had it
soaking you know like you’re not in olive oil and you gotta stir it three or
four times a day then you strain it off through cheesecloth in the strainer and
then if it’s still a little gritty and grainy then you put it through a coffee
filter and you come up with this green colored green is gold colored liquid and
you had the other ingredients to it beeswax is one of them and that helps to
solidify it as well as coconut oil which helps to solidify it and you store it at
room temperature now since I made it and I’m the first one to want to try it I’m
also a diabetic type 2 diabetic and I have diabetic nerve pain in my legs so
the first place I tried it was where the pain was directly where the pain was in
my legs and I had been on painkillers from the doctors and that’s sometimes
you know relieved it but it didn’t take it right away after I applied sparingly
this balm to the areas where the the pain was the pain went away within 10
seconds it completely went away and I was like holy cow this really works so I
told my friend about it and she says oh yeah
really help she says let me know when you get it made because I love some
apparently her bro got stolen and she hasn’t grown any but she had put her
fibromyalgia into remission and was in remission for approximately five years
but now it’s coming back and since she’s not growing it anymore
she asked for me and me to send it to her so I will know more about that after
she tries it out but my wife has tried it she has rheumatoid arthritis and she
gets a lot of pain relief after she put it on her major joints knees elbows
wrists some finger relief but it it takes away some of the pain doesn’t take
it all the way but I’m hoping that achieves is it long enough they may take
it all the way and even start to reverse it the same way that it can reverse
fibromyalgia or at least pretty remission sore doesn’t worse
did you sell this online yes I’m thinking people will probably who hear
this will probably be interested in this product
it’s a cannabis based bomb the ALM it’s a cannabis bomb yes that helps with I
guess nerve pain that people have it’s actually from what I’ve been able to
figure out through hunting online it’s supposed to help with number of
different things right from mosquito bites to infections to nerve pain and
everything in between to imagine everything in beach and everything in
between yeah burns scar tissue what do they call that
skin disease or psoriasis psoriasis yeah any kind of things
any sort of skin condition it sounds like it’s it helps right arthritis
fibromyalgia muscle pain diabetic nerve pain due to diet diabetic for opera
peripheral neuropathy floral neuropathy yeah
varicose vein relief impossible remission cuts scrapes burns insect
bites and other skin abrasions and the healing ointment for other skin
disorders such as psoriasis eczema and even apparently acne this is what I’ve
been able to find out so um I have given it to a friend who has they call it
three cancer I’m not sure exactly what that is but doctors have been working
with them for about a year trying to remove this or get rid of it I gave some
to him about a week ago he’s applied it every day twice a day and it is now gone
great so skin cancer is another another possibility but since I haven’t pad it
you know that I made it myself and I’m in the process of trying it on
different things to see where it does help and doesn’t know because I don’t
want to sell it online for one thing I don’t think it’s late legal that’s all
anything online yet and I don’t want to get myself in the position where I end
up going to jail you know with all my problems and everything that God I would
die there well I have to stay home and once the laws are approved and
everything else done anyway trying to do that at least passed pasta recipes along
because you know people can make their own they don’t have to buy it from me
and I’m not to make any big money off this I just want to help people
they’ve given your condition with COPD your heart disease your diabetes and
your cancer do you think you’d be alive today without cannabis I think I would be but I wouldn’t be in
the shape that I meant I think that the cannabis has improved my quality of life
and without it I would just be on more pills you know you know the last
hospital stay that I had they completely revamped my my personal list and approximately thirty to forty percent of
the of the medicines that they had me taking they eliminated so they didn’t
need them anymore are you on any medications now though
about twelve pills in the morning not now
about 9:00 in the morning and five at night they used to be about thirteen or
fourteen in the morning and about 8:00 at night so it’s decreased the amount of
medications that they need now during the course of making Azara so from their
friends they take minimal amounts by capsule every morning every night and
slowly it seems to be eliminating my medications nice very nice no that’s
that’s great David’s there anything you’d like to say
in conclusion it sounds like you’re on the road too well you’re on the right
track let’s put it that way with with your various ailments so
you’re reducing a number of pharmaceuticals you’re on you have
developed this great multi-purpose bomb that helps people with various ailments
and also helps your wife with their rheumatoid arthritis
anything you’d like to say to people who may be listening and who are seeking
some I guess some comfort in taking cannabis due to the fact that many
people roll on line for answers and do the negativity that they see online and
the different things that are posted by by people don’t believe everything you
read you know keep positive and just know that this plant has been around for
thousands and thousands and thousands of years and it’s been eaten for thousands
of years and up until 1937 when the movie reefer madness came on and shocked
the nation when they made cannabis illegal disease was minimal cancer was
one in a thousand after they made this illegal all these things the COPD the
the type 2 diabetes to the we were born with cannabinoids in our system and due
to breathing and heating the chemicals that are in the air and in our food it
is destroyed the cannabinoids and the cabin cannabinoid receptors in our body
all cannabis does is put those cannabinoids back and repair the damage
done by what we’ve eaten and what we breathed so I can’t see any harm in
using a plant that has been around since the beginning of time Amen well that
Dave yeah that’s good it has survived everything it has survived everything
and it’s still here and Dave do you know what Cory and I are gonna do we’re going
to make a movie called broccoli madness nobody eats broccoli anymore and the
police break into your home if you’re growing broccoli in your garden David
was great to talk to you appreciate it thanks very much well I hope help to you
and your listeners and I look forward to listening to this thank you so much Dave
you’re quite welcome if you would like to sell your story on
cannabis health radio but the use of cannabis for medical benefits send us an
email at info at cannabis health just give us a bit of
background as to why you were using cannabis and the effects it had what it
did for you and the health benefits and we’ll get in touch with you so wherever
you are the world thanks very much for listening you’ve been listening to the cannabis
health radio podcast visit our website cannabis health and follow us
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