Episode 3: Get in Losers: Backstage at the MEAN GIRLS Tour with Mariah Rose Faith

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♪ My name is Regina George ♪ ♪ And I am a massive deal ♪ – Hi Broadway.com, it’s me again, Mariah. And, oh, there’s someone else here. – Hi. – It’s Megan! And this is our Cincinnati
loft that we’re in. Before we start the
video, you gotta see this. It’s just that cool. Okay, wow, would you look at this? Megan, could you do a cartwheel? – I swirled too many times. – [Mariah] It’s okay, it’s fine. You take care of yourself. Take a sit for a sec. There you go, all right. Anyway, so in this vlog you are gonna see some
Halloween shenanigans. Some people dressing
up, people acting crazy, and then I go around and I
show you some of our props. I didn’t get to all of them. There are some special ones
that will make an appearance because I couldn’t find them, or I thought we got rid of
them, but that was not the case. Anyway, enjoy. Hey guys, it’s Halloween. Jonalyn and I are here at the
theater a little bit early and we’re gonna put some spider webs in people’s dressing room. Me, her, and Megan were talking about it and just a little spider
web flare for Halloween so hopefully people don’t see us. We’re also gonna put
it in our dressing room so it’s like, oh, I don’t know who. Who done did it? But hopefully it works out
and we don’t get caught. Also, it’s raining outside
and my pants got all wet. Pants got a little, it’s a little sad. Let the madness begin. – Ooh. – He he he, spooky time. – Spooky time. Sorry boys, you’re being a
little booed today, baby. (girls laughing) (grunting) – [Mariah] Dani Wade will
literally never know what hit her. (laughing) Brian, who is our physical therapist. This one is the funniest one to me. Just a casual weight,
just a casual weight. – [Jonalyn] Some candies on the pillow! – [Megan] Is that
chocolate on your pillow? – [Rosa] I’ll close my eyes. – [Mariah] Rosa, you
didn’t see a dang thing. You didn’t see a dang thing! – [Megan] We need a
scissor, we need a scissor. (heavy breathing) – [Mariah] Oh no, oh God. – [Jonalyn] Oh my gosh, be careful! (girls laughing)
– You did that on purpose. – [Mariah] Safety scissors. (laughing)
It’s done. (laughing)
I’m so sorry. – [Rosa] I didn’t see anything. – [Megan] She can’t leave now. – [Mariah] She can’t leave,
we’ll get her in there. She’s never gonna be able to break through that bad boy right there. Wow. – Help me. – (giggling) Oh my gosh candy! (grunting) – Bye. – [Mariah] What the heck who did this? – What the heck Happy Halloween. – [Mariah] Who did this? Oh my gosh. – Spooky Halloween. – [Mariah] That’s crazy. (knocking) – [Megan] Yes? (cheering) – [Mariah] Whoa is that Danielle
Wade in costume already? A beautiful unicorn. (cheering) – I’m a unicorn princess, and
the world is my noble steed. – [Mariah] Oh amazing. – [Jonalyn] Your costume looks amazing. – [Megan] That’s so cute. – [Mariah] I love that, oh
he’s dressed up too already? – Oh ya, we came early. – [Mariah] They came ready. – [Jonalyn] I have to teach a class- – We do not play around except
when we buy our costumes. Two hours ago at Target. – [Mariah] Yes you did. – This was all that was left. – [Megan] That’s a size 14 child. – [Mariah] That’s okay.
– This is for a child. (laughing and clapping) – [Mariah] I love it! You look great. I was gonna
wear mine, but it’s too wet. – [Megan] I really wanna
go home and dress up now! – [Jonalyn] I wanna be a unicorn too. – [Mariah] I know, I
can’t wait to dress up. – [Josalyn] Well I have
my costume with me. – [Megan] What is happening here? – [Mariah] Oh no, there’s more. – [Megan] There’s so many. – [Mariah] Oh no,
there’s so many unicorns. Oh no! – We’re taking over. (exclaiming) – [Megan] We’re surrounded people. – [Lady] Try again, try again. – [Mariah] Happy day after Halloween, but guess what, we celebrate
Halloween every year. Why don’t you take a look at our set up? So these kids are drinking. I know, they’re so bad. We got a Jack Daniels, we got the candy. We got this guy right
here, one eyed Willy. What are these? Seltzers? I’ve never seen this. I’m surprised there isn’t White Claw. So I just wanted to show
you some of our props and sets that we have in the show. I think there’s little secret details that you do not catch while
you’re watching the show, but you catch when you’re in
the show, and it’s hilarious. Every singe night’s hilarious. So I’m gonna show you some things. Northshore’s hottest form
of gossip is the Burn Book. This book has everything. Hairy nips, f*gly sluts, wide set vaginas, everything you’d ever want in Chicago. Because that’s where
the school takes place, so that’s what’s happening. The Rules baby. This book is top secret. Randos only, no BFF burns. No boys can see this. Mom stay out! There’s Dawn Schweitzer,
that is miss Sarah Crane. She’s so cute, I hate that
we make fun of my friends. Let’s see, who else do we have? Uh, he’s not in our cast. Oh, there’s Eric Huffman,
who plays Damien. The page is blank because we
write about him in the show. Then that’s Emma, she’s
one of our stage managers. Emma Ramsay-Saxon. She’s so cute. What did we say? Never met a carb she didn’t like. (laughs) Good for her. Rachel Hamilton, which
is played by miss Morgan. There she is. Fills her inhaler with vodka. Is that true? I don’t know. And then we have Gayla,
who is Ms. Norbury. Is a sad old drug pusher. And then that wig is
photoshopped onto her head. So it looks a little funny. Uh, I don’t know her. And then that’s me! Regina is a f*gly cow. That was an older photo. We’re getting off Burn Book pictures that are the actual photos that come off on the screen back there, during the show. But, ya, that’s the burn book. There is also a picture
in there of M.K. as Janice that was photoshopped very strangely. I will ask her if she
wants it to be in the vlog, and then maybe in another
episode I will put it in. Because it’s something else. I don’t want to move this
because everything is set, but this is one of my favorite things that we look at every night. Because first of all, our faces are photoshopped
onto these bodies. So there’s me, Megan, and Jonalyn. And definitely not our bodies, nope. Oh, little Easter egg, there
is Ashley, Taylor, and Kate. Still, uh, still in our
show, which is amazing. We love to see them every night, duh. And then, oh, there’s
another really good one. Where is it? Wait, where is it? Oh, it was taken out. It was Dante’s face
photoshopped into here, and it is, it was questionable, and I’m so sad they took it
out. because it’s so funny. Well there she is, uh Emma,
I was just showing them your Burn Book page. – Oh yes. – [Mariah] Yeah it’s really
good, you get burned. Because you like carbs. – I did, I ate a baguette earlier. – [Mariah] Did you? How was it? – It was fantastic. – [Mariah] I believe it. – Um, it had butter on it,
it was really, really great. – [Mariah] I believe every second of that. – That’s what I had as a
snack, after my protein shake. – [Mariah] Yep. – At lunch. – [Mariah] You’ve done
today right, with the foods. – I really like to keep a balance. You know? A protein shake and a baguette. – [Mariah] And a baguette. – And maybe a piece of pumpkin pie. – [Mariah] That’s tour food. – Yeah. – [Mariah] That’s tour food baby. Northstorm? That’s not a real store. But that’s real donuts. Let’s see. Instead of Anthropolgie, sociology. And then Shameless Footwear, duh. That’s where Cady gets her shoes. Her suede heels, because she needs more. This is the stage. This is Pittsburgh, we’re in Pittsburgh. Say hi, Margot. – Hi! (laughing) Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. And bathroom that I slide in. Oh, um, I think Taylor must
have put her purse in there when we slide on, because people always ask if
I put my purse in my toilet, but I do not, I hold onto it. Cool, cool, cool. So that was episode
three of Get in Losers. Thank you for stopping by. I don’t know what next week will be yet, and I gotta think about it. (grunts) But, um, I’m not gonna work
myself up about it just yet. It’s gonna be fine, it’s
going to come together. And, uh, it’s all going
to be for all of you. So, ya, let’s continue to do this thing. Let’s keep going for it. ♪ My name is Regina George ♪ ♪ And I am a massive deal. ♪

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  1. Pittsburg is an hour away from me and I wasn’t able to see it, but it’s alright. It was crazy to see the seats instead of the stage.

  2. maybe it’s just bc i’m a music geek but was anyone else listening the the band warm up in the back the whole time she was talking about the burn book?

  3. Maybe its because this was just posted, but there are 0 dislikes on this video!

    Fun fact it is a math day because it is 11/8/2019 and 11+8=19
    Just cause Cady likes math and so do I lol

  4. Hunny I'm honestly not mad you're not in Black Friday. This is such a great opportunity for you and you're such an iconic Regina. ❤❤

  5. hearing the band warm up in the theatre before the show as a theatre kid always gets me ya feel… it’s a weird unexplainable feeling of happiness and excitement and butterflies

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