Episode 63: COPD and Pharmaceuticals Were Killing Him. Cannabis Saved His Life.

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we thank you very, very much. When you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
your lungs are obstructed or blocked making it
difficult to breathe it’s estimated that more than 30 million people in the u.s.
in Canada have COPD with half of them not knowing they have it our guest today
has COPD and was so sick when he got to a hospital that he was put into a
medically induced coma the doctor said if he’d waited another 24 hours he would
have died and joining us to tell us his story is Jeff waters from Colorado in
reading your story you reference February 27th of 2013 as a date you will
never forget tell listeners about that day Jeff yeah that day was the
culmination the the results of traditional medicine and what it what it
did to me on that day I started I had actually the day before set up picking
out a small sinus infection and which means the next 24 to 48 hours it
progressed to where my whole face was flowing up and to be honest with you
very little memories of that that period there even as the waking talking
everybody what happened was I ended up getting to a large Hospital in Tulsa
Oklahoma lived in a very rural area of Oklahoma
at one touch Dakota and there were two small hospitals have both sent me home
from the ER and when I got to toss Oklahoma
turns out I was having first of all allergic reaction to a prescribed high
blood pressure medicine I’ve been taking for three years prior with no problems
toddlers in apparel and on top of that my lungs were in such bad shape because
of COPD they had to put me on a ventilator and induce manchek coma I was
in that coma for 20 to 22 days at that point and in the hospital for 29 and it
was literally a battle for my life and it changed my life
100% Jeff I’ve seen pictures of you when you had this allergic reaction and the
pictures of you then and the pictures of you now are really really dramatic you
looked you look swollen you look sick you look depressed quite frankly you
looked a mess I was I was the results of traditional medicine were and I was in
that period of time when I was first eating I died in this with COPD around
oh nine ten years ago some on that timeframe to the point that you see
those pictures was I’d gained weight out of this I’m not a big guy I’m five or
five five and I was 190 pounds I was on oxygen III I was hating life there
wasn’t the the life I signed up for us for sure how many medications were you
on in total the height of my my poisons were 22 pharmaceuticals a long time
unbelievable Wow 22 yeah I was literally at one point
when I the full rise and 2010 I actually got to the point where I filed
disability but before I got into that point I was still going into my office
and I was going to my office shut the door and literally be so coked up up off
a pharmaceutical that I would just I would smear this for her
I don’t know good a little bit before I would be able to you know shake that
pharmaceutical haze off of me and be able to work so just we’re all these
medications you all but that you were on for COPD besides the blood pressure one
no I was a long range of different things it seemed like once I started
getting on the pharmaceutical train and once I started going down that path with
my COPD that everything on you could think of became a problem and there and
the answer was always another medicine you know I was depressed you know I was
given a diagnosis of a disease that was incurable that basically was gonna kill
me eventually I was a young man and instead of dressing that you know of
course you should be depressed you know here’s hope here’s other things that we
can do it was just let’s throw you know I&I depression medicine at you I had
anxiety attacks like why because I couldn’t breathe
so that a3 anxiety medicine at me you know there’s it just went on and on and
on I also diagnosed with Pima Croma ptosis which was another disease that
they have a cure for that causes your body to produce too much iron which
there infects all your major organs at that point so you have to watch your
iron levels and the only thing that basically do is lobotomy to draw that
blood out and plumb recycle it back and pull some of that iron out and so you’re
a lot of problems and host of things and like I said they the the answer was
always just another pill just when did you first discover that you had COPD
well in roughly eight or nine ten years ago I had probably should been diagnosed
before that I should say that it was a ran in my family rampant lung disease
COPD lung problems all the men amaya on my bad side of family were like my
dominant genes are from and all of them died of lung related or COPD issues or
cancer my matter of fact when I was in my coma passed away of lungs
COPD cancer related issues so around that timeframe I came that time I was
working on the road and shopping and I come back off the road and I noticed
that I would get drunk a lot and pneumonia and things
bronchitis big time I saw snow myself coming out the road and literally going
to mnsure and getting treatment and then going back out on the road again on
Mondays and then finally you know the immense room richly and diagnosed me and
then when I went to my doctor that was when we first started going down the
path of inhalers what was the what was the lowest point for you when you were
on when you were on all these drugs and COP and you had your COPD that in the
lowest point no well I think obviously lowest point was that emergency room
hospital today a coma but through that just living alive dragging an oxygen
cord around the house from one end to the other being restrictive having my
friends and family look at me like oh man he’s not got much time that type of
thing did you feel yourself that you didn’t have much time left you know I
didn’t I didn’t necessarily feel that I had much time left but I just felt
hopeless obviously depressed it wasn’t the life it wasn’t the life
that I was used to I grew up a pre athletic I was a wrestler in high school
a baseball player did you know any sports I could play for my spark and
that carried over even and I stayed active and a lot of hard manual labor
jobs and that type of thing and so when I got to that point where I was dragging
oxygen around I couldn’t do anything I thought less of a man and I thought less
of a human being and you know I know what any answers out there for me to
make this change that situation tell us about your discovery of cannabis
oil and what that did for you and your transformation oh man has been it
changed my life what happened with me is like when I
came out of my coma I was coming to and let me back up just a moment and touch
on something from that period because I think is important when I Rosen
kkoma several things happen that changed my way of thinking I grew up in the 70s
and 80s back then you knew literally you trusted your doctors you put your health
into their hands and put most part in that time they did have the most your
best interests at heart pharmaceutical big pharmaceutical wasn’t
like it is now where it’s such a big money game so we literally you know a
small hometown doctor who knew our family came at Christmastime and buy the
house and things like that and so I had always believed the doctors even the
whole way up until that moment that they had my best interests at heart followed
every direction they gave me and at one point when I was waking up in my comb
out of my coma coming to they were giving me injections in my stomach for
insulin because I also got immersed of autism and in that coma and so they were
fighting that up with tonday and about it so she came to give me one and I’ll
never forget I said man I don’t yeah I said a curse word man I don’t want those
I don’t want those shots my stomach anymore there and the lady said you know
honey you know you can refuse anything right and I said no I didn’t that that
that changed my thinking right there so since I cannae really start putting my
foot down on what I was being given and what I was taking in the hospital there
and the doctors that treated me when I was coming out of it had discussed with
me hated that some of these inhalers that you’re on all said pneumonia really
bad when I went out I’m not coming so they said somebody’s inhalers one
creatures from pneumonia if you get like this again you will make it and it was
that bad of a situation and so that got me thinking I came home from the
hospital with bomb first I saw I felt a very intense connection with my Creator
and very definitely I didn’t know what but I did I definitely left that
hospital knowing that I had a mission and my there’s something I needed to do
and that’s why I was here and when I came home I started researching
alternative methods to treat myself and we’ll be taking my health back in my
own hands and I try the tons of things and finally found a man on the internet
named Ronnie Smith and he was also a stage comedian his stage name was Roland
a doobie and he was on Facebook saying hey I don’t care who you are if you’re
sick if you need cannabis oil you know get in touch with me I’ll send it to and
so I got in touch with him I say you know big guy I’m here in Oklahoma very
illegal if you can get it to me let’s do it let’s just try this I want to try it
and so he did so sent to me at first we were just using basic indica well so we
started working together I started seeing improvement at the Indigo oil but
I was having a lot of problems with with the couch lock and be able to get
motivated and moving around so we started working and finding different
strains of oil and we found that sativas were working extremely well for me and
so from then the journey started and I just started finding more and more
health benefits more and more amazing things that cannabis or would do for me
and yeah I just ran with it so what was the first change you noticed as you
started to take care of the soil breathing that I thought my lungs were
opened up almost that it the best way to describe it almost I had a natural
breathing treatment the the breathing treatments saying you know they have
pharmaceutical had their side effects shakes all sorts of things make you kind
of kind of jittery type of thing with me anyway bounce off the walls a bit and I
noticed with cannabis well it opened my Airways and when I found the right
string let’s ateva gave me the energy but I wasn’t bouncing off the walls
crazy and with the shakes and all that good stuff and that’s really literally
the first thing I found out about number so don’t why I stuck with it and went
and allowed it to do so much on my body that I did just how much were you taking
I when I first started out I just started out with I look I was using
a gram of cannabis oil would last me anywhere from 30 to 45 days well I
started the max I ever got up to would have been probably around a quarter a
gram split up ended to Davises two to three doses depending on others needing
but that being said I’d never placed a cap on how much I needed or how much I
didn’t need I kind of listened to my body along you know the whole way if I
was feeling bad one day normally that I you know that I didn’t normally feel
that way I I definitely my cannabis oil I would increase it do an extra dose
whatever I needed to do what was the strain of sativa that was the right fit
for you well you know I found a lot of different strains of sativa that work
for me one of the very first ones that worked well for me was Blue Dream Jackie
era was a great way like now that I’m in beautiful Colorado one of my families –
Green crack it’s good when you make well from but any sativa with a high THC
content you’re going you’re gonna have success with oh I should say then you
know because of all this I have a you know a group on Facebook very large
group on Facebook I’ve treated and helped treat I don’t know how many
people I’m in the past two and a half almost three years or so right and sorry
to interrupt but what can where can people find you on facebook my facebook
profiles Jeff waters pitcher usually I have a picture of being Tommy Tom in the
pro my my group is treating COPD COPD with cannabis on Facebook and I in
the process of trying to get a website back up and since I had that from that
pro a wild and has been down and I moved to Colorado so those are the easiest
ways to find me also the YouTube channel that you could buy me on just with my
name and believe it or not I’m simply amazed by this but you can type in my
name and put cannabis behind it or COPD or cannabis oil I’m pretty much fine
unless to my articles or videos or anything I’ve done Jeff when you started
taking the cannabis oil did the weight start to come off you as well
what happened with me when I first started to be honest I did not change
anything in my lifestyle other than you know just using oil but as I started
more seeing you know how was stolen better and the benefits of it then I
started and he you know doing this let’s take it to the next level so I started
changing my diet and when I say changing my diet I kept it simple and I’m real
cynical about it because then everybody asks me what my diet was a my diet was
simply first I didn’t know what was right or wrong for COPD I just started
taking stuff that I knew were bad for me out of my fridge and replacing it with
fresh fruits vegetables and that type of thing and as I did that I started
exercising as well and so from you know in the hospital period I lost probably
fifteen fifteen pounds or so maybe maybe a little bit more and then through the
cannabis oil treatment I walked from then till now I was at her 90 been and I
weighed a week or so ago and I think the scale is wrong but it said 150 but I was
my lowest one was 135 135 how long did it yeah how long did it take you to get
off all your medications that you were on 22 Hospital there were some of those
that were eliminated so whenever I came home from the hospital I would say I was
whittled down to maybe 10 and and then some they also were sending me home but
in that hospital experience prescribing me vitamins as well that’s really what
got me thinking from that period say 1011 pharmaceuticals
I started dropping those within six months to a year or so dropping those
and oxygen and then within a year and a half I chopped everything and swore off
of it how long until you were able to get off of your oxygen approximately six
seven months after can’t start my first dose of cannabis oil that is pretty
amazing it is amazing but to be honest with you no but I
helping other people so long it’s so not unusual I had a grandmother and a small
town in Oklahoma that I was treating her doctor was didn’t know because you know
it’s illegal there what she was doing other than that she was moving around
and doing exercising doing different things but he was tracking her along
with step along and one day she came and said you know he’s better aided to get
me off of you know released me from oxygen and I’m like wow and the next
week later I saw her she came by the house and were hot me an exercise bike
or something and she had in her garage and we move around no oxygen the color
was back in her face is like a different person hundred percent that’s great yeah
that’s a great story we interviewed a woman from North Carolina
Jenice MacKinnon she was on her deathbed with COPD and started taking cannabis
oil and it turned her condition around so much so that she’s she’s training to
run in the 5k race this year it’s just a man yes you know things like that do you
know even surprise me anymore really when it comes to lying issues it doesn’t
surprise me at all anymore what surprises and me the other little things
you know it does me on the body good for toothaches even Fergus God says to be
honest with you I have some some teeth that were antibiotics and years of
pharmaceutical and bad diet choice has just killed him I found pretty early on
but I took a drop of cannabis oil and spread it around the gums a bit on the
affected area that were I was having sheath pain it would take it away and I
mean no time and the thing that amazed me about her unlike you know numbing
medication you get over-the-counter and because I thought it kept it away did
not come back and you know it didn’t didn’t heal they to herself but it sure
kept me from having to run to administer pull my hair out because of pain Jeff
you stated in an interview that I heard that you had PTSD from your stay in
hospital tell us about that very much yeah it was you know do a thing that
makes me laugh because one other thing is that people the beautiful thing about
my whole situation my story now is and now even me that I’m here in Colorado
people always ask you what brings you to Colorado so there’s the gateway into my
story and why I got here everything happened to me so I get to tell my story
constantly every day people person face to face people hard to say I’ve never
met anybody with that was in a coma me neither I have it either so but I was
very very touching like I said I felt very much felt a mission there there
were time I didn’t see heaven I didn’t see God I felt God and thought awesome
the words of God’s and at times but I very much felt like that I saw a death
at one point standing outside my door to be literally honest with you and I had a
guardian angel spirit or whatever you want to call it had no idea that came in
a Native American female form pretty much was there along the way guiding me
and protected me from from death I feel but when I came out of that though I
didn’t know chemi I now all this has occurred the changes have happened in my
life but I didn’t know what my mission I didn’t know what what the next step was
you know it wasn’t laid out in front of me I just had to follow where it was
going I guess the path of his leading but whenever first got home or thus give
is it was horrible block time for me I literally wanted to kill myself I came
close very very many times I would have been I was having dreams of killing
myself and until I found cannabis oh and got so cannabis so I
nothing else mom would do anything for me
and when I found the world it also take to PTSD away from me and allowed me to
live again do you still have you still have battles with PTSD at all very very
um I’ll never say never because they’re still very very small moments where I
may have an you know an issue or something trigger but I
have it and I haven’t had an episode and I I don’t know how long you know so for
me saying that right there is this is a good sign I can’t remember the date the
last time I had but I found was you know literally with with daily cannabis use
but it really regulates and keeps your having a PTSD or depression or anything
like that it must be quite astounding to you to see how far you’ve come from
someone who was on 22 different pharmaceutical medications put into a
coma for 22 days and then now you see that you’ve moved from Oklahoma to
Colorado you feel you feel like you used to when you were much younger do you I
feel better than that I think I have you know obviously I have my aches and pains
and things that matter we all do but for me to be able to live and treat myself
with cannabis oil and cannabis products the difference between you know
obviously the pictures show that difference but the difference of my
lifestyle is I have absolutely no limitations on what I can what I do
physically or exercise why unless I put them on myself my body doesn’t limit me
one of my goals I hear is I don’t want to get into springtime as to hit these
mountains and stuff on ponds and mountains find a lot of mountains in my
personal life and I want to physically do it how was your breathing now
breathing has absolutely no problem at all I did not use any you know I said I
am no pharmaceutical I haven’t used pharmaceutical forever the last time I
did a breathing treatment I was at capacity I was in Oklahoma I was out of
cannabis oil and I freaked out and so I get a breathing treatment and almost
immediately after I did it I removed just my body felt horrible and I decided
back then in there the way it made my body feel I would never do one again
just how much cannabis oil do you take these days these days a question why
people ask me really I am I don’t do a regular dose anymore
of oil I use cannabis products and every other method of managable that you can
think of that’s one of the luxuries of me being here in Colorado I don’t have a
set dose or a set amount I do vaporize and sometimes I even smoke in the
morning a sativa or you know and they have other times where I’ll make caps up
and I’ll put either dry herb or oil and cats and use it that way I’m butters I
use it for cooking Kings sure I make my saw so to be really honest I just listen
to my body now I’m pretty good I’m a really good place and my house like I
said earlier probably the best house I’ve been in and probably my whole life
I just let my body guy guide me on how much I do or don’t do and there are
times when I don’t do any well to be honest with you Jeff you have helped
many other people with COPD tell us some of the stories some of the success
stories that you’ve you’ve had with people instead of just pointing out one
general thinking over all the success stories and and and I didn’t let me say
this when I came started finding the benefits and then how it changed my life
and my house I literally did not foresee any of this I just felt a moral
obligation to my fellow man that I found a better way and I needed both but I
needed to share it and just kind of went off from there and generally the the
overall concept is the patients get their lives back they’re able to do
things that they weren’t able to do before they were able to drop
medications and pharmaceutical that they weren’t able to do before the friends
and family see the change and then it’s just overall the overall joy for anybody
who’s a part of it whether it be the patient’s themselves or their friends of
family or loved ones to see somebody who from one minute can’t walk
across the room without oxygen to the next even if it’s smallest then of going
to the grocery store or walking around whole grocery store pushing a cart
without your oxygen that right there is M sucess and what I always tell my
patients is celebrate every success whether it’s a smallest thing to the
largest thing and it’s just it’s a it’s a blessing in my life to be able to be a
part of it is there much difference well I guess there is that’s a stupid
question but tell me the difference between accessing medical marijuana in
Oklahoma and accessing it in Colorado yeah the difference is I can in Colorado
rocket literally I am I have two dispensaries they’re within a half a
mile of my home and in Oklahoma it is totally illegal you and Oklahoma
is still very much where if you want to find cannabis you have to know somebody
and then you pretty much give them the money trust them to bring you back
whatever you don’t even know what you’re gonna get
and when you do get it most of time you don’t even know what it is in you don’t
know what how it’s been grown Austin processed or what strain it is and
nobody even the people who are selling it to you don’t the other bad part about
it is the now with the legalization around this other states in Colorado now
when they do have some some better cannabis or premium cannabis if you want
to say top sell come through they jump the prices up to our crazy amount you’re
forced to pay that because that’s all we can get the good good cannabis but it’s
crazy the differences are just crazy crazy astounding it’s almost like you’re
going from one country to the next when it’s just a 13-yard drive yeah it’s it’s
remarkable and Jeff do you have any any final words you’d like to tell people
about your use of cannabis or the use of cannabis generally yeah my mind usage
anibus cannabis and what I would say to to everybody out there listening even if
you’re not batting on battling a major health issue
look into the benefits of having daily small amounts of cannabis used into your
life however you choose to use that there different methods as I discussed
earlier on how you can get it into your system but just even a small drop even
if you’re healthy that you could be a maintenance for you but not only that
you’ll see a lot of benefits in it um in your overall health and in your life if
you are battling major disease or fighting something don’t give up hope
cannabis could be the answer for you along with diet and exercise changes you
can see a lot of like life changes and health changes and I would highly
recommend that no matter where you’re at if you have COPD find me on Facebook on
YouTube or however reach out to me my email address is Jeff water COPD
gmail.com and if you get in touch with me I promise you I’ll do my best to to
be an advocate for you just great of you to do this we really appreciate it thank
you yeah very much so thank you Jeff thank you I appreciate you guys you have
a wonderful afternoon and that’s it’s another edition of cannabis health radio
wherever you are in the world thanks very much for listening you’ve been listening to the cannabis
health radio podcast visit our website cannabis health radio.com and follow us
on Facebook and Twitter you

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