Escalator Cleaner / Travelator Cleaner Eureka EC52

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the EC 52 with the simple precise and
efficient way to clean escalators and moving walkways it is the quickest
system on the market today that sweeps washes dries and restores the brilliance
of escalators and travel aters from any brand thanks to its revolutionary design it’s
possible to effectively sweep in the tri phase and wash with a chemical solution
in the wet phase passing rapidly between the two cleaning phases the sweeping
phase removes small stones sand and other sediment from the grooves on the
steps and between the step and the escalators side panel the machine can be
connected to an external vacuum the powerful vacuum guarantees optimal
results even if the steps are particularly dirty and in the wet phase
complete pickup of the cleaning solution this means that the escalator is safe
for traffic immediately after cleaning the wet phase removes marks and dried on
dirt including the excess oil which can leak out from the internal mechanisms of
the escalator the combination of the nebulized cleaning solution which is
sprayed directly onto the steps and the special’ ppl brushes that deeply clean
without scratching the surface of the steps guarantees optimal results compact
and easy to maneuver once positioned the EC 52 works semi automatically leaving
the operator free to carry out other tasks the brush deck of the EC 52 is
protected by a stainless steel covering that protects the machine and creates a
vacuum chamber around the brushes that increases vacuuming power to maximize
the pick up of residues with the edge-to-edge system the ec 52
cleans right up to the edge of the steps the brush desk is fitted with thin
spacers which allow the EC 52 to be positioned in direct contact with the
side panels of the escalator then simply rotates the deck 180 degrees to clean
the other side of the escalator the Eureka escalator cleaner is different to
every other machine on the market it has wheels to easily transport the machine
to escalators and moving walkways in different locations it cleans using a
fine spray of cleaning solution keeping water used to a minimum
it requires minimal input from the operator it is constructed with high
quality materials that have been selected for their durability a full
accessories kit for the top version includes a spray gun to pre wash the
steps and tools to also clean the risers the squeegee installed behind the
machine only on the top version allows the ICI 52 to be used as a small area
scrubber drier perfect for cleaning the area surrounding the escalator or
travelator the high-capacity solution and recovery
tanks reduce downtime involved in stopping in order to empty and refill
during operation the tanks have also been designed with easy access points
for hassle-free inspection and maintenance the EC 52 sweeps and washes
escalators and travel aters with a width starting from only 51 centimeters
without the need for adaptors it is the best way to clean any brand of escalator
efficiently simply and precisely the result is a clean escalator and moving
walkways with minimum cost and minimum effort

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