Essentia Allergy Friendly Mattresses – Eliminate Fiber Nesting Grounds

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did you know that you can be allergic to your mattress it’s true 25% of people suffer from allergies that are related to their mattress making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep almost all mattresses have fiber pad those fibers basically create a man-made nest trapping skin particles sweat and other body fluids this is pretty much an all-you-can-eat buffet for dust mites and bedbugs who then eat poop and die even worse than sounding gross it’s what can cause allergies fiber padding is often treated with chemicals to prevent this from happening or some people are just allergic to the proteins in latex these are all ways that you can be allergic to your mattress essentia mattresses are allergy friendly as reported by Dr. Hamilton at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and shown to not attract dust mites or bedbugs if there is no fiber nesting ground essentia is patented natural memory foam doesn’t trigger chemical sensitivities and they eliminate any latex proteins that cause latex allergies allergy friendly just one reason to get in bed with us

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