Essential Oil Daytime Inhaler for Colds and Flu

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(inspiring music) – Hey, everybody, I’m Andrea Butje, founder of Aromahead Institute, and in this video I
wanna show you an inhaler that you can make for
yourself if you have a cold or a flu, and you need to be out and about and you just need to
reduce the congestion, calm a headache, just feel more energy, feel a little better during your day, let’s say you have to
work and you’re sick, that kind of thing. You can just make this inhaler, stick it in your back pocket, and
use it all through the day. It will really help. I have the little inhaler tube here, and, you know, it has these two parts. It has the cover and
what you use to actually inhale the oil. And then I have my lovely cotton wick, and I’m gonna just put that right inside. And then I have the
little cap that’s gonna go on at the end. So I’ve got three essential
oils I’m gonna use in here. I’ve got black pepper,
I have got eucalyptus, so wonderful, and Fragonia. Not sure if you’re familiar with Fragonia. I’ll tell you about it. Okay, so I’m gonna open
up the black pepper, and we’re gonna use two drops
of black pepper in here. And black pepper has
this incredible aroma. It reminds me of peppers and lemon, so it has the spicy,
typical black pepper smell, just like the spice, but
then it has this lemon in it that comes after,
and it’s so incredible. What a incredible combination. And it’s great for clearing your sinuses. So I’m gonna just put two drops. It’s a bit of a spicy oil, so I don’t want too much in here. Two drops is good. Okay, and then I’m gonna make five each of the next two oils, so
five drops of eucalyptus. A lot of people know eucalyptus. It’s a classic. I mean, I feel like how
could I possibly feel bad while I’m smelling this oil? It’s so invigorating, so opening, opens your sinuses, opens
your energy, moves things. So I’ll put five drops in. There we go, perfect. Those two together are great. If you’ve never tried that combination, you definitely want to. And then our very special Fragonia. Fragonia’s actually a plant that grows natively in Australia. That’s where this oil’s from. And it’s really great to combine with black pepper and eucalyptus because from a chemistry perspective, it has some similar
components in it to both the black pepper and the eucalyptus. It has alpha-pinene and 1,8 cineole. So those are components
of the essential oil, and it has both, and the black pepper has the alpha-pinene, and the eucalyptus has the 1,8 cineole,
so there’s this synergy going on from a chemical
component perspective that allows this blend
to be extra effective. Catch that? Okay. A little mini-chemistry lesson when you’re making your inhaler. So five drops it is of the Fragonia. Wow, that came out fast. Okay, I think I actually got six drops, but that’s okay, ’cause there’s room. I usually use somewhere
between around 10 or 15 drops in an inhaler, so
we’re in good shape here. Great. All right, so then I’m
just gonna put the cap on, and you kind of push it to make sure that it snaps in, and
then you can just take the top off and there you go. Wow, that is so invigorating. I love making these videos
’cause I get to just make these great blends and smell them. It’s really fun. All right, so this is
your handy-dandy inhaler for your back pocket if
you have a cold or a flu. All right, take care. See you soon.

16 thoughts on “Essential Oil Daytime Inhaler for Colds and Flu

  1. Hello Andrea 🙂 I was soooooo intrigued by the little lesson you gave on the chemical composition of oils and how it affects the synergies we create. Do you happen to have a recommendation for a book or a source of information that's reliable on the subject? I'm from Portugal, I have the goal to one day attend your aromatherapy school (yes, I've already decided! ;)), and I've recently "nagged" (lol) Aromatics International to try to find better shipping options for Portugal , so I'm currently studying on my own, using essential oils and saving up so that one day I can get my certification with the Aromahead Institute 😀 Thank you so much for these videos, they have been helping a lot! <3

  2. Great recipe! Can you do a video on how you decide how many drops of each oil you use? Is it personal preference? Also, why do you chose the oils you do? Do you play around with different oils?

  3. I would like to make for someone who is sick now but I don't have black pepper and I can substitute the Rosemary for the Franconia. Is there anything to substitute for the black pepper or just do without

  4. Hi Andrea. Can I substitute Rosemary1,8-Cineole for Fragonia and Black Spruce for Black Pepper? Would there be much difference?

  5. Hi Andrea,
    What would u substitute Black Pepper for as I am currently waiting on an order of essential oils from aromatics international. Black Spruce Maybe.?

    I have substituted the Eucalyptus with Ravintsara as I currently don't have any Eucalyptus on hand.

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