20 thoughts on “Essential Oil Stress Relief Inhaler

  1. Hi Andrea, could you make a video about safe essential oil using around cats? I just want to make sure that I do not endanger my cat with essential oils. Thank you

  2. Love the sweet interruption with Joey ! And these video's , as well as you yourself, are so much as Myrrhe glowing my day !

  3. As if I couldn't love your videos any more than I already do…an appearance by Joey made my day. Oh, and our cats all send Joey a sincere "Meow!". Signed, a cat-loving fan of your mom.

  4. Your cat looks just like my cat, Onyx! Question: I don't have bergamot mint. I have bergamot and peppermint. Would mixing them work?

  5. for the bergamont mint? can you mix bergamont oil and mint oil? if yes, what is the ratio for each one? Thank you! I am relaxed just by looking at all your videos. xo

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